The Definitive Guide To Data-Driven Trade Show Marketing

A lot goes into making a trade show a success – right from planning to booth designing, everything should fall into place for you to nail it. While you may have been doing all you could to make the most of every trade show, did it ever occur to you that you could probably get more out of it if you knew exactly what the audience wants? No? Well, it should have, but then, there’s always the next time.


Data-Driven Marketing For Trade Shows

Trade show marketing is supposed to be a two-way street, where the audience tells you what they want, and expect you to deliver, and for you to hit the bull’s eye, you must first unlock the information they share. Here’s why it’s a big deal:

  • Your audience would, of course, prefer a highly targeted and personalized message, and if you were to send one, back in the day, it would have taken some digging. Luckily for you, that’s not the case anymore. The information or data they share is easier than ever to interpret, and guess what, you need not be a statistician or a data expert to figure it out. If not for any other reason, data, at least for its ease of interpretation, should have found its way into your marketing strategy by now. Give it its rightful place!


  • What could also encourage you to embrace data, if you haven’t already, is the easy availability of insights. With social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook giving you access to what the marketing experts prefer to call “integrated analytics”, it’s time you get to know your audience better. The analytics, if rightly used, could be your key to fueling a conversation or better still, measuring the impact of your social media strategy on the whole.


Time For Some Result-Oriented Planning

With the right kind of data at your disposal, it is not only possible to add that personal touch to the message you deliver but to gear up for your next show as well. It’s a win-win! You could start off by keeping tabs on the latest trends – what it is that the audience likes to talk about these days – if they and you were to engage in an engrossing conversation online, what it is that might catch their fancy? Make your move, and when you are done, do use the analytics to your advantage to see what worked and more importantly, what didn’t.


There’s More To Engagement Than Meets The Eye

You may have been successful in making the audience stay long enough for you to finish the elevator pitch at a previous show, but how do you plan to spark their interest in the future? Again, that’s where data-driven trade show marketing comes into the picture. Whenever you engage with the audience online, you get your hands on what could possibly lay the foundation of a rather long-lasting relationship. For instance, if you were to find out that your audience sits up and takes notice every time you share some visual content on Twitter, you could optimize your marketing strategy right away, ensuring that none of your messages fail to deliver the results they are expected to.

The data is up for grabs, mostly for free and at other times, at an incredibly low cost; it’s up to you, whether or not you would want better audience engagement. Don’t settle for less when there’s no reason to!  


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