A Sneak Peek into the Dubai Airshow

The Dubai Airshow 2017, which opened recently to much fanfare, is witnessing a lot of firsts, including a special zone dedicated to Space, the UAS Summit, Cargo Zone and Airport Solutions. It is also the first time that Atlas Aerospace, an Emirati company, is exhibiting at the Airshow. Their next-gen digital training device is on display, and with its touchscreens and flight controls, it has become one of the centres of attractions at the show. Talking of firsts, it is the only time when Qatar Airways has not participated in the show, amid a diplomatic fallout between Qatar and Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

What’s also attracting the visitors to the Airshow is that it’s becoming the launch platform for many new technologies. CEFA Aviation, for instance, launched their Aviation Mobile Services (AMS), which Dominique Mineo, the CEO of the pilot training and staffing company, dubbed as “a revolution in pilot training.

However, not everything is happening for the first time. The Airbus has lost out on selling the A350 to Emirates for the second time, making way for the rival Boeing, which to everyone’s surprise, cracked a $15.1bn deal with the airline major. In the words of Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the CEO and Chairman of Emirates, “We were comparing the two apples, but found that the Boeing 787 is the best option for Emirates, given its maintenance and so on.”

Some other highlights of the Dubai Airshow 2017 include:

  • Two Emirates wide body aircrafts, the Boeing 777-300ER and A380, performed a flying display together at the opening ceremony.
  • HH Sheikh Mohammed officially inaugurated the Emirates Flight Training Academy.
  • The event has also witnessed the unveiling of state-of-the-art first class private suites from Emirates. These suites will have virtual windows and a video call feature, which will establish the connection the passengers and the cabin crew.
  • This year’s show has been great for business; Honeywell and Mubadala have already signed an MoU, making room for the introduction of world-class products and services to the Middle East.


The region’s top aerospace show will conclude on the 16th of November, and  is likely to get 9% more visitors than in 2015 and a larger number of exhibitors as well. So head there now and witness the action first hand!

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