EDX 2018: Explore The Multichannel Landscape Like Never Before!

eDelivery Expo or EDX, the Uk’s largest retail fulfilment & final mile trade show is finally here, and it has got you and directors & senior managers looking after supply chain, operations, logistics and delivery (S.O.L.D.) for multichannel retail all pepped up, right. While the show does help you fulfill your business objectives by giving you the opportunities to meet & greet new clients and showcase your solutions for retail fulfillment, that’s not the only reason why you are here, or is it?

Why You Can’t Get Enough Of This Trade Show

You have come here to learn, now haven’t you?.You do know that EDX is one of the few shows to offer a complete educational programme, giving you access to conferences, clinics and workshops, which you of course choose not to miss out on. Here’s what else the eDelivery Expo 2018 has in store for you:

  1. Digital Payments Theatre: Right from smoothening the checkout process to materializing conversion rate optimization, there are quite a few things that could help grow your business’ scale and profitability.


– Those are the kind of things that the Digital Payments Theatre would introduce you with and help you brush up on.

– A series of 20-minute presentations will give you the opportunity to explore ready-to-deploy options, while ensuring that you know how to use them to your advantage.

– The said sessions would cover topics like CRM and loyalty, fraud control, and cultural relevance, among others, giving you an edge over the competition.

  1. Omnichannel Experience: Do you believe that customers don’t do business with channels, but rather with brands? If so, the Omnichannel Experience is definitely something you should look forward to.


– That’s because it is here that you’d find peers from the industry who share your belief – people who are of the opinion that it is important for a business to support consumers, wherever they may be and offer a consistent and relevant experience, irrespective of how and where they choose to engage.

– Not only that, you’d get to learn from the very best – experts who could tell you how to counter these challenges, connect your retail operations without fail, and get the most out of omnichannel retailing.

  1. Innovation Hub: It’s not every day that you get the chance to explore new technological solutions and platforms that are disrupting the retailing space. But then eDelivery Expo 2018 is not your everyday show either.


– Right from checkout-conversion improvement and home-delivery to data analytics and anti-counterfeit measures, innovations out here pretty much cover everything.

– The best part is that while you’d expect some of the biggest brands to have come up with these innovations, you are in for a surprise. Be ready for the most innovative entrepreneurs and startups to showcase their emerging technologies – technologies that could help shape the future of the retailing space. Who said you have to be big to innovate? Watch as these startups change your perception for good!

To cut the long story short, EDX has been your go-to show, and the 2018 Edition would be no different, especially if you are willing to identify the challenges ahead and would want to apprise yourself of the possible solutions.

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