5 Hacks to Gain Expertise in Dubai Exhibiting

Spin the globe and find out the places that are gaining momentum in the years gone by and if you do not have Middle Eastern countries like Dubai and UAE on the count, then think again. The opportunity that UAE is offering these days is beyond leaps and bounds with the growing economic stability and change in the attitudes of people who reside in Dubai. Being tucked between Europe and Asia, this place gains the maximum momentum, with that the growing urbanization and spurring economy has led to increasing in business prospects making it a hub for exhibiting. So here are 5 hacks to be a pro at exhibiting in Dubai:

1. Language Expertise: The official language in Dubai is Arabic, however in the business industry you will find mostly people well-versed with English. However, it is important to take care of the language variations. There are a lot of words that messy conflict with the Arabic use of words. So your choice of words should be wise and well explained.

2. Bridging the Culture Gap: As an exhibitor, you must try to bridge the cultural gap. The usual greeting in Dubai n business scenarios is with usual handshakes. However, a very important point is not to handshake with the woman until initiated by them. They consider this very offensive since their women are very restricted being a male-dominated place.

3. Time Utilization: Take some time out and visit Dubai before the exhibition to get familiar with the nearby areas and the culture of there. This will help you drastically in the understanding of regional nuances there and also identify better ways to deal with them. With this, you must also keep in mind that although the decision-making in US and other places is steadfast, it might take a lot of time t finalize on different decisions in Dubai.

4. Additional Charges: There is no VAT levied in Dubai making exhibiting there much cheaper as compared to the US. Also, if you want to add music to your exhibit, there is no extra royalty which is required to be paid to the organizers.

5. Specifications:

• The voltage used is 220 Volts.
• No labor unions in Dubai making it cheaper to exhibit.
• Onsite labor is not available.
• Serving alcohol is strictly prohibited in Dubai exhibitions.
• Business attires are suits and women are advised not to wear short dresses or revealing clothes to sync-in with the culture.

So, now that you know the advantages of exhibiting in Dubai with the basic rules, Reach US out for your next exhibition in Dubai as your exhibiting partners.

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