Anuga FoodTec 2018 Is All Set To Bustle With Activity. Here’s Why!

Anuga FoodTec needs no introduction. After all, not many other shows cover every aspect of food production like Anuga does, and that’s what makes it the go-to show for the F&B industry. And with the latest edition slated to be held from 20-23 March 2018 at Cologne, Germany, exhibitors and visitors from around the world are expected to turn up in huge numbers, just like they always do. Here’s what brings them here in the first place.

Anuga FoodTec 2018: The Trade Show With Focus on Food & Drinks

Bringing Innovations To The Fore

With the global F&B industry in attendance, Anuga FoodTec 2018 is the ideal platform for you to showcase your innovations and technological visions. Right from processing, filling and packaging technology to packaging materials, ingredients, and food safety, all your innovations that exert influence on food production in one way or the other could benefit from the buzz that a platform this big generates. Also, you get to keep tabs on what others are up to and are apprised of the latest trends. It’s a win-win!

Reaching Out To The Customers

Anuga FoodTec is an industry-specific event, focusing exclusively on food and beverages. So you get to engage with new and existing customers in a rather targeted manner, making the most of your participation in the show.

– With visitors from companies of all sizes attending the show, you could very well expand your horizons by reaching out to global multinationals. The fact that 40% of the visitors come from companies that have 200 or more employees is reason enough for you to be here.

– Did you know that visitors from 139 countries attended the previous edition of Anuga FoodTec? It is indeed an international show, one where you could meet & greet the most important decision-makers from the food industry worldwide.

Getting Noticed Around The World

The last edition of the show witnessed the accreditation of 383 journalists, who eventually published 3,800 articles in the trade press. That’s the kind of exposure that Anuga FoodTec offers, one of the many reasons why exhibitors choose the show to get the word out, especially when they are targeting a global audience. What about you?

Rubbing Shoulders With The Experts

Anuga FoodTec brings together experts from different food industries, making them more accessible. This year too, the show will be attended by experts on meat, dairy products, drinks, cereals, fruit, vegetables and fish, giving the exhibitors, especially the first-timers, yet another reason to be here.

Presenting Solutions For Resource Efficiency

Anuga FoodTec, which seeks to offer a solution to every problem faced by the F&B industry, will be focusing on Resource Efficiency this year, encouraging the exhibitors to showcase different solutions for strengthening the competitiveness and reducing the use of energy, water and food in production. The exhibitors, through their solutions, will paint a clear picture of how more protective and efficient use of natural resources could be the key competence of future societies.

Reasons galore why Anuga FoodTec 2018 is one of the most important driving forces of the international food and beverage industry and is likely to be thronged by exhibitors and visitors alike, but you have to be here to experience for yourself why they keep coming back, edition after edition.

Here’s What You Should Know About FIDAE 2018

FIDAE, being the most important aerospace, defense and security exhibition in Latin America, is always bustling with activity. 2018, of course, would be no exception.

Key Focal Areas At FIDAE 2018

Civil Aviation – Commercial

By providing the world’s leading exponents with a suitable platform to showcase their advancements and the newest technologies, FIDAE has been playing quite an instrumental role in bringing the civil aviation / commercial sector to the fore. 2018 would witness some of the leading companies using the opportunity to meet & greet top executives from all over the world – executives with the decision-making power!


FIDAE is where companies from across the globe come together and showcase their advancements in land, air and naval defence. With key representatives of the armed forces and important delegations, national as well as international, attending the 2018 Edition, just like they always do, defence would certainly get the attention it deserves.

Homeland Security

With the issue of the internal security of nations taking the center stage worldwide and not just in the region, the sector has risen to prominence, and rightly so. FIDAE 2018 would be attended by the police forces and armies of various countries, and whether they are here as exhibitors or delgations, they’d all have a common objective – finding demand and supply in one place.

Aircraft Maintenance

Companies that undertake aircraft maintenance could take full advantage of FIDAE 2018 by showcasing their technological advancements to those who matter, i.e. important executives from all over the world, who are likely to attend the show.

Equipment & Airport Services / Airport Infrastructure

The global air transport is growing, so much so that it has now put a spotlight on airport infrastructure, creating or rather underlining the need for its improvement. FIDAE, being the important platform that it is, addresses the said need by laying the foundation for commercial ties, giving those involved the opportunity to fulfil their objectives.  

Space Technology

Looking forward to establish a commercial relationship with world powers in the area of space technology? FIDAE 2018 is where you need to be. Countries engaged in space projects consider FIDAE to be the go-to trade show, and that’s because it is here that they get to explore the commercial opportunities in the region – opportunities that open the door to future business.

Air Show At FIDAE 2018

FIDAE 2018 has something for everyone, including families. During the weekend, the families can go and check out the highly coveted, one-of-a-kind Air Show, where they would be witnessing a host of land and air attractions. Do acrobatic squadrons, skydiving and aircrafts pique your interest? If that’s a yes, you have to be here.

When all is said and done, there’s no reason for you to not to be at FIDAE 2018, The International Air and Space Fair, which has grown to become the main business platform of the region.  3-8 April 2018: mark the dates!

Things To Look Forward To At Farnborough International Airshow 2018!

The Farnborough International Airshow needs no introduction. Not many other shows bring together the most diverse range of exhibitors from core sectors of the aerospace industry, making the FIA stand out, and rightly so. That being said, there’s more to this airshow than meets the eye. With key global influencers, thought leadership and knowledge exchange, what the exhibitors always get is the best value and experience for their business. 2018 will be no different.

Here’s What The Farnborough International Airshow Has In Store For You

Aerospace 4.0: Been looking for a platform to showcase advanced digital technologies to the world? Look no more. The dedicated Aerospace 4.0. Zone at FIA 2018 is where you need to be. Whether you are contemplating exhibiting cloud computing or would rather put autonomous robots up for display, here’s where you would get your chance to bring the evolution of the aerospace industry to the fore.

Cargo Village: Whether you are a forwarding agent, an airline, a cargo handling company, or a charter broker, if you are a part of the air cargo supply chain, this is where you should be. That’s because you would get to showcase your capabilities and more importantly, could carry out demonstrations to increase visibility. There’ll be a conference program as well to better acquaint you with the future of cargo and cargo tech.

The Innovation Zone: What if you were to find a networking and knowledge transfer hub right at the heart of FIA 2018? Intriguing, right? Well, that’s exactly what the Innovation Zone is expected to be. If you are one of the research & technology and skills providers, looking forward to showcase the latest technological advances, you just can’t give the Innovation Zone a miss. The best part is that while you are here, you would also get the opportunity to rub shoulders with with businesses, government and academia from all over the globe.

Meet The Buyer Programme: As a supplier or an exhibitor, wouldn’t you want to meet face-to-face with targeted buyers? If so, this is the programme for you. After all, this is where you would meet with the global decision makers and develop business relations. Didn’t get the chance to make an appointment? Worry not! And did you know that more than 1600 meetings took place during FIA 2016? Now you do!

Live Product Demo Area & Spotlight Exhibitors: The Farnborough International Airshow 2018 will witness the introduction of the Live Product Demo Area, where cinematic footage, live demonstrations and specialist role play actors will come together to offer what could be called a unique selling platform to the targeted industry. The area would comprise three essential elements: video clips, a mock ‘air force command centre’, and guided tours for military delegations, invited guests and exhibition visitors, so that they get to watch the live demonstrations. And that’s not all. You could be one of the spotlight exhibitors at FIA 2018, provided you are thinking of debuting any of the revolutionary and groundbreaking technologies at the airshow.

Space, Civil, Military, Manufacturing Technology, Rotary and MRO – do they ring a bell? Because if they do, Farnborough International Airshow 2018 is the show for you. 16-22 July 2018: save the dates!

Tips To Close Tough Customers In Sales At Your Next Trade Show

Closing tough customers in sales could be a tough nut to crack, pun intended, but if you do find yourself up against such customers at a trade show, would you just give in? Or would you rather put up a brave front and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat? Take your pick!

Dealing With The Customers At A Trade Show

No two customers are alike. While some are a pleasure to deal with, others could give you a hard time. We have all come across customers who try to push us around or engage us in what seem like never-ending conversations. Not to mention the bullies – the worst kind! You can’t really get a sale out of them, or can you? It all depends on how good you are at turning the tables. This may help:

1. Do not succumb to pressure: Don’t let them get the better of you. If you speed up the meeting or try and adopt a different approach at the last minute because they are making you do so, there’s no way out. Stick to your script, and before you know, they’ll come around. And yes, it is okay to feel scared or get nervous, but the customers don’t have to find out, now do they? Well, they better not!

2. Don’t let the guard down: You may be dealing with the worst of the lot, but if they are at your trade show booth, talking to you, chances are that they are keen on buying whatever it is that you are selling. Now that’s what we call a silver lining. Don’t take anything personally, and just do what you are there for – close a sale. Keeping your emotions in check or the lack thereof could be the difference between success and failure.

3. Get them to talk about what they want: You have your elevator pitch ready and are waiting for the customers to arrive and bombard them with information, but what if they are simply not interested in listening to what you have to say? Just because they choose to walk in, doesn’t necessarily mean they are all ears. Some of them prefer to talk. Grab the opportunity. Get them to talk about their challenges and make them see your products or services as the perfect solutions.

4. Develop an understanding of their priorities: Are there any short term objectives that they want to accomplish? Is there a way to align your products to these objectives? If that’s a yes, the ball is in your court. Do what a good salesman does. Create an urgency and get them to commit.

5. Find out if they are serious: Some customers may commit just for the sake of it. Unless they are serious about resolving the challenges, they’ll be the first ones to bail out on you. Don’t get played.

Sometimes, it may help to rise to their tone. This is tricky though. They’d either back down or take offence and engage in an argument. Tread carefully. The idea is to get them to buy your products and not win a war of words!

How Strategic Planning Could Lead To Better Trade Shows

Putting up a good show is no joke. You have to don several hats to pull off one – apart from being a storyteller and a tech-savvy marketer, you also have to be a strategist, and unless you become one, it would be difficult for you to weave your brand story through your entire marketing mix, which in turn will affect the show’s performance.

Strategic Planning For Your Next Trade Show

1. Put your objectives on paper: What your organization wants to achieve in general may not be the same as what they seek from the show. Don’t mistake one for the other. Identify your objectives for the show and write them down. Also, figure out what the audience expects from the show you are participating in, and make a note. Make sure that the team you put together for the show has a clear understanding of the objectives.


2. Make the most of your budget: Budgetary constraints may pull you back, but you need to find a way around. Talk to the management or the board of directors to get more money for the show. Make a case by creating an urgency and pointing to industry benchmarks. If they don’t loosen the noose, prioritize things. Either way, let go of the “that’s how we have been doing it” approach, and address the challenges right away.


3. Step into the audience’s shoes: As mentioned earlier, your strategy for the show should be in tandem with what the audience wants.

– Are they the decision makers? If yes, what could possibly motivate them to decide?

– What is their objective of coming to the show?

– If it’s information that they want, is trade show the only place they head to? Or do they also look for it online?


4. Use insights to your advantage: Have you noticed an increase in the attendance of the show you are about to participate in? Great, right? Well, is the increase rate in sync with the industry’s growth? If that’s a no, the show has been rather underperforming, and might need you to tweak your strategy accordingly. The idea is to get your hands on the available data and make informed decisions. Even if you can only grab hold of the satisfaction surveys and feedbacks, do give them serious thought before you come up with a strategy.


5. Avoid the last-minute chaos: Unless you engage your audience throughout the year, they won’t be turning up at the show. Year-long engagement or the lack thereof could be the difference between success and failure. So if you want to retain and grow your audience, here’s what you need to do:

– Come up with a communications strategy, one that goes down well with the target audience and can pique their interest all through the year

– Maintain your presence and make every attempt to increase brand awareness

– Spark a discussion whenever you can

– Make your audience feel valued


To cut the long story short, you need a good plan, one that not only lets you capture the attention of your audience, but also establish a connection.