5 Ways for Perfection in-Booth Presentation

Presentation in the exhibition has been one of the most traditional methods of marketing and is considered as one of the effective methods of delivering the messages and objective of the organization in a concise manner. If experts are to be believed, in-booth presentations when accompanied with modern technologies and precise designing capability becomes a great tool for exhibiting.

• Live in-booth presentations are the most competent technique to drive waves of latent leads into your booth and prime them for the post-show follow-up.

• A presentation is an efficacious mode to bring prospects from the walkway and into your booth and eventually achieving your exhibition goals.

• A strategical road mapped in-booth presentation can inform, persuade, and strengthen your relationship with the prospects.

• A coherent in-booth presentation creates a consistent communication and an occasion to reach a greater number of clientele.

Here are 5 simple methods to ensure that the in-booth presentation is up to the mark:

1. Follow the KISS rule: The secret to an effective in-booth presentation is the credulous KISS rule; Keep it Short and Simple. The valuable visitors on your show floor have no time to scout through the long paragraphs in your presentation. Two wordy slides can make them loose their interest both from your presentation and brand. The shorter the content, the easier it will be for the prospects to identify your brand’s uniqueness and it’s need in their lives. Mention the summarized version of the key points of your products and services.

2. Horizontal Formatting: If you have been giving your presentations in the portrait i.e. the vertical format, you might be sad to know it is not an ideal way of putting slides. The viewer is never comfortable in reading the screen content in the vertical format. Enhance the readability and spacing of your in-booth presentation by keeping it in a horizontal format i.e. the landscape view.

3. The color scheme: The colors that you will use in the presentation are an important aspect that needs to be kept in mind beforehand. A light-colored background creates a disrupting glare for people viewing it. Go for a dark shade; gray-black, and navy blue are the colors that suit the professional requirements.  With a dark background, the light-colored type will make your content visible. You must ensure that the content written goes along with other presentation elements, the visibility is good and the person can easily browse through it and read.

Bonus Tip– If you are still confused on which colors to use in your in-booth presentation, play your presentation on a screen and read it while standing 20 feet away.

4. Know the Right Keys: Have a well-versed understanding of the software in which you have made the presentation. Adding to that, you should know the easy shortcut and keys to go through the presentation. The method of easily going from one slide to another should be at your fingertips. This way, even if in between you are stuck at some place, you will be quickly able to cover up the mistake and get it right.

5. The Accuracy of Time: Have the verbal pitch and visual content of the presentation in sync. For this, you must master the art of accuracy in time. This can also help you with maintaining the right balance between speaking amidst the presentation and delivering the right message. Also, you should ensure that you do not devote too much of time on one particular slide and proportionately divide all your attention on each slide. Make the presentation relevant and personal to your prospects; you’ll triumph their conviction and loyalty in no time.

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