8 Killer Tips to Improve Your Trade Show Networking

Networking with the people, such as fellow businesspersons, industry professionals and potential clients at the trade show is all about building relationships with them. Without networking as a primary business tactic, you lose the real meaning of your tradeshow’s appearance. It is one of the most valuable tactics brands from across the globe adopt to evince sustainable and lucrative growth of their business.

How to prepare for the next trade show – since a trade show is a great rendezvous for different types of attendees, it mostly depends on your preparedness as to networking with your prospects effectively.

Here are five useful tips to help you improve your trade show networking.

Go solo

Conversation is perhaps the easiest rule of thumb for networking with the trade show attendees. If you attend it alone, that’s better. You will feel more approachable to people and communicate with them well. But if you have some guest with you, you will not feel such comfort in talking to the attendees who are already conversing with other fellow attendees at the show.

Data Management

You need to know the people going to attend your show. If you are aware of their preferences before the show, that’s even better. Prepare a list of prospects you will target at the show. One more thing – some trade shows (occupationally) enumerate the list of attendees before the commencement of the event. They are in touch with the listed attendees through social media interaction. Utilize this opportunity to your benefit. It will help you understand who is going to be at the show. You can also shortlist your prospects off the list. Don’t forget to consider a great trade show booth design as a great conveyor of your brand’s message.

Be on the spot

Make sure your presence is noticeable across exhibition hall. Socially interact with people, tell them about your upcoming trade show. The more people know of your show, the more footfalls your exhibition booth attains during the show. Experts believe, the major fraction of footfalls that a particular booth receives is because of its brand having promoted its upcoming show massively all over social media channels.

Nice, uncluttered stand

Depending on your size requirement, have a nice-looking trade show stand free from cluttered furniture and unnecessary inventories. To let visitors see and physically approach your products, you must have an exhibit booth free from any blockage between your stand and the visitors. The exhibition stand without physical barrier permits ample room for the visitors to talk to your staff, which eventually paves the path for better networking with the visitors.

Prior meeting

Perhaps all exhibitors focus on meeting with prospects during the event. How about having a conversation with them during an early morning meeting before the show stars?

It is an effectual tactic aiming to deliver results, such as more networking with people, leads and sales growth.

Quick Conversation

A long conversation with prospects kills the spirit of professionalism, especially when you brag about your brand to the point of annoyance. Keep it short and relevant. During interaction with people, the quality of conversation is determined by how many business cards you collect rather than how many you have handed out. Be more interested in their (people’s) wants and make them believe you’re trustworthy. Quick conversation leads better networking with the prospects.

Smart pitch

Your marketing message must briefly and neatly highlight who you are and what your brand is all about. Never explain your brand to the people in a way that they find your explanation beyond their ken.

A brief, smart and understandable pitch leads to quality engagement with the attendees.


One of the best ways to networking with people at the trade show is lead capturing through constant follow-up process. Always make a plan for this before you partake in a show. It will lead to networking with your target leads.


Networking is the lifeblood of the success that every exhibitor envisages in their next trade show. The more people you network with, the widespread presence you will create for your brand, let alone the significant increase of leads and sales growth your brand will undergo, eventually.

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