The Ifs And Whys Of Global Exhibiting, And The Remedy!

Global exhibiting is enticing, no doubt; after all, there are more than 30,000 B2B trade shows worldwide every year, and you just can’t get that kind of exposure without setting foot on foreign soil, can you? Let’s say, you are in the US, which makes up for less than 25% of the global market, shouldn’t you then also focus on the emerging markets of South America, India, the Middle East and Russia? You should.

As a matter of fact, you must consider exhibiting internationally, if your business strategy allows you to. However, going global has its share of challenges, and could be quite confusing, especially if you are a first-timer.

The lingual differences: When exhibiting at a show in Abu Dhabi, make sure that the text on your business cards is in both English and Arabic, but if you wish to have the signage only in English, that’s completely acceptable, no worries. No matter where you are, it’s always recommended to have at least one person in your booth who is good at speaking the native language, and that’s because your booth would attract foreign visitors, and not all of them will speak English. It’s advisable to hire local staffers, especially those who speak multiple languages. The idea is to convey your message and not let lingual differences come in your way.

The cultural differences: Have you ever been to a trade show in Hong Kong, if not as an exhibitor, maybe as a visitor? Did you notice that hospitality is common out there, irrespective of the booth size? Well, the typical fare at any show in Hong Kong consists of snacks and beverages, which must be ordered through the venue’s catering services. So, keep that in mind when you decide to exhibit there. Similarly, in the US, while you would seldom see alcohol on the show floor and smoking is out of the question, there may be a common sign in Europe and some other foreign countries. The key lies in understanding these differences and embracing them – when in Rome, do as the Romans do.

The bigger differences: For starters, avoid getting your shipment delayed in customs; either look for a freight company that has experience in overseas trade show shipments or just go with the organizer’s preferred freight partner – the latter, of course, seems more like it. Secondly, you need to ensure that your products are in compliance with the country’s technical and safety standards. If you are not so sure, better hire a local consultant. Err on the side of caution here. Thirdly, get a hang of the difference in currencies so that you do not end up overspending. Make suitable arrangement for currency conversion. Last, but not the least, take a note of the time differences as these can hit you hard. It is important to plan your day accordingly.

Facing these challenges head-on is easier said than done; find a reliable exhibit partner, one who has proven experience in the international market. Just make sure they have a couple of references to provide and are not just making tall claims. Go global!


If you eat, sleep and breathe technology, these 2018 events are for you

2018 technology events list

Any kind of event or conference is best attended for three reasons – to hone and grow your skill sets, make new contacts within the desired community, and to explore fresh business opportunities. Technology is no exception. These tech conferences let you learn new technologies, meet new people who may be dealing with similar challenges as you, find the technological solutions to these challenges, and more importantly, build networks.

Here are the coolest events that you should look out for in 2018:

Microsoft Ignite

When: September 24 – 28, 2018

Where: Orlando, FL

What to expect:

It’s one of those “get-the-gist” kind of conferences, especially if time constraints or prior commitments force you to give other Microsoft events like TechEd, Exchange Conference and Lync Conference a miss. The unified tech conference is supposed to cover the content that would have already been introduced in the aforesaid events, and would give you a chance to catch up. Topics like virtualization, data centers, Internet of Things, and Microsoft Azure would be covered at this conference.

Webit.Festival Europe 2018

When: June 26-27, 2018

Where: Sofia, Bulgaria

What to expect:

An event, which will be attended by the EU policy makers, business leaders from all over the world including the Fortune 500 top executives, entrepreneurs who have what it takes to rise to the top and  the academia, should be on your must-attend list, if you are a true technology buff. In 2017, more than 130 exhibitors and 5000 attendees grabbed the opportunity of learning how to integrate the latest technology into their business. 2018 could be your chance!

Space Tech Expo 2018

When: May 22-24, 2018

Where: Pasadena, CA

What to expect:

If your work is even remotely connected to space tech – be it lasers, magnetics, or even environmental testing, this is the event for you. It will give you exposure to commercial, civil and military space technologies, and would see participation by the likes of NASA, Boeing, and Hitachi. The best part? You can enter for free.

Web Summit 2018

When: November 5-8, 2018

Where: Lisbon, Portugal

What to expect:

Touted as the “largest technology conference in the world”, the event welcomed more than 1200 speakers in 2017, and the number is expected to rise further in 2018. What started as a simple idea back in 2010, is now a global platform where the organizers attempt to bring together the tech community and the industries, for the benefit of 60,000+ attendees from over 170 countries across the globe.

Droidcon NYC

When: September 2018 (tentative)

Where: New York City, NY

What to expect:

This year too, it will be all about Android, like it always has been – mobile developers and business executives from all over the world would gather to talk about security, code quality, APIs IoT, material design, connected cars, wearables, and anything and everything about Android. Phew! Just so you know, tech influencers from some of the biggest companies and startups are expected to be here.

Regardless of the event or conference you attend, you are sure to learn something new – something that’ll help your business, if not immediately, then in the near future for sure.

Why is a Live Coverage App beneficial for your brand at the next event?

Live Coverage App beneficial For trade Show Event

Live coverage and streaming apps help you connect with prospects. Only a few out of your entire target market will be present in the event. The apps help bridge this gap. Moreover, it adds a human element to your brand in the digital sphere.

Therefore, it’s important that you use Periscope, Facebook Live, Livestream and other such apps to your advantage.  Here’s what these apps can do for your brand, if strategically used:

The social media giants will promote your content

Social media platforms such as Periscope for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook promote live videos. As it is, the video content is promoted more often than that based on just text or pictures. Social giants intend to make live videos the next big thing and your live feed is more likely to reach a larger audience if you utilise the feature. Push notifications are sent to your subscribers and your chance of engaging with them is much higher.

Connect with those who are not at the event

By streaming meaningful content in the online world, you can easily reach out to those who have given the event a miss. They may not be there in person but that shouldn’t deter you from reaching out to them, wherever they are. If they comment, be prepared to respond. Responses, especially verbal, will lead to a spontaneous conversation, thereby making you more relatable.

A dynamic experience

Corporate videos do help, but they are not as intimate; the audiences want to see through your eyes and gain access to rich, tangible content. That’s exactly what live streaming apps let you do, give the audiences what they want.  A couple of well-written articles may do the trick, but with live coverage, you get to “teleport” the audiences and make them witness some behind-the-scenes action.

Lure them with limited time offers

Make them an offer they cannot refuse. Ask them to do a task for you and reward them in return.

If you want the audiences to act swiftly, make sure that the information exchange is just as quick.

With a myriad of options at your disposal, you can easily urge people to checkout all ongoing offers and discounts, especially the ones rolled out only for the event, and convert them into paid customers.

The next-gen way of sharing content

While presentations let one person lecture to a passive room, live coverage is real time – the audiences gain control, maybe not as much as you do, but they get engaged. Live streaming lets them be a part of Q&A sessions and even give instantaneous feedback, making them a part of your brand.  The people behind your brand get to interact with the audiences sooner than what it would take them to reach out with short films, news articles or press releases or even blogs.

Using these apps is a good idea if your aim is to create an instant buzz around any product or service that you might be promoting. Some shaky mobile phone footage that you plan to upload on YouTube would not be as effective as an event, let’s say, streamed on Periscope.