How to level up your exhibition game with gamification

level up your exhibition game with gamification

Given the choice between merely “attending” a show and actively “participating” in one, anybody visiting your next exhibition would seek involvement, right? And when you give gamification a miss, you are unknowingly driving them away.

You need to increase audience engagement – with credit card points, frequent flier miles and digital badges. You do that anyway; so why make an exception at the show and not cash in on the opportunity?

Increasing foot traffic should be your #1 priority. How do you do that? With gamification apps. While you may think that the show is all about branding and products, attendees beg to differ. They need motivation and that’s what you give them–with points and real-world rewards. You utilise technology to encourage the participants to earn the maximum points. The winners will of course get prizes, but make sure these prizes are dangled right in front of them from the very beginning. Here are some ideas:

  • A digital scavenger hunt

By placing posters and signs with scannable QR codes at various stations, you can easily build customer enthusiasm. Several applications scan the code(s) for clues and would automatically know where they should head next. In the process, you can also educate them about your offerings. For instance, a clue in the scavenger hunt game would be given only after the participant writes down your tagline. This will help them memorise your brand’s core value in order to win a prize. This way, it will be an experiential learning process and not just a bland explanation.

  • Indulge the photo buffs

This one calls for team effort. Make teams, not too big though, and encourage them to submit themed or specific photos and videos. The submissions can be judged later and even presented to the audience. An event emcee would do the job just fine.

  • Let them play the social game

People love to share, give them something to. Novelty certificates, a fun backdrop, or unconventional giveaways – they are all share-worthy. Better still, set up a selfie booth; the selfie obsession will forfeit the need for a tangible incentive and before you know, the attendees would click pictures and share online, helping you reach out to those not present at the current show.

A win-win situation for everyone

No one’s truly out there to collect business cards; the idea is to build lasting relationships, expand the business network and exchange (or increase) knowledge. Now you could do that in a lot of ways, but gamification is probably the easiest one. You encourage the attendees to work together and let them experience the sense of accomplishment first hand. You, at the same time, get to interact with the participants, sharing product knowledge and getting brand recognition in return. Even the organizers of the show have something to look forward to; pleased participants and ecstatic exhibitors are sure to leave positive reviews.

The bottom line is that incorporating gamification into your next show is a must. Presentations can be boring, but games are fun, like always. In the process, teach them about your offerings. Just make sure that the attendees know how to score points and that their accomplishments are recognized.

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