Did you fail at an exhibition because of these mistakes?

The show is over, but the outcome was not even close to what you imagined. A grand booth made its impact, goals were set, marketing gimmicks were in place, but your prospects didn’t land to your booth, no leads were generated or maybe did not return back happy.

What went wrong? Every minor mistake counts and you probably did not realise you were making them.

For any business, exhibitions are a phenomenal platform to explore unending networking opportunities. However, along with a myriad of amazing possibilities, each show demands time, money and the challenge to rightly manifest the brand’s image.

So, before you start investing in the next event, here is a list, compiled by industry experts, things to avoid at exhibitions.



Did you position your brand in the wrong exhibition?

Among the haystack of exhibitions, one of the biggest challenges is to recognise the one that will help you meet the motive behind exhibiting—whether that is to generate leads, develop your brand’s identity or foster relationships. Even though historic background and popularity are two crucial factors in choosing the right show, there are several other things to keep in mind before taking the final call.


Think through the following to land up in the most fruitful show.

  • Prepare a list of all the industry-specific trade shows.
  • Interact with the marketing team to understand their sales objectives.
  • Is your target audience going to be a part of the show?
  • What exactly is your purpose of exhibiting? Launching a new product or service, brand positioning or networking?
  • Are your competitors participating in similar shows?
  • Will the show give you satisfactory returns, considering the resources you will invest in the whole process?


Does your booth lack character?

A major share of your audience will get driven away if your booth is bland and lacks character. An appealing booth should ideally narrate the story of your brand. It should have sensorial elements to grab the attention of visitors.

So don’t just exhibit, also express. Discuss ideas with your booth contractor and make sure that they understand your vision and is resourceful enough to pull it off.

  • Does the contractor have an in-house production setup or is a third-party vendor?
  • Do they have relevant experience and the required technical knowledge to pull off a seamless show?
  • Do they cover everything? Will you have to go to another provider for audio visual screens? Is there a provision of designing, building, graphics printing, shipping, installation, project management and dismantle?
  • So how would you assess your contractor? Usually, a Request for Proposal (RPF) is sent to the contractor before they showcase what they have to offer. Make sure that your RPF is very detailed and all your concerns are assessed. The proposal itself will help you realise if the contractor is capable enough to convert your vision into a visual exhibition experience.


Did you do your homework on social media?

Social media also gives you the added advantage of reaching out to your prospects before the show. Connect with your prospects online and give them a heads up that you will be at the show, tell them where to meet you. Do this with an e-invite or a newsletter. A successful social media campaign will help attendees recall your brand on the big day.



The much-awaited day is here and you are ready to indulge in engaging interactions with the attendees. However, to your surprise, not many visitors show up. Not the ideal situation, right?

Why did this happen? You have most likely made one out of these three classic mistakes.


Did your staff fail to impress?

You have a fully-equipped, beautiful booth radiating your brand’s ideology loud and clear. But is your staff trained well enough to handle the array of questions that they might be bombarded with? Do they have basic exhibit etiquettes? Are they hospitable? Will they be able to handle any crisis?

Your staff is the face of your brand. Among the myriad of responsibilities, one big duty of the exhibit manager is to organize pre-show training sessions with the booth staff. Your training sessions must include:

  • The exhibition goals of the company.
  • The ideology and the concept of the exhibit.
  • The technology in the exhibit.
  • The target audience and how to recognize the potential prospects.
  • The verbal and the non-verbal communication essentials.
  • How to deal with the competition on the stage.


Bonus Tip: Take real-time notes and quickly formulate solutions. During the exhibition, as everyday calls end, make sure to have a group meeting with all the staffers to discuss the difficulties they faced. Then re-strategise.


Did cultural differences come in the way of your success?

Okay, so now that you are in the right show, your goals are clear, your staff is trained and you have visitors showing interest. However, you are not able to make any impact on them.

There are high chances that in a scenario full of prospects from different geographies, the cultural difference has become a hindrance.

All set to leave their mark at Dubai Airshow 2017 with majestic exhibits

“An exhibit is worth a thousand words.”

Dubai Airshow 2017, the premier trade show in the aerospace industry is just a couple of months away from its inception. Being one of the most established defense trade shows, Dubai Airshow 2017 is a platform to showcase the recent developments in the aviation and defense realm. The exhibition is the perfect amalgamation of the strategic conferences and wartime displays.

With exhibitors from the nooks and corners of the world coming together to attend this exhibition, it has become a name synonymous with grandeur in the defense trade show industry.

Once again XS Worldwide is ready to surpass the attendees with its bespoke exhibits at Dubai Airshow 2017. The exhibit house has been a consistent service provider to the various exhibitors in Dubai Airshow with its novel trade show solutions for more than two decades now.

With their distinct approach and resolution, XS Worldwide engineers exhibits’ that reflect the reliability and value of their clients. They not only ensure to elevate their clients with a unique design but also conceptualize and execute a layout that represents the ideals that the company holds.

With a firm belief in the potency of human interaction in marketing, XS Worldwide constructs a stand that brings maximum engagement from the attendees. Over the years they’ve strengthened the brand value of their clients with:

  • Concepts encompassing all the specifications.
  • Imaginative designs and solutions.
  • Matchless presence on the show floor among competitors.
  • A booth that leaves an indelible impression.
  • An exhibit that mirrors their client’s promises.


Dubai Airshow 2017 is scheduled to start from 12th November 2017. Wish you all a successful participation!

Are you ready to showcase your efficiency at Seoul ADEX 2017?

Seoul ADEX 2017; one of the most prominent global exhibitions for the defense and aeronautics industry is a month away from its commencement. The trade show brings together the latest developments in the defense industry along with the innovations in aeronautics technology. The show celebrates a diverse audience from around the globe and is known to be the fastest growing exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region.

Getting the best out of this exhibiting opportunity

As the show circles the defense industry, there is no better way to showcase your proficiency other than presenting a booth that portrays your brand’s unique value proposition. Exhibiting with a stand that is designed to represent your ideologies and expertise will connect you with your prospects. To leave a lasting impression and highlight your products/services, your booth must present a culmination of your brand competence and values.

Technology Integration

With the boom of technology on all the frontiers of the industry, technology has the potential to amplify your brand reach. By using interactive technology, you can engage your attendees and showcase your distinguished products. The evolving trends in the space and aeronautics realm are an offshoot of the exponential growth of technology; a booth with a foundation of innovative technology would be a mirrored reflection of your brand’s strength.

Our Services at Seoul ADEX 2017:

At XS Worldwide, our teams work round the clock to provide trade show solutions that reflect creativity and expertise to help your brand stand out on the show venue, our services include:


  • Innovative client and attendee solutions.
  • Blending clients brand image and ideas along with the exhibition goals to deliver the most effective stands.
  • Innovative and comprehensive exhibit design.
  • Impactful floor and ceiling layouts with complementing color schemes, AV, and lighting.
  • Exceptional custom and modular exhibit stand in addition to exhibit pavilions and chalets.
  • Remarkable hospitality services for our valuable clients.

Our Distinction

At XS Worldwide we aim to empower brands with our future-forward exhibit design solutions that position them as the best on a global platform. Our adept team with their knowledge and expertise of the global market and a thorough understanding of the local customers provides a holistic customized design that establishes your brand image and creates a better brand-recall. We have actively participated in the top-notch shows such as Farnborough International Airshow, Paris Airshow, Japan Aerospace, and Aero India and benchmarked our effective and customized trade show services.

Get in touch with us for a free consultation service.

Showcase your Brand with Unique Exhibition Booths at DSEI 2017

Defense exhibitions play a pivotal role in facilitating the cooperation between the neighboring countries and safeguarding the peacekeeping operations. Among a multitude of defense exhibitions, DSEI 2017 has emerged as an established name in the industry.

Keeping in pace with the recent developments and modern requisites, DSEI 2017 will unveil varied products and services across the five sectors: Land, Air, Naval, Security, and Joint. The event is a prominent platform for the movers and shakers to meet the Defence Ministers, International Military and Armed Forces and private sector players.

Exhibit with a booth that epitomizes your brand

In a hue of exhibitors with competitive products and services, it becomes indispensable for your brand to have an edge over the others. A unique exhibition booth mirroring the value proposition of your products and services can give you endless attention on the show floor of DSEI 2017.

Holding on to an expertise of more than twenty years, XS Worldwide is a renowned name in the realm of the exhibition booth contractors. We have reached the pinnacle of the exhibition industry by designing more than 5000 exhibition stands in 54 different countries across the world. We inspire ourselves every day to design and build the most engaging and compelling booths for our clients. We are proud to bring only excellence to multiple projects for over twenty years.

Our niche in Defense Shows

Our clients know us for our expertise in the defense and security shows. Our capabilities are backed-up by our strong presence in the top-notch defence shows; Farnborough International Airshow, Paris International Airshow, Japan Aerospace, Africa Aerospace and Defence, Aero India, MSPO, Avalon, and more.

Our World-Class Services at DESI 2017

Beginning from conceptualizing an exhibition booth to final execution, XS Worldwide undertakes various priority tasks for creating an unsurpassable experience for our clients. Our comprehensive range of services includes- Exhibition Booth Designing, Booth Building, Graphics Designing, Graphics and Banner Printing, Electrical Equipment, Modular Stand Storage, Vendor Management, Installation, and Dismantling. With our wide-ranging services, you get turnkey solutions at one stop. We help you stand out at a trade show platform with our top-level trade show booth solutions.

Our Exhibition Stands at DSEI 2017

Understanding the various needs of the exhibitors in a trade show, XS Worldwide has the widest array of unique exhibition booths. We drive our whole potential towards delivering trade show stands beyond the expectations of the exhibitors. Our collection of exhibition booths includes-

Modular Exhibition Stands: Designed to flexibility, modular exhibition stands offer the choices of reconfiguration and reusability. Our modular stands are designed with aluminum frames and connectors. For exhibitors’ convenience, we store the modular exhibitions stands after use and reinstall them for a new exhibition.

Custom Exhibition Stands: Get a unique concept for your brand with our custom exhibition stands. Our custom stands to blend matchlessly with your ideas and builds an everlasting impact of your brand over the minds of the attendees.

Chalets: Our designing team holds expertise in designing the individual trade show spaces- chalets. Our clients’ prospects are, however, our topmost priority. We offer our top-notch facilities for trade show chalets and hospitality services for the VIP clients.

Pavilions: We can design and build outstanding structures for varied brands exhibiting under one umbrella. Our fabulous pavilions for trade shows render an unbeatable appearance to your trade show exhibit.

Together with that, XS  Worldwide has a sedulous team of 40 booth designers, 30 stand builders, and 20 project coordinators to serve you with a remarkable experience in a trade show. Over every project, we have a diligent team of Designers, Builders, and Project Coordinators providing an all-round service to the exhibitors.

Your aspects! Our Innovations! And that is how we build unique exhibition stands. Share your ideologies with our expert designers today and get the best exhibition stand in DSEI 2017.

5 Ways for Perfection in-Booth Presentation

Presentation in the exhibition has been one of the most traditional methods of marketing and is considered as one of the effective methods of delivering the messages and objective of the organization in a concise manner. If experts are to be believed, in-booth presentations when accompanied with modern technologies and precise designing capability becomes a great tool for exhibiting.

• Live in-booth presentations are the most competent technique to drive waves of latent leads into your booth and prime them for the post-show follow-up.

• A presentation is an efficacious mode to bring prospects from the walkway and into your booth and eventually achieving your exhibition goals.

• A strategical road mapped in-booth presentation can inform, persuade, and strengthen your relationship with the prospects.

• A coherent in-booth presentation creates a consistent communication and an occasion to reach a greater number of clientele.

Here are 5 simple methods to ensure that the in-booth presentation is up to the mark:

1. Follow the KISS rule: The secret to an effective in-booth presentation is the credulous KISS rule; Keep it Short and Simple. The valuable visitors on your show floor have no time to scout through the long paragraphs in your presentation. Two wordy slides can make them loose their interest both from your presentation and brand. The shorter the content, the easier it will be for the prospects to identify your brand’s uniqueness and it’s need in their lives. Mention the summarized version of the key points of your products and services.

2. Horizontal Formatting: If you have been giving your presentations in the portrait i.e. the vertical format, you might be sad to know it is not an ideal way of putting slides. The viewer is never comfortable in reading the screen content in the vertical format. Enhance the readability and spacing of your in-booth presentation by keeping it in a horizontal format i.e. the landscape view.

3. The color scheme: The colors that you will use in the presentation are an important aspect that needs to be kept in mind beforehand. A light-colored background creates a disrupting glare for people viewing it. Go for a dark shade; gray-black, and navy blue are the colors that suit the professional requirements.  With a dark background, the light-colored type will make your content visible. You must ensure that the content written goes along with other presentation elements, the visibility is good and the person can easily browse through it and read.

Bonus Tip– If you are still confused on which colors to use in your in-booth presentation, play your presentation on a screen and read it while standing 20 feet away.

4. Know the Right Keys: Have a well-versed understanding of the software in which you have made the presentation. Adding to that, you should know the easy shortcut and keys to go through the presentation. The method of easily going from one slide to another should be at your fingertips. This way, even if in between you are stuck at some place, you will be quickly able to cover up the mistake and get it right.

5. The Accuracy of Time: Have the verbal pitch and visual content of the presentation in sync. For this, you must master the art of accuracy in time. This can also help you with maintaining the right balance between speaking amidst the presentation and delivering the right message. Also, you should ensure that you do not devote too much of time on one particular slide and proportionately divide all your attention on each slide. Make the presentation relevant and personal to your prospects; you’ll triumph their conviction and loyalty in no time.

4 Reasons Why Trade Shows will Never Die to Social Media

If we take a good look around, we will find social media is taking the world by storm. It poses a reality that makes us believe technology is unstoppable. The brimming new interactive tools have enhanced the business strategies of brands.

Will revolutionary advancements and developments in the technology realm put an end on the infamous face-to-face marketing weapon? Would trade shows no longer be a trusted mode of business branding?

Well, I think this is just a wild guess. If we think over the virtue of trade shows, we can easily say it will not die down in this digitally-empowered world. The viability of glorious trade show will not lose its sheen even though social media is fast coming to be a multi-purpose technique. We see top-notch brands and industries using trade show for indulging in engaging human interactions, making new relationships and strengthening the old ties. Marketers out there favor this potent offline medium and are in no mood to call it a day as long as it continues to serve their purpose.

Here are four reasons why trade shows will never die to social media.

  • Irreplaceable, fantastic face-to-face marketing


We know online marketing is more like clandestine branding; it has the potential to take your business to unimaginative heights or break it down. There is always an unseen sense of distrust that end-users feel. There is unignorably a lack of credibility that leaves the customers bewildered.

But things are better with offline marketing at trade shows. Brands have the power to showcase the real product and its dimensions to the prospects at that moment itself. Exhibitors and attendees appreciate the aura of realism; the signature of trade shows. Exhibiting industries of various business segments indulge in engaging real-time conversations with the visitors from the nooks and corner of the world. The assuring smile and the firm handshakes go beyond the show with the attendees.

  • Exposure at the flip of coin


For exhibitors, a trade show is a magnificent platform to interact with the industry veterans, policy makers and buyers with the purchasing power. It gives businesses a compelling opportunity to unveil the capabilities of their novel products and services on a common stage. Through the interaction, the brands register their imprint on visitors’ ocular sight in the exact moment. Even those with regards for e-marketing choose trade show for branding their products/services.

So, the exhibitors having a well-conceptualized booth get more ocular appreciation from the attendees. The attendees feel more connected to the booth manned by the competent sales team. There is a broader exposure of products and services to various attendees. A trade show is a boon for exhibitor’s business for spotlight and networking. If you do it right, the next big thing that happens with an exhibitor is the delight of having more leads and sales.

  • Sign of trust and credibility


“Electric communication will never be a substitute for the face of someone who with their soul encourages another person to be brave and true.”- Charles Dickens

Trust is the essence of every relationship. When a consumer invests in your product or service, they believe it will bring a positive change in their lives. Trade shows are a sign of trust and credibility that capitulates your business at the top. It is not some guesswork, but a hardcore reality. It gives the prospects a firsthand sense of your brand values, authenticity, unique value proposition and perspective. The empowered and aware consumers attend trade shows because they get to talk to the human.

The face-to-face interaction in trade shows gives you an invaluable opportunity to put your prospects in a comfort zone, fill in the gap between their needs and your capability to fulfill those expectations and make them feel the care culture of your brand. So, listen to your customers, and engage with them in honest and transparent interactions

  • Long lasting relationship


What do you think of online marketing if you compare it to trade show when it comes to relationship building? Do you think it is more viable than the online marketing techniques?

The answer is trade shows deliver far-reaching effect when it comes to relationship building. It is by far the most credible gain a brand can take a grip on through branding at trade shows.

Organizations train their sales team to interact with event attendees. They build a relationship with the attendees which later results in as a long-term association and mutual benefits. Trade show floor offers the brand an opportunity for conducting a one-on-one meeting with the new prospects and rejuvenate the relationship with their existing customers. Connections made in trade shows are not ephemeral if taken care of. The fond memories of the show with your brand nurture your relationship with your prospects and make it an ever-lasting relationship.


Face to face works. Technology is undeniably propagating a deep change in trade shows. It is not substituting trade shows but complementing them. Brands are making a real adoption of the novel technologies. Trade show marketers are intelligently leveraging the power of digital tools to augment the brand experiences of attendees on the show floor.

Do you still believe social media is a threat to trade shows? You can share your thoughts in the comment box and let us know your feedback on the topic.

Social Media Tools to be Considered at Your Next Trade Show

Exhibitors today are going great lengths to create wonderful marketing masterpieces and connect with their prospects and customers in the nooks and corners of the world. Living in the technologically advanced world, we are at the cross roads where digital media has become an inextricable part of exhibitors brand promotional strategies in trade shows. Exhibitors today are going great lengths to create wonderful marketing masterpieces and connect with their prospects and customers in the nooks and corners of the world. Living in the technologically advanced world, we are at the crossroads where digital media has become an inextricable part of exhibitors brand promotional strategies in trade shows.

Here we give you a run-down of the widely-popular social media platforms:

Facebook: Back in 2004, Mark Zuckerberg blessed us all with his novel creation, Facebook which ultimately has brought a revolution in business communications and brand promotions. Establish awareness while building connections with the clients and prospects on Facebook. The potent tool gives you a unique platform to truly engage with your target audience. Get into a conversation with everyone who likes your page, comments on your posts or shares your updates. All you need is a strategy that tunes in with the customers’ needs and wants to harvest results.

Bonus Tip: Go Facebook live on the trade show floor!

Twitter: Create brand imagery with the fast, bit-sized updates on Twitter. One engaging tweet goes a long way in reciprocating your brand with new connections. Identify the Twitter keyword system and symbolize those keywords with ‘#’ (hashtags). The invaluable hashtags work like magic. They spread and give you an incredible ability to track who is talking about your brand and stay interconnected with them.#AppearTrendy&StayUpdated

YouTube: A smart trade show marketer today entices prospects with more than just a plain sales pitch. Videos are the fastest channel to entertain your audience and convey the creative informational content to your prospects. With visually captivating videos you give your audience a route to experience your brand and its innovation.

Bonus Tip: Testimonial videos go a long way in building credibility and trust among the audience.

LinkedIn: Make new connections, generate leads and build your brand at the only fully professional business platform, LinkedIn. This B2B platform gives you an opportunity to get your message straight to the decision makers. Personalize connection requests, join trade shows LinkedIn groups and update your profile with engaging brand-communicating content.

Content Marketing: Content Marketing absolutely should be a part of your marketing tactics. The written words have the power to communicate your brand’s value proposition and authenticity to the target audience.

The mantra for your success on all these social media platforms is: Easy to be found, tough to be forgotten. A right social media strategy on right time can wield you with magnificent outcomes. Embrace Social Media!

Five Ways to Increase your Network in Dubai Airshow 2017

Expanding their nexus of clients is the prime objective behind exhibiting in a trade show for any business. To achieve this objective; a strategy must be devised to maximize returns and mitigate any potential competition on the trade show floor. Expanding their nexus of clients is the prime objective behind exhibiting in a trade show for any business. To achieve this objective; a strategy must be devised to maximize returns and mitigate any potential competition on the trade show floor.

Networking goes way beyond shaking hands and sharing business cards. It is a personalized approach that leads to a relationship between an exhibitor and their attendees. It is a connection that turns your prospects into valuable clients for a lifetime.

Here are a few points to help you develop an effective strategy to network at Dubai Airshow 2017;

 1. Expressive Exhibit: Your exhibition is the face of your company in a trade show. Thus, designing an aesthetically pleasing exhibit at Dubai Airshow 2017 is a primary necessity to attract prospects. Go for a booth that mirrors the value proposition of your business and has an inviting ambiance.

2. Booth Staff: Networking is all about talking and listening. Your booth staff must be effectively trained to represent your company at its best. Welcoming and warm staffs engage prospects and also gives an opportunity to both the parties to know each other. It is important for the staff to represent the company values and possess the etiquettes to leave an excellent impression.

3. Interactive Tech: Use interactive technology to give attendees an end user experience at Dubai Airshow 2017. Devices such as tablets and touch screens can be used as a tool to let attendees experience your products in detail. They can also browse through your content as they please; giving them a more personalized experience and more time at your booth.

4. Engaging Activity: Including additional attractions such as a game or a fun questionnaire to captivate your audiences and make them stay and interact at your booth will give you time to know your attendees and also leave a mental signage of your brand.

5. Follow Up: Lastly, whatever interactions and contacts you exchanged and cataloged during the show; make sure to follow up with them after the show. Only this will give you a precise insight on your ROI. Though all attendees that happen to visit your exhibit will not be potential leads; but by devising a strategy based on the aforementioned pointers, you can funnel through general visitors and pay attention to potential investors.

Trade shows are rough waters to tread; surrounded by competitors on all side, a planned strategy can help you stand out and lead attendees to your booth to expand your network efficiently.

The Value of Human Interactions in Paris Airshow 2017

“The most powerful purpose that exhibitions serve is the ability to form long-lasting connections.”

Few things are as effective as personal interaction when it comes to business endeavours. A valuable conversation, a handshake or a lunch meeting; sows a seed of trust that grows and transforms into an invaluable partnership.  This potency of human interaction to effectuate trade has made exhibitions the lavish phenomenon that they are. The element of human interaction is as old as trade shows themselves. Few things are as effective as personal interaction when it comes to business endeavours. A valuable conversation, a handshake or a lunch meeting; sows a seed of trust that grows and transforms into an invaluable partnership.  This potency of human interaction to effectuate trade has made exhibitions the lavish phenomenon that they are. The element of human interaction is as old as trade shows themselves.

Paris Airshow 2017 is just two weeks away from its commencement. With all the decision makers and international delegators around, it becomes imperative to indulge in valuable conversations with them.

Make an efficient use of the priceless human interaction at Paris Airshow 2017; keep these rules in mind while you exhibit:

• Be extremely welcoming and make the attendees feel at ease. Take the first step and break the ice with a casual tonality.

• Interact and get to know people; ask questions to determine their problems and let them know how you can assist them.

• Get them to know you; familiarize them with your business and your readiness to work with them.

When attendees feel at ease; they are open to converse, and that leads you to a window of new opportunities. This opening is your chance to leave an impact and form alliances.

Paris Airshow 2017 is a big, broad platform with the largest possible room for your brand to make connections. The grand show brings together defence exhibitors and attendees from all over the world. No other platform serves such a collective showcase of innovation under one roof.

With competitors banking you from all sides and endless attendees perusing through your booth; it is imperative for you to strategize your interactions at the booth before the show.

The staffs employed at your booth represent your brand. Train them in advance to ensure that they portray the best of your company. Develop a layout of your interactions with your attendees. You can even brainstorm ways to break the ice by adding an informal touch to your conversation starters. At a booth, business is expected; but by making your attendees comfortable and letting them know that your primary concern is their requirements; you not only make them feel valued and empowered but also demonstrate the care culture of your brand sow a seed of trust and confidence.The consistent effort of trade show professionals to integrate technology with their exhibits has been an attempt to engage attendees and induce conversations. Human interaction is an invaluable tool when it comes to marketing. Despite changing landscapes it has remained the simplest, yet the most powerful element in business. Mastering this resource and making efficient use of it will assist your brand to form valuable alliances and portray its expertise on the floor of Paris Airshow 2017.

Spending large on trade shows but unable to maximize your ROI?

Want to be noticed by potential clients and be remembered long after the show? Large scores of product enthusiasts often spend enormous money on each trade show but are not satisfied with the returns on investments.
The end result is sheer dismal and a waste of marketing spends.
Here we give you three tips on how to harvest maximum ROI and leave an indelible imprint:

  • The power of Trade Show Promotional Giveaways


The exhibition hall is a treasure trove for making valuable connections and generating new leads. But the million-dollar question is how to vie the attention of attendees among a hue of strong exhibitors? Well, considering all the distractions and rivalry, an impressive trade show promotional giveaway can leverage you with high traffic at your booth and drive sales. While choosing a giveaway do not forget to consider:

1. Does the item convey the essence of your brand?

2. Your personal preference about the giveaway.

3. Is your giveaway different from competitors?

4. Does the cost of promotional item match your budget?

5. Can the contact details of your brand be imprinted on it?

  • The power of Booth Demonstrations with New Media Technologies


In the age of advancements and developments, new media technologies were expected to mark the end of face-to-face marketing. But the supremacy of face-to-face human interaction is inexplicable. Today, the new media technology is complementing the trade shows. From augmented reality to touchscreen objects and interactive AV displays, consumers today can have hands-on experience on the products being offered. With such appealing booth demonstrations, you can easily have a magnetic effect on attendees.

  • The power of Social Media


Digitalization has enabled us to update the minutes of details at one click. Harness the power of social media with a pre-show campaign for your business promotion. Not only will it publicize your brand but will also increase the trade show stand traffic. Tweet your followers, use hashtags with the name of the exhibition, put a call to action with surprise elements and post your pictures on various platforms. A single post can reach millions of users. A right mix of social media tools can accentuate your brand image in the trade show.

  • The power of Personalized Follow-Ups


Indulge your prospects in a customized experience with a personalized post-show follow-up. Let them know you care about them by using details from the meeting on the show in a follow-up email. A personalized follow-up further differentiates you from the crowd by making your response seem distinct compared to their inbox full of automated replies.

A meticulous trade show display coupled with these tips can help you draw in crowds. All you need to know is your target audience while strategizing a marketing plan and make the most of everything.

XS Worldwide help you exhibit with ease and confidence. From eye-catching graphics to the latest interactive technologies, we fabricate stands in the most meticulous manner. Our range of bespoke stands includes pavilions, chalets, modular stands, and custom-built stands.

Get a free consultation service and talk to our top-notch designers now.