How Exhibiting At Automechanika Dubai 2018 Could Refuel Your Business

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Did you know that the last edition of Automechanika Dubai played host to as many as 1,955 exhibitors from 57 countries? With the number of key buyers & decision makers attending the exhibition continuing to rise each year, the show has grown to become an important source of new business contacts. Automechanika Dubai 2018 would be no exception. Here’s why you should also consider riding the coattails of this eagerly-awaited trade show:

Automechanika Dubai – The Trade Show For The Automotive Aftermarket

  • The automotive industry in the region has been experiencing a steady growth, inadvertently putting the spotlight on Automechanika Dubai. In fact, the show now plays an important role in the economy of the Middle East & Africa region.
  • The show, with a unique concept of bringing international manufacturers & suppliers, and regional distributors & buyers to a single platform, contributes to the availability of relatively better products & services for the automotive aftermarket in the wider Middle East region.
  • The visitor base at Automechanika Dubai is quite comprehensive and includes spare parts & accessories wholesalers, fleet managers, service station personnel,  automobile enthusiasts, garage equipment and tool distributors, government sectors/ public authorities, and OEM manufacturers, among others. You could also expect to engage with importers/ exporters, automotive retailers, tyre service shops, distributors, traders and other professionals covering the various automotive sectors.
  • With an unrivaled product-range breadth and depth, the show stands tall. The product groups comprise “Parts & Components”, “Electronics & Systems”, Repair & Maintenance”, “Tyres & Batteries”, “Accessories & Customizing”, and “Car Wash, Care & Reconditioning”.
  • The fact that the last edition welcomed more than 30,322 trade visitors from across 136 countries does paint a rather clear picture of how important the show is, but so does the support of 38 international trade associations and the presence of 25 official country pavilions at Automechanika Dubai 2017. Who’s to say there won’t be more this year?
  • The show, known to supply intermediate markets, links difficult-to-reach areas, and is the perfect platform for finding out more about new products, finding new suppliers, touching base with new distributors & wholesalers and comparing product alternatives.
  • Automechanika Dubai also brings a host of events to the table, all aimed at gathering the industry professionals in one place for engrossing discussions on the latest news and trends from the automotive aftermarket industry. While events like Automechanika Network see high-profile speakers highlighting crucial topics and presenting information, roadshows, on the other hand offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to the participants to network and uncover important business knowledge about the different countries covered.

Last but not least, the fact that this year’s show will be taking 14 halls proves that Automechanika Dubai is anything but ordinary, and it’s high time you get the most out of this extraordinary, leading international trade show for the automotive service industry, targeting trade visitors from the wider Middle East. Scheduled to be held from 1-3 May 2018 at the Dubai World Trade Centre, Automechanika Dubai 2018 is an opportunity waiting to happen. Don’t let it go. Rather get a great trade show stand designed, and grab it with both hands!

What Makes ATM Dubai 2018 The Exhibitors’ Trade Show Of Choice!

ATM Dubai The Exhibitors’ Trade Show

A trade show that generates more than $2.5 billion of travel industry deals is anything but ordinary. But that’s just one of the many things that make the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) Dubai extraordinary. Being a leading global trade show for the Middle East inbound and outbound industry also sets it apart, and so does the fact that it’s been leading the way for 25 years now. And with the 25th Edition about to kick off on 22 April 2018, it’s time to look at the reasons why ATM is thronged by exhibitors from all over the world, edition after edition:

ATM Dubai: The Middle Eastern Trade Show With Substance!

– The exhibitors come here to augment their brand image and make a lasting impression on prospective customers, and the show never lets them down. ATM Dubai 2018 would be no exception, especially for those who have a state-of-the-art trade show booth by their side.

– The exhibitors jump at the opportunity to make the right connections through networking sessions and seminars, and look forward to generating highly targeted business leads.

– Every industry has its own emerging trends, and trade shows are no different. ATM gives the exhibitors the opportunity to learn about these very trends and brings them face to face with experts who throw more light on the industry’s direction and future.There are plenty of opportunities within the industry, and the show ensures that the exhibitors do not miss out on any.

– With the entire travel industry in attendance, the show makes it easier for exhibitors to explore the possibility of entering new exports and markets. The best part is that they get to touch base with a relatively large proportion of the marketplace in a short span of time.

– ATM is not your everyday show or just another meet & greet exhibition – it’s where 30,000 trade visitors, key industry buyers and the international media come together on a single platform to find new business and report on the industry.

– Options galore. For instance, spa and wellness suppliers could take advantage of the the ATM Wellness & Spa Lounge, to showcase their travel products in one-on-one meetings with the Middle Eastern wellness buyers. Right from tourism destinations from around the world to accommodation options, breathtaking tourism attractions, travel technology and key airline routes, everything is up for grabs, giving the visitors yet another reason to drop by.

If over 2,800 exhibitors from around the world, including key players like the Indian Ministry of  Tourism, choose ATM to showcase their destinations, products and services, the show has business written all over it. As an international exhibitor, ATM could very well be your gateway to entering the Middle East travel industry, and if you are one of the Middle East exhibitors, it could help you reach out to regional and international buyers. Either way, it’s a winner.

22-25 April: mark the dates and see for yourself how the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DICEC) bustles with activity, with exhibitors and visitors all over the place, looking forward to networking, negotiating and discovering the latest industry opinion and trends.

ILA Berlin 2018: Reasons For Exhibiting At This High-Tech Trade Show

ILA Berlin 2018 Trade Show

ILA Berlin, where suppliers from across the globe come together to exhibit, is a testament to Germany’s aerospace sector being a driver of technological innovation and economic growth. The show, which has innovation written all over it and is a hub for networking, to say the least, is thronged by visitors and exhibitors alike.

Did you know that the previous edition of the show played host to over 1000 exhibitors and more than 150,000 visitors? ILA Berlin 2018 would of course be no exception. If anything, it is expected to see an unprecedented rise in numbers. That being said, while visitors have their own reasons to be at the global aerospace show, here is why you, as an exhibitor, shouldn’t miss it for the world:

ILA Berlin 2018: Not Your Everyday Trade Show

While ILA Berlin does offer you the perfect platform to showcase your innovations, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

– Keep Up With The Times: When at the show, you’d rub shoulders with the right people – people who have the right know-how – people who know their way around 3D-printing, sustainable aviation, industry 4.0 and other new technologies, and can help you step up your game. If your peers from the industry would be here to discuss the issues of importance, shouldn’t you be too?

– Look Into The Future: With the key policymakers, industry experts and researchers in attendance, it won’t be long before the show paves the way for a rather engrossing discussion. Jump in. Find out the answers to questions that matter – questions that could shape the future of the industry. So while you do get a preview of the current advancements, the show also offers a sneak peak into what lies in the future. Stay tuned!

– The Show Means Business: Quite literally. With more than 1,000 exhibitors, right from major corporations to highly specialized suppliers, here to present their innovations, opportunities galore. Grab them with both hands. The visitors would. There’s no reason for you to not to. Make new contacts for tomorrow’s business; you can always follow up later. The best part is that there are events within the show that you could be a part of, to get the most out of the show.

– Get The Next-Gen Employees On Board: The need for qualified employees must be addressed, and what better way to do it than to get hold of them while you are at the show. The CareerCenter at ILA Berlin 2018 is your gateway to enticing the next generation of employees. Of course, it’s up to you how you get them all excited to work for your company, but getting access to them is like the half the battle won.

ILA Berlin 2018: The Backdrop Of The Trade Show

– The fact that Germany invests billions in state & private funds for new aerospace technologies and R&D on annual basis should be reason enough for you to be at ILA Berlin 2018. If this is where German buyers would come to find new suppliers, where else would you rather be?

– With the three largest aerospace countries in Europe, Germany, France and the UK, having extraordinary representation at the show, ILA Berlin 2018 is an opportunity waiting to happen. Don’t let it go!

25-29 April 2018: don’t just save the dates, make your move, before it’s too late!

Wire & Tube 2018: Here’s Why The Trade Show Is Eagerly Awaited!

Wire and Tube 2018 Trade Show

In a few days from now, Wire & Tube 2018, will bring together the entire industry, and give them the opportunity to conduct business, make & nurture contacts and showcase global innovations. The 2018 edition, slated for a grand opening on 16 April 2018, at Düsseldorf, Germany, is expected to bustle with activity throughout its run.

Reasons Galore To Be At Wire 2018 – The Global Trade Show

– Exhibitors throng Wire, edition after edition, because it is here that they get to show who they are and make a statement without trying too hard. 2018 would be no different. Exhibitors from all over the world will come together to present their innovations in automotive industry, telecommunications, construction industry and chemical, gas and oil industry, reaching out to highly qualified visitors, who are expected to come by in huge numbers to experience the latest technologies and state-of-the-art machinery live in action.

– With a broad product spectrum comprising wire manufacturing and finishing machinery, process technology tools and auxiliary process technology materials, among others, up for display, the exhibitors could expect to reach out to a wider visitor base under one roof.

– What do you think makes the Wire the go-to show for world market leaders and first movers of the wire & cable industry? While the fact that they get to engage with the decision makers of the industry does count, so does the opportunity to take full advantage of the global network of Messe Düsseldorf. Of course, they jump at it. Wouldn’t you?

– Also, while the visitors do come here to make valuable contacts, they are often on the lookout for new business partners, giving the exhibitors yet another reason to not to give the Wire a miss. Did you know that more than ⅔ of all trade visitors found new business partners at the last edition itself? Who’s to say Wire 2018 won’t lay the groundwork for many more partnerships?

– If the exhibitors have their own reasons, so do the visitors. A show that lets them meet & greet everyone from the industry, right from market leaders and challengers to newcomers and traditional companies, is on their go-to list for obvious reasons. With the exhibitors showcasing their latest technologies and production components, state-of-the-art machinery for the production of fibre optic cables and ultrafine wires, high-end wire sheathings and winding and rewinding, where else would they rather be?

– Not to mention, the show allows everyone involved to scratch beneath the surface and find out which new materials, machines and processes are driving the industry. From mega trends to nano innovations, everything’s up for display (or discussion) at the show.

Reasons Why You Can’t Miss Tube 2018 – The Go-To Trade Show

– With a plethora of product groups, comprising plant & machinery, pipe & tube processing machinery, bending & forming technology, tube manufacturing & trading, tube accessories, profiles and plastic tubes, Tube 2018 is rightly dubbed the  world’s most important trade fair for the tube and tube processing industry.

– Looking forward to meet the best in the industry? Tube 2018 will give you the chance to do just that – while the world market leaders and first movers of the tube and tube processing industry present their innovations, anyone who invests in progress won’t miss it for the world. How about you? The show could be your gateway to finding out how automotive, construction, gas & oil and chemical industries could benefit from the innovations at display.

– Tube is where the decision makers are. Once you are here, you get to touch base with technical buyers, financially strong investors and good customers, who are drawn to Düsseldorf from all over the world. Did you know that more than 2/3 of all trade visitors found new business partners, at the previous edition?  Anyone and everyone who wants to do business and stay in business comes to Tube. Makes sense, right?

Wire & Tube 2018, which would conclude on 20 April 2018, will offer a sneak peak into what the future holds for the industry, leaving both the exhibitors and visitors asking for more. And with top-notch industry players like Multimetals Limited, Laxcon Steels Limited, and Suraj Limited all set to make waves at the show, the future looks quite promising, to say the least.

Why You Need To Put Your Best Foot Forward at DefExpo India 2018?


The climbing economic trajectory that India enjoys makes the South Asian country a viable investment opportunity for those looking to grow their business in this part of the world. So it should come as no surprise that DefExpo India 2018, the tenth edition of the biennial land, naval and internal homeland security systems show, is being eagerly awaited, especially by suppliers and OEMs, who know that they can pick up ground-level intelligence and insights during the run of the show, to get the upper hand. Of course that’s not the only reason why they are more than willing to be at DefExpo 2018, and why you, too, should give this show some serious thought.

– India’s sheer size, geo-political standing and growing military modernization has increased the need for aerospace, defense and security products, and those exporting these products have a new-found interest in the country’s defense market for obvious reasons.

– The show, expected to offer a suitable platform for partnership and growth, is being seen as a gateway to doing business in a country that has budgeted $100 billion for defence acquisitions over the next five years.

– Organized by the Indian Ministry of Defence and fully backed by the Government of India, DefExpo 2018, will present a world-class showcase of and for the Indian aerospace, defense and security industries.

Right from the fact that it will feature a first-of-its-kind National Level Open Challenge Competition– “Solution to Problem”, aimed at finding solutions to defense related problems by innovators, students, professionals, participants and foreign nationals attending the show to the much-awaited, first-ever combined live display of naval, aero and land systems at the same venue, DefExpo India 2018 has everything going for it.

Tidbits From The 2016 Edition

The ninth edition of Defexpo India, held in March 2016, saw a record increase in the number of national and international companies, in comparison to the previous editions. With 232 foreign companies from 32 countries having participated in the show, along with 15 country pavilions, the 2016 edition made it big on the international front. Exhibitors from different parts of the world displayed their latest technologies & products and jumped at the opportunity to explore the market and business potential for mutual benefits. With 63 delegations from 58 countries gracing the occasion with their presence, the show turned out to be a huge success. On top of that, several international seminars & conferences were also organized on the sidelines of the show.

The Big Deal About The 2018 Edition

With a growing need for balancing its growing economy with defense preparedness, India could use a show like DefExpo India 2018, which is being seen a suitable platform to address this need. The show will not project India’s defense manufacturing capabilities to the world, but is also expected to lay the groundwork for opening of defense production to the private sector. So, if you have long-term goals in India, you can’t afford to miss this show. If anything, you should try and make the most of your time here, because the information you would pick up here, in person, won’t be available to you elsewhere. 11-14 April 2018: save the dates, if you haven’t already!