Custom Modular Stands Are The Need Of The Hour. Jump On The Bandwagon For Your Next Show

Let’s start with why you would exhibit at a trade show in the first place?

  • To showcase your products and innovations?
  • Or perhaps to increase your brand awareness?


Well, most of the exhibitors do it for one simple reason – the invaluable face-to-face time they get to spend with their potential customers and business partners. Is your objective more or less along similar lines? If that’s a yes, it’s important for you to ensure that you actually get that “time,” but how do you do that? By getting an attractive booth designed, one that’s a great crowd-puller at the show, and conveys your brand values.

Easier said than done; any such design would cost you a fortune. Not to worry, there’s always a fix, and in this case, a pretty good one: “Custom Modular Stands.” Here’s why they fit the bill:

Your Budget Won’t Take a Hit

Modular Exhibition stands are highly cost-effective. To be honest, they are not dirt cheap, and may even cost you a little more than those pop-up or banner stands that everyone keeps using but to no avail; rest assured they are worth their salt, and would not let you down.

The Obvious Choice for Frequent Exhibitors

If you have plans to exhibit at multiple shows, one after the other, look no further. Modular stands can be reused with ease, thereby forfeiting the need to pay for newfangled stands every time you have a show lined up. In fact, you can simply pack down the stands into compact storage cases and get them transported to the venue of your next show, as and when required. The cases, of course, will not only help you with the transportation but would also protect the stands, when not in use.

You Won’t Have to Settle for Less

One thing’s for sure: every show is different from the other, and while you can use the same kind of display everywhere, a little bit of creativity never hurt anyone. With custom modular stands, you get to be creative, at least your booth designer does – he/she, as per your instructions, can turn what might be a simple counter, into a comprehensive double-decker display. For that matter, often built for self-installation, these stands do not always warrant the involvement of the designer, once you are actually at the venue. And that’s a possibility because these stands are quite flexible and are built in sections, which can be added and remove without any difficulty. The idea here is to reduce your dependency on just one format or visual display, and take the growth and/or objective(s) of your business into consideration.

Going Green Could Not Be Easier

Willing to do your bit for the environment? Now’s your chance. As most of the materials used for constructing custom modular stands can be reused, you get that added advantage of reducing the overall carbon footprint. Better still, you could specifically ask for the use of aluminum and other eco-friendly materials. Doing so would also affect the audience’s perception of you, but in a good way – they’ll see you as a company that cares. There, you just made your point!

Now, there was a time when the exhibitors did not think highly of these stands – some found them boxy and undesirable, while others were not so impressed with the use of metal frame(s), but with tension fabric displays and LED lightboxes taking over, the tables have finally turned, and for good. Make the most of these affordable, flexible, adaptable and convenient stands to stand out at your next show; pun intended.

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