International Brands Making Waves At Light+Building 2018 With World-Class Exhibits

Light+Building 2018, one of the biggest global trade shows for lighting & building services technology, is in full swing, and has been witnessing a massive influx of visitors right from day 1. It’s the only show where they get to see the latest products for the fields of lighting & electrical engineering and home & building automation, and are of course jumping at the opportunity.

XS Worldwide Helps Brands Cut Through The Noise

With more than 2,700 exhibitors in the picture, the visitors are spoilt for choice, making it imperative for the exhibitors to stand out or risk getting lost in the shuffle. However, three international brands, Rio Industrial Limited, Prosperity Lamps & Components Ltd, and SOGANI by Vibhor Sogani, have already taken the center stage, thanks to the state-of-the-art exhibits they have chosen to go with. The exhibit designs are conceptualised by XS Worldwide, one of the leading trade show management companies. Known to follow the “no two exhibits should look alike” approach, Team XS has ensured that the exhibits reflect the brands’ individuality and stand out. With a playful yet strategic display of information and a well-panned-out execution of visual merchandising elements, the exhibits are garnering the visitors’ attention and have been bustling with activity.

About RiO Industrial Limited

The fact that RiO has been providing top quality commercial lighting products since 1989 sets it apart, but so does its innovative technology, which has helped the brand establish a strong foothold worldwide. The brand, dubbed as the commercial lighting expert, is a leading provider of surface-mounted and recessed lights, spots and other comprehensive lighting solutions.

About Prosperity Lamps & Components Ltd.

A brand which has had a long, committed involvement in Hong Kong’s lighting industry, and is engaged in supplying quality lamps, lighting fixtures, lamp components and lamp making machinery for the lighting industry. With innovative expertise, quality products and industrial experience by its side, the brand has carved a niche for itself.

About SOGANI by Vibhor Sogani

A signature brand of lights & light installations by award-winning artist & designer Vibhor Sogani, SOGANI offers decorative contract lighting and chandeliers, among other products, and has grown to become the go-to brand for innovative and indigenous designs that are high on aesthetics and functionality.

About Light+Building 2018

Light + Building, a trade show of international repute, gives exhibitors from all over the world the opportunity to showcase decorative lighting, electric lamps, LED lighting systems, electric vehicles, and much more. The 2018 Edition, with ‘Connected – Secure – Convenient’ as its motto, is putting the spotlight on intelligent and networked solutions, future-oriented technologies and current design trends, which increase the economic efficiency of buildings, and contribute to the comfort and safety & security of the users. The show, which opened to much fanfare on 18 March 2018, will conclude on the 23rd, leaving the exhibitors and visitors asking for more.

Reasons Galore To Exhibit At EUROSATORY 2018. Here Are The Top 5.

Held every two years, Eurosatory, one of the leading shows for the Defence and Security Industry, witnesses the coming together of an international audience, comprising visitors, exhibitors and journalists. Edition after edition, the numbers just keep increasing. So if the 2016 Edition had 1571 exhibitors from 57 countries, it should come as no surprise that a lot more exhibitors are expected to be at Eurosatory 2018. The question is: would you be one of them? Here’s why you should be:

Eurosatory: The Go-To Trade Show

Gaining Access To The Global Defence & Security Markets

Been searching for a show where you could meet & greet buyers, decision-makers, technical purchase advisors and military & security forces users? Well, your search ends at Eurosatory 2018. The who’s who of the land and airland defence and security domains would be in attendance, giving you the opportunity to reach out to those who matter, including the prime contractors, systems designers & integrators, and sub-contractors. Not to mention, just like every other edition, official delegations and VIP experts would be here too. In short, an unrivalled visitor base is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t give this show a miss.

New Product Launches And Global Recognition

Did you know that over 500 new products were presented during the previous edition? Who’s to say Eurosatory won’t be the preferred choice of showcase for the major players of land and airland defence and security domains once again? Not only is the show expected to attract visitors from the target audience in huge numbers, but with several tools to highlight the technological innovations, including catalogs and show dailies, up for grabs, it makes sense for you to launch your novelties while you are here.

Exploring Business Opportunities And Increasing Visibility

Like every other trade show, Eurosatory too is a place of business, where you could rub shoulders with the decision makers, engage in engrossing conversations, look forward to inspiring exchanges, and last but not least, identify business opportunities. Your exhibit at the show could open the door to new contracts. That being said, delegations and high level international visitors would be all over the place, giving you the increased visibility that you may have been vying for.

Making The Media Sit Up And Take Notice

The fact that 713 journalists attended the previous edition of the show is a testament to how easily you can make an impact out here and get noticed. Not only would you be meeting the journalists specializing in defence & security, but non-specialized media will also be around to give you the maximum exposure.

Attending Specially Organized Business Meetings

Given that Eurosatory 2018 would be bustling with activity and there’d be visitors all around, how could you cut to the chase? By participating in the “Defence and Security business meetings”. Setup by the organizer of the show, these meetings could very well be your gateway to forging connections with visitors, decision-makers, buyers, suppliers and research institutes. The best part is that you won’t be coaxing anyone into meeting you because these meetings call for a mutual agreement of the participants.

There’s more to Eurosatory than meets the eye – it’s not just another trade show, where exhibitors, visitors and journalists come and meet, rather it’s an experience in itself – an experience built around but not limited to life-size presentations of equipment, weapons systems and technologies and live demonstrations for better visibility, and conferences that facilitate exchange of views about the evolution of the sectors involved.

EDX 2018: Explore The Multichannel Landscape Like Never Before!

eDelivery Expo or EDX, the Uk’s largest retail fulfilment & final mile trade show is finally here, and it has got you and directors & senior managers looking after supply chain, operations, logistics and delivery (S.O.L.D.) for multichannel retail all pepped up, right. While the show does help you fulfill your business objectives by giving you the opportunities to meet & greet new clients and showcase your solutions for retail fulfillment, that’s not the only reason why you are here, or is it?

Why You Can’t Get Enough Of This Trade Show

You have come here to learn, now haven’t you?.You do know that EDX is one of the few shows to offer a complete educational programme, giving you access to conferences, clinics and workshops, which you of course choose not to miss out on. Here’s what else the eDelivery Expo 2018 has in store for you:

  1. Digital Payments Theatre: Right from smoothening the checkout process to materializing conversion rate optimization, there are quite a few things that could help grow your business’ scale and profitability.


– Those are the kind of things that the Digital Payments Theatre would introduce you with and help you brush up on.

– A series of 20-minute presentations will give you the opportunity to explore ready-to-deploy options, while ensuring that you know how to use them to your advantage.

– The said sessions would cover topics like CRM and loyalty, fraud control, and cultural relevance, among others, giving you an edge over the competition.

  1. Omnichannel Experience: Do you believe that customers don’t do business with channels, but rather with brands? If so, the Omnichannel Experience is definitely something you should look forward to.


– That’s because it is here that you’d find peers from the industry who share your belief – people who are of the opinion that it is important for a business to support consumers, wherever they may be and offer a consistent and relevant experience, irrespective of how and where they choose to engage.

– Not only that, you’d get to learn from the very best – experts who could tell you how to counter these challenges, connect your retail operations without fail, and get the most out of omnichannel retailing.

  1. Innovation Hub: It’s not every day that you get the chance to explore new technological solutions and platforms that are disrupting the retailing space. But then eDelivery Expo 2018 is not your everyday show either.


– Right from checkout-conversion improvement and home-delivery to data analytics and anti-counterfeit measures, innovations out here pretty much cover everything.

– The best part is that while you’d expect some of the biggest brands to have come up with these innovations, you are in for a surprise. Be ready for the most innovative entrepreneurs and startups to showcase their emerging technologies – technologies that could help shape the future of the retailing space. Who said you have to be big to innovate? Watch as these startups change your perception for good!

To cut the long story short, EDX has been your go-to show, and the 2018 Edition would be no different, especially if you are willing to identify the challenges ahead and would want to apprise yourself of the possible solutions.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Light+Building 2018!

Light+Building, one of the world’s leading trade shows for lighting and building services technology, which opened to much fanfare on 18 March 2018, has already become the talk of the town. Slated to conclude on 23 March 2018, the show has been bustling with activity, and for all the right reasons. After all, it is here that the digital future meets the design hotspot, and innovative products, aimed at addressing the themes of tomorrow, first see the light of day. Pun intended!

On a serious note, the show is an opportunity, one that over 2700 exhibitors are using to their advantage, to present their innovative products in the fields of lighting, electrical engineering as well as home and building automation. But is that all that has brought them to the show in the first place? Let’s find out!

Events That Align With Your Individual Goals

Light+Building 2018 is the go-to show for more reasons than one. First of all, the show offers a sneak-peek into the current developments and secondly, with peers from the industry right here, it gives the exhibitors the chance to build a network. More importantly, the show provides both the exhibitors and the visitors with the access to a host of events, categorically subdivided to help them orient themselves according to their areas of interest.  

The categories include:

– Emotion: The special events and presentations under this category are meant to encourage active involvement, and that’s being achieved by facilitating the first-hand experiencing of products.

– Selection: Guided tours, various competitions and award ceremonies at Light+Building 2018 are doing a lot more than what meets the eye. They are offering the visitors rather specific insights into the all-inclusive range of products and services, helping them develop a better understanding of what the exhibitors are bringing to the table.

– Skills: Knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied, right? The visitors are benefiting from the knowledge exchange opportunities they have at their disposal here, and are getting to know more about light within the framework of seminars and lectures.

– Career: With the promotion of young talent taking the center stage here, the events are in tandem – right from job corner and university area to young design and BMWi zone, everything puts the spotlight on young people.  

Themes That Keep Up With The Times

The 2018 Edition is witnessing the presentation of intelligent and networked solutions, future-oriented technologies and current design trends. Aimed at increasing the economic efficiency of buildings along with the comfort and security of the end users, these solutions are are driven by two top themes, “Aesthetics and well-being in harmony” and “the smartification of everyday life,” based along the lines of “Connected-Secure-Convenient”, the show’s motto for this edition.

To cut the long story short, to you, Light+Building 2018 may be all about the current trends, but at the same time, it does open the door to the future, giving you yet another reason to be at the show, if you aren’t here already.

Anuga FoodTec 2018 Is All Set To Bustle With Activity. Here’s Why!

Anuga FoodTec needs no introduction. After all, not many other shows cover every aspect of food production like Anuga does, and that’s what makes it the go-to show for the F&B industry. And with the latest edition slated to be held from 20-23 March 2018 at Cologne, Germany, exhibitors and visitors from around the world are expected to turn up in huge numbers, just like they always do. Here’s what brings them here in the first place.

Anuga FoodTec 2018: The Trade Show With Focus on Food & Drinks

Bringing Innovations To The Fore

With the global F&B industry in attendance, Anuga FoodTec 2018 is the ideal platform for you to showcase your innovations and technological visions. Right from processing, filling and packaging technology to packaging materials, ingredients, and food safety, all your innovations that exert influence on food production in one way or the other could benefit from the buzz that a platform this big generates. Also, you get to keep tabs on what others are up to and are apprised of the latest trends. It’s a win-win!

Reaching Out To The Customers

Anuga FoodTec is an industry-specific event, focusing exclusively on food and beverages. So you get to engage with new and existing customers in a rather targeted manner, making the most of your participation in the show.

– With visitors from companies of all sizes attending the show, you could very well expand your horizons by reaching out to global multinationals. The fact that 40% of the visitors come from companies that have 200 or more employees is reason enough for you to be here.

– Did you know that visitors from 139 countries attended the previous edition of Anuga FoodTec? It is indeed an international show, one where you could meet & greet the most important decision-makers from the food industry worldwide.

Getting Noticed Around The World

The last edition of the show witnessed the accreditation of 383 journalists, who eventually published 3,800 articles in the trade press. That’s the kind of exposure that Anuga FoodTec offers, one of the many reasons why exhibitors choose the show to get the word out, especially when they are targeting a global audience. What about you?

Rubbing Shoulders With The Experts

Anuga FoodTec brings together experts from different food industries, making them more accessible. This year too, the show will be attended by experts on meat, dairy products, drinks, cereals, fruit, vegetables and fish, giving the exhibitors, especially the first-timers, yet another reason to be here.

Presenting Solutions For Resource Efficiency

Anuga FoodTec, which seeks to offer a solution to every problem faced by the F&B industry, will be focusing on Resource Efficiency this year, encouraging the exhibitors to showcase different solutions for strengthening the competitiveness and reducing the use of energy, water and food in production. The exhibitors, through their solutions, will paint a clear picture of how more protective and efficient use of natural resources could be the key competence of future societies.

Reasons galore why Anuga FoodTec 2018 is one of the most important driving forces of the international food and beverage industry and is likely to be thronged by exhibitors and visitors alike, but you have to be here to experience for yourself why they keep coming back, edition after edition.