Spending large on trade shows but unable to maximize your ROI?

Want to be noticed by potential clients and be remembered long after the show? Large scores of product enthusiasts often spend enormous money on each trade show but are not satisfied with the returns on investments.
The end result is sheer dismal and a waste of marketing spends.
Here we give you three tips on how to harvest maximum ROI and leave an indelible imprint:

  • The power of Trade Show Promotional Giveaways


The exhibition hall is a treasure trove for making valuable connections and generating new leads. But the million-dollar question is how to vie the attention of attendees among a hue of strong exhibitors? Well, considering all the distractions and rivalry, an impressive trade show promotional giveaway can leverage you with high traffic at your booth and drive sales. While choosing a giveaway do not forget to consider:

1. Does the item convey the essence of your brand?

2. Your personal preference about the giveaway.

3. Is your giveaway different from competitors?

4. Does the cost of promotional item match your budget?

5. Can the contact details of your brand be imprinted on it?

  • The power of Booth Demonstrations with New Media Technologies


In the age of advancements and developments, new media technologies were expected to mark the end of face-to-face marketing. But the supremacy of face-to-face human interaction is inexplicable. Today, the new media technology is complementing the trade shows. From augmented reality to touchscreen objects and interactive AV displays, consumers today can have hands-on experience on the products being offered. With such appealing booth demonstrations, you can easily have a magnetic effect on attendees.

  • The power of Social Media


Digitalization has enabled us to update the minutes of details at one click. Harness the power of social media with a pre-show campaign for your business promotion. Not only will it publicize your brand but will also increase the trade show stand traffic. Tweet your followers, use hashtags with the name of the exhibition, put a call to action with surprise elements and post your pictures on various platforms. A single post can reach millions of users. A right mix of social media tools can accentuate your brand image in the trade show.

  • The power of Personalized Follow-Ups


Indulge your prospects in a customized experience with a personalized post-show follow-up. Let them know you care about them by using details from the meeting on the show in a follow-up email. A personalized follow-up further differentiates you from the crowd by making your response seem distinct compared to their inbox full of automated replies.

A meticulous trade show display coupled with these tips can help you draw in crowds. All you need to know is your target audience while strategizing a marketing plan and make the most of everything.

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