Modern Day Marine: Finally A Show For Marine Corps. Pack Your Bags!

Modern Day Marine 2018

Modern Day Marine 2018 is a premier equipment, systems, services, and technology exposition. It is a 2-day event that will take place at the Quantico Station, Quantico, USA. The event will run from September 25 through September 27. So, what can you expect to see at this event? Innovative displays, trailblazing computer simulations and technology systems and equipment. These are all designed for the Security & Defense industry, for the likes of U.S. Marine Corps.

Modern Day Marine: Here’s What You Must Know About The Event

Did you know that the Modern Day Marine is co-sponsored by MCB Quantico? MCB or the Marine Corps Base is the home base of the exposition. It has some key responsibilities, including:

  • establishing requirements,
  • developing equipment and systems,
  • and buying the equipment & systems that the Marine Corps will count on in the future.

These crucial functions go a long way in positioning Modern Day Marine or MDM.

Quick Fact

Did you know that MCB is home to the Combat Development Command and the Marine Corps Systems Command?

Coming back to the exposition, the exhibitor profile includes:

  • Ground Combat Arms,
  • Fixed Wing & Helicopter Aviation Elements,
  • Operational Support Units,
  • Law Enforcement & Corrections,
  • Food Service,
  • Medical,
  • Communications,
  • and Computers.

So, if you are into any of the above, this is the perfect event for you.

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Modern Day Marine: Here’s Some More Handy Information

MDM is not your everyday exposition. For one, it’s not open to the general public. The exposition is only open to:

  • Department of Defense,
  • Defense Industry affiliated personnel,
  • U.S. military,
  • law enforcement,
  • and industry/consultant representatives.

That said, foreign military and student organizations can also attend the event. But, they need prior registration.

Here’s what else is in the offing:

  • There will be a Golf Tournament on September 24, before the actual event. This tournament will take place at the Medal of Honor Golf Course, Quantico, Virginia. It will benefit the Young Marines of The Marine Corps League and the U.S. Marines Youth Foundation. Be there at 8:30 AM if you want to be a part of the tournament.


  • The coveted “Enlisted Awards Parade” will take place on Wednesday, the 26th. The best part is that both military and civilian attendees can witness this event.  So, which all marching units will you be seeing in action? The Marine Barracks, 8th & I, and the Marine Corps Drum and Bugle Corps.


  • The last day of the event coincides with “Family Day.” Yes, you guessed it right. This is the day when your children can also attend the event. But, make sure they are under 16 years of age and are not all by themselves. A parent needs to be with them.


Modern Day Marine is an annual affair. It has been the go-to event for 30-years and sees about 500 vendors and 8,000 attendees every year. The event attracts quite a few attendees from the larger DOD community. So, if you are there, you would get the chance to rub shoulders with some of them. Exciting, right? But, it calls for putting your best foot forward. XS Worldwide can help. Ask us how!

Image source: Sgt. Bryan Nygaard

Defence Exports 2018: A Conference On Defence Trade Compliance & More!

Defence Exports 2018

The 13th Annual Defence Exports conference will return to Rome, Italy soon. The conference will convene on the 19th and 20th of September. SMi’s Defence Exports conference is a leading event for defence trade compliance. It attracts government officials and industry professionals from around the world. The 2018 edition will also be a global affair. Here’s what the conference has in store:

Defence Exports 2018: What’s In The Offing

  • Insights

Government officials and senior international trade compliance professionals will speak at the event. Delegates will get to hear about regulation controls. Topics include ITAR, EAR, ECR, Dual-Use and the Wassenaar Arrangement.

  • Best Practices

Ever wondered how the leading organizations manage their global trade programmes? Well, you’d get your answer at the event. Take note.

  • Possible Solutions

The best part is that you’d get to know of the challenges facing the defence trade in 2018, if you don’t already. Who’s to say that a series of engrossing discussions won’t lead to some possible solutions?

    • Issues likely to get discussed include:
      • The US Presidential administration’s pending clarity on their intentions about trade reform
      • Trade control developments on both sides of the Atlantic. The Brexit deadline is drawing closer. So, it’s high time that we discuss these developments.
      • Cyber-attacks have been on the rise. It’s more urgent than ever to come up with risk management strategies. Strategies that could help adapt to the dependence on cloud-computing and cloud-services.

Defence Exports 2018: Why You Shouldn’t Miss It

  • Been looking for ways to follow the ITAR and EAR control controls from within and outside the US? Look no further. The event will give you access to practical guidance on compliance.
  • The Defence Exports is not your everyday conference. It’s not every day that you network with the heads of international trade compliance. Nor do you get to meet & greet the heads of export controls from Europe, North America, and other parts of the world.
  • The defence industry has its fair share of technological advances and innovations. This event could be your chance to keep up with the times. Guess what, you’ll learn about the latest regulations & controls chasing the said innovations.
  • Cyber intrusion and export control violation could pose some serious threats, right? But, how do you combat these threats? Not sure? Well, the leading representatives, spearheading defence trade, are already doing it. How about taking a few lessons then?
  • Do you think that the political landscape will have an impact on the defence trade globally? Of course, it would. Not only in 2018 but also for the years to come. Join the discussion at the event and find out how far the effect could go.


The Defence Exports conference 2018 will see the who’s who in attendance. From trade compliance managers to heads of export controls, everyone will be here. You’ll also rub shoulders with the heads of dual-use controls. So, it’s important that you put your best foot forward. XS Worldwide, being one of the leading event and trade show companies, could help you do exactly that. Get in touch right away!

ADAS 2018: Philippines Is Calling. To Go Or Not To Go? Let’s Find Out!

The 3rd Asian Defence, Security & Crisis Management Exhibition & Conference is around the corner. ADAS 2018 is all set to take place in September at the World Trade Center, Metro Manila, Philippines. More than 200 leading domestic and international companies will exhibit. So should you. If you represent the defense, homeland security, and disaster relief industries. And did you know that ADAS is the only exhibition to address the specific requirements of:

  • The Philippine Armed Forces
  • National Police
  • Security Agencies


The tri-service defense & security exhibition has had successful stints in 2014 and 2016. And now it’s back! Time for you to make the most of it.

ADAS 2018: Reasons Galore To Exhibit. Choose Yours!

ADAS could be the perfect platform for you if you are:

  • a manufacturer, distributor or agent in the defense, security or disaster management industries
  • looking forward to showcasing your capabilities or solutions
  • capable of meeting the requirements of:
    • The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)
    • The Philippine National Police
    • Security Agencies
    • Disaster Rescue Services
  • engaged in the development or distribution of the latest equipment and technologies, including:
    • amphibious systems, non-lethal weapons, SAR heavy equipment & transportation systems, etc.


Also, you’ll get to meet and greet the decision makers from AFP’s army, navy, and air force. The Department of National Defense will invite them to the show. The best part is that their regional counterparts from around the Asia Pacific will be here too!

ADAS 2018: Here’s Why You Should Give It Some Serious Thought!

Let’s start with the backdrop. The AFP is trying to make up for whatever they may have missed out on. For a decade, their defense and security policy was focusing on combating the insurgency. They had to let go of modernization and procurement opportunities. But, it’s all good now. In fact, the country’s commitment to national defense is stronger than ever.  

  • A defense budget of PHP 149 billion (USD 2.9 billion) has been set for 2018
  • The government has allocated another USD 500 million to get new equipment for the AFP


Now, if that doesn’t take you to the Philippines, this will:

ADAS 2018 Exhibition Philippines

Coming back to the exhibition, ADAS 2018 will attract:

  • Southeast Asia’s top Government officials, including:
    • Chiefs of Defense and Armed Services
    • National Police Chiefs
    • Coast Guard Commanders
    • Commandants of Civil Defense Forces
    • Heads of Logistics Commands
    • System Evaluators and Procurers
    • Officials & Key Decision Makers from the wider region and beyond


  • An impressive visitor base, comprising:
    • Department / Ministry of Defense & related Defense Agencies
    • Civil Defense / HADR Agencies
    • Consultants, Researchers, Simulation & Training Professionals, etc.


To cut a long story short, ADAS 2018 is an opportunity waiting to happen. It’s the biggest defense, security, and disaster management event in the Philippines. With 143 exhibitors and 7,516 quality visitors, the 2016 edition definitely was. This one won’t be any different. If anything, the trade show will experience an unprecedented growth. There’ll be leading exhibitors from across the globe, all over the place. Guess what, with a custom trade show booth design, you could cut through the noise with ease. Ask us how!

The 3rd Azerbaijan International Defence Exhibition: Things To Know

adex 2018- Azerbaijan International Defence Exhibition Infographic

The 3rd Azerbaijan International Defence Exhibition or ADEX 2018 is here. Well, almost. The trade show is all set to take place at the Baku Expo Center, Azerbaijan, from 25-27 September 2018. ADEX 2016 was a huge success. The numbers have set high expectations.

The Azerbaijan International Defence Exhibition: 2016 Edition

Did you know that more than 200 companies from different parts of the world were here? They showcased a wide range of innovative, high-tech solutions. Solutions that could meet the new security challenges.

ADEX 2018 Infographics

The 3rd Azerbaijan International Defence Exhibition: What’s In Store

  • ADEX 2018 will offer a forum to the industry players. They can showcase their innovations to international customers. Also, they can contribute to strengthening international safety. It’s a win-win!


  • With a visitor base comprising the who’s who of the industry, ADEX 2018 will be full of opportunities. Of course, the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan will be here. So will be the law enforcement agencies. Foreign military delegations and diplomatic corps will also attend the show. The show will see entrepreneurs across industries. They will represent construction, medicine, agriculture, transport, information technology, ecology, oil, and gas.


  • The trade show will be a diverse affair, with several product categories on display. From aerospace defence systems and arms & ammunition to electro-optical equipment and systems. Exhibitors will also showcase military uniforms & equipment and weapons & vehicles for ground troops. Product categories will also include emergency & rescue means and simulation & training systems.


  • The show will also witness bilateral meetings between exhibitors and official delegations. These meetings will make room for engrossing discussions and business deals.


  • ADEX 2018 will contribute to the development of military-technical cooperation.  It could offer powerful impetus to cooperation between Azerbaijan and the partner countries. The previous edition did. This one won’t be any different.    


  • The “extra-territorial” nature of the show will make it easier to establish contacts. The exhibitors, their potential customers, and competitors will all be on neutral territory.    


  • Last but not least, the exhibitors will also gain exposure. With members of the media present in large numbers, they will get good coverage.


Opportunities galore at ADEX 2018. Grab them with both hands. Contact XS Worldwide today to make the most of your participation. We have had successful trysts with defence trade shows across the globe. As your exhibition booth design company, we can help you foray into a new, foreign market. Don’t miss your chance!

Land Forces 2018: Showcasing Land Warfare, Networking, And More!

Land Forces 2018 Exhibition

Land Forces 2018 is an international industry trade show. It will take place in Adelaide, Australia, from 4-6 September 2018. Here, the exhibitors can showcase their equipment, technology, and services. They get to meet & greet the armies of Australia and the Indo-Asia-Pacific. On that note, did you know that this exhibition is in collaboration with the Australian Army?

This show could be your chance to gain access to the army and land defence decision makers. You could connect with military, government, scientific and industry leaders. Think this is not the right trade show for you? Think again. Are you a manufacturer?  A system integrator? Or a maintenance & logistics specialist operating across the wide spectrum of land warfare? If that’s a yes, this show is the perfect platform for you. And here’s how you could make the most of it.

Land Forces 2018: Take Full Advantage Of The Land Warfare Exhibition

Double check your goals: Start by defining your target audience. Are you looking forward to meeting government representatives and defence officials? Would you want to network with military procurement managers and senior army officers? Good. Now, set S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely) goals. In short, what do you expect to get out of Land Forces 2018? And how could you make a lasting impression on your target audience? Confer with your exhibition design company and let them know your goals.

Work around your message: Keep it simple. Don’t beat around the bush. Come up with a specific message that your target audience can comprehend. Communicate that message well. Who are you, to begin with? What do you do? What benefits can you offer? Exhibitors will bring the entire spectrum of land warfare to the table. From armored, transport and utility vehicles and watercraft to unmanned systems, and helicopters. Your message should highlight your capabilities to make you stand out from the crowd.

Get a suitable booth designed: Leave enough room for the attendees. Yes, Land Forces 2018 will give you the opportunity to meet with your peers and customers. But, it will also pave the way for engrossing discussions. Discussion involving issues, proposals, and contracts.

  • Make sure your trade show booth has a meeting room. Better still, leave 50% of your floor area for the visitors.
  • Also, choose your graphics in a wise manner. This trade show is all about highlighting the platforms, equipment, services, and technology. Armies of the Indo-Asia-Pacific region are on the lookout for these. Your graphics should bridge the gap. Larger, bolder and simpler graphics usually work.


Involve your team early on: Apprise them of the show’s grandeur. Did you know that the Australian Defence Force (ADF) is planning to spend more than AUD$56 billion? They are looking for land force equipment, services, and new combat capabilities. Also, the defence budgets of the nations making up the Asia and Indo-Pacific region is huge. In 2014, the combined budget amounted to US$183 billion. With a backdrop this grand, the exhibition is anything but ordinary. Make sure your team understands this. Brief them. Tell them your goals. And once the show is over, ask for their feedback.

And of course, get one of the leading trade show booth builders on board. Look for a company that has had successful trysts with defence trade shows. Not to blow our own trumpet, but XS Worldwide does fit the bill. Share your trade show booth ideas with us. Let us know what you expect. We’ll far exceed your expectations for sure.