How to Choose the Right Color for Your Exhibition Booth

How to Choose the right color for your booth

Colors tend to have a tremendous psychological impact on people. Colors happen to stir emotions and you need to ensure that your colors rightly project the idea behind your brand.

Colors are perceived differently by people of different age groups, genders and even state of health.

Vivid shades are appreciated by youngsters, on the other hand, older people feel more comfortable when surrounded by subdued shades. Colors are a key factor in building a mood. What mood do you want to build?

You must keep your audience also in mind while choosing the color scheme.

The right usage of color in your exhibition stand design, marketing collaterals, staff uniform–is imperative.

  • Besides the audience, you also have to keep in mind the theme of the show and your surroundings. You can’t be selling tractor engines at a magenta-colored stand. You get the drift, right? Here are few tips that could help:


  • Turn to your logo before you attempt to run through the color chart offered by your booth designer – that’s where you’d find the most obvious choice – colors that will do justice to your stand and would be easy to integrate.


  • Be experimental but not to the extent that you have to explain your choice to those who decide to visit your stand despite the colors vehemently shooing them away. Extraordinarily vibrant colors at a defence exhibition are a big no-no. Take your cue!


  • Colors mean something; find out. Red, for instance, is the color denoting warmth, love, danger, strength and energy. Do you want your stand to exude any of these characteristics? If not, move on. Look for colors like black and purple that are all about power. White, on the other hand, is subtle; it’s universal, but is widely used. And at a tradeshow, you need to be the best of the lot.


Don’t be your competitors’ flag bearers; choose a color scheme that’s visibly different from theirs or else your stand will merely look like an extension. Don’t be surprised if the visitors confuse you for them, and then leave in a jiffy.

  • Once you have made the choice, the next step is to implement it and that’s when it gets tricky. Most of the exhibitors are smart enough to get their banners and displays designed in sync with the overall color scheme, but that’s just about it. They are not out-of-the-box thinkers. You need to be one.


  • Let your staff make it easier for you. If the color of their t-shirts is the same as that of your stand, they’ll drive hoards of visitors to your stand, whenever they wander around and (unintentionally or on purpose) drop hints that you are there at the show. Just make sure the t-shirts have your logo too.


  • You could also play smart with giveaways. Why restrict the use of colors to your stand when you can have the visitors take home something that’s specifically designed to remind you of them? Your pens, coasters, key rings, calendars and all other giveaways must resonate with the color scheme in use for maximum effect.


Of course, these are all generic ideas; sit with your booth designer, see what works for you best, but don’t settle for less – paint the town red; pun intended!

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