5 Ideas and Tricks to Compete With Your Trade Show Competition

Aiming at achieving a WOW factor during your exhibition setup is never an ideal goal for the growth of your company and brand. And while you are at it, please know that fighting against your foes in the trade shows and exhibitions become a task of paramount importance since you have a lot to achieve in the minimum of time span and lead ahead as well. A visitor hardly stands and looks at your stand for 15 seconds before deciding to come in further or moving on with his search. So ensure that you utilize those 15 seconds to their optimum power and stay ahead of every competitor.

Spacing: If your budget allows, please try and target a bigger area span in the exhibition. This will make a lot of difference given the fact that that you are already grabbing most of the attention that your competitor might gain with the size of your stand. Along with this, the fact that a bigger area gives you the power to build a better design and explore a better sense of innovation is what will redefine your success.

Theme: Everyone if in the same industry, ought to present the same product in a similar manner so what is the one factor that will make you stand out of the rest? That task is the only one thing which can be achieved by a well-planned and executed thematic design of your exhibit. Ensuring that you have a concept in mind that reflects your product and company in a unique way is only the thing that is going to give you an edge over others.

Brand Propagation: Ensuring that your exhibit propagates your brand and company name in the finest art and conveys your message to the visitor without any personal interaction can be the best advantage. Saying things with digital signage, graphics and posters on your stand is the perfect way to create that distinguished image in the exhibition and further also ensures that you have created brand retention in the minds of the people.

Experiential Marketing: As Al Pacino said, “It is easy to fool the eye but hard to fool the heart” creating a personalized experiential marketing technique for your visitors is the best answer to best competitor tactics. Creating an environment of virtual and augmented reality is one of the perfect examples of experiential marketing. Also, reaching out to your customers and visitors via the mode of social integrations enables experiential marketing: the future of technology to create an impact for you in the exhibition scenario.

Participation: Having all the other factors in your kitty saved, now the only aspect that you can work upon to gain maximum visitor count on your stand is by active participation by the visitors. If you have ensured that you keep ways to engage with your visitors, then you are also ensuring that they recall your brand and understand the value of your product at the same time. Engagement is the core value of retentively; hence, if you have assured visitor engagement and participation you can also be sure about a good ROI on the exhibit.

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