Questions To Ask Before You Choose What Trade Show To Exhibit At

Trade shows are aplenty. While it may be tempting to go and exhibit at all of them, doing so doesn’t always make sense. As an exhibitor, you have to keep a lot of things in mind while taking a call. Here’s what could help you choose right over wrong.

How To Choose The Right Trade Show


  • What do you want? Unless you have the answer to this question, there’s not much you can do at a trade show, so why bother exhibiting anyway? It’s important that you are clear on your trade show objectives or better still, have written them down somewhere. Are you looking to increase brand awareness? Is a new product in the pipeline? How about launching it then, at an upcoming show? Make an informed choice.
  • Who would you meet there? A show floor may be bustling with the crowd, but if your target audience is not out there, there’s nothing in it for you. Do some research beforehand. Identify your target audience, if you haven’t already, and then take a look at the show’s track record. Most of the organizers share some sort of prospectus or brochure which could give you a sneak peek into the demographics they attract. Say yes only if there’s a match.
  • What’s beneath the surface? If everything looks hunky dory, dig deeper. Check out the show’s website to develop a better understanding of what it can do for you. You may also want to refer to articles and publications that may have covered the show in the past. What was their opinion? The feedback of the show could play an instrumental role in helping you decide.
  • What did the others get? Your peers from the industry may have exhibited at the show in question. If so, were they able to get the most out of it? What about your competitors? If they have been to the show in the past, then that’s exactly where you should head next. Their participation is a testament to the fact that the show is worth its while. It is also a good idea to keep tabs on some of the biggest players in your industry. If they prefer going to a specific show, you may want to follow suit for obvious reasons.
  • What would it cost you? Trade show participation doesn’t come for free, and sometimes, you may have to spend more than your marketing budget allows you to. If that’s the case, do calculate the ROI. Would the show help you earn more than what you will spend on it in the first place? And yes, do not forget to take the additional costs into consideration – booth designing, shipping, team travel, anything and everything that could lead to a last-minute surprise!
  • What kind of a show it is? In the end, it all comes down to why you are exhibiting. For instance, if you are to launch a new product, you should opt for a consumer-focused trade show. On the other hand, if your brand could use some networking, an industry trade show would serve the purpose better.


Remember, the wrong show can have a drastic impact on your ROI or worse, lower your morale. So it’s important to choose wisely!

Lead Magnets To Increase Conversions At The Next Trade Show

A trade show is simply great, while it’s running – it lets you rub shoulders with peers from the industry, get the lowdown on the emerging trends, and showcase your products to the prospects. The question is: what do you come back with, once the show is over? Leads? Did someone say conversions? You sure did. But if you didn’t quite get enough of these at your last show, don’t lose heart. The next time, make sure to use a couple of lead magnets, the ones that let you maximize the number of targeted leads and resonate well with the prospects, and you are good to go.

Lead Magnets And Your Next Trade Show

What Lead Magnets Are?

Ever heard of “give and take”? That’s exactly what lead magnets are, or at least that’s how they work. You offer something of value to a prospect and in exchange, they provide you with their contact information. Win-win!

What Lead Magnets Are Not?

Anything you offer to a prospect if goes unnoticed or unconsumed is not a lead magnet, and definitely not a good one. For instance, a 500-page ebook or a 15-day mini course of sorts, in all probability, won’t be consumed. Hence, no impact.  

What Actually Works?

Now we are talking business.

  • Hit the bulls-eye – Anything and everything that’s even remotely vague would defeat the very purpose of going for a lead magnet in the first place. You must find a specific solution to a specific problem for the conversion to occur.
  • One big promise – While it may be tempting to offer a few unimportant things to your prospects and expect the contact information in return, that’s not how it usually works. They are looking for something big. A silver bullet, if you may, anything that turns the tables and makes them sit up and take notice.
  • It’s now or never – Newsletters are a big no-no and so are those multi-day courses that you would like to believe are full of knowledge. The prospects are looking for an immediate solution. So unless you can provide one, let it go.
  • Lay the foundation – See if you can offer something that changes the prospects’ mindset and encourages them to take the plunge, if not now then maybe in the near future.  

Lead Magnet Ideas For Your Next Trade Show

  • Discounts – They always work, and for obvious reasons. Try your luck!
  • Handy guides – Just make sure they are somehow relevant to what you do or better still, what you offer.
  • Cheat Sheets – Keep them short and simple. Right from a handout describing the technology in use at your booth to a checklist that could help the prospects choose among two or more of your products, anything that doesn’t take much of their time should do the trick.
  • Surveys – Make sure to get their email IDs before they get to see the results. Give and take, right?
  • Catalogs / Sales Material – Instead of beating around the bush, you can actually think of sharing something that speeds up the whole process – your pricing list or a short description of your products and services could go a long way in ensuring that you get those conversions you have been vying for.

A Word Of Advice

Before you try your hand at lead magnets, make sure you have identified the ideal prospects, know where to find them, and have no doubts about what they would buy.

Tips To Identify Your Ideal Customer On The Crowded Trade Show Floor

So you did everything right and now your trade show booth is bustling with the crowd – a dream come true, right? Or is it your worst nightmare? Imagine, there are visitors all over the place, but you aren’t really getting anything out of them, no inquiries, no leads, no over-the-counter sales, no nothing. Yes, the competition is green with envy, congratulations, but it’s not like you are on cloud nine yourself. And all this because you don’t know your ideal customer, and who’s to say that even if they were standing right next to you, you’d notice. Well, there’s always a next time!

Identifying The Ideal Trade Show Customer

Do Your Homework

If you want to be able to identify your ideal customer on the crowded trade show floor, make sure you have the customer persona handy. Make no mistake, a customer persona is not a customer profile. There’s more to a customer than their name and the company they represent. What you need is a detailed, well-researched checklist of sorts, one that you should definitely not leave until the last minute.


Here’s what goes into making one:

  • Data you can fetch from the industry
  • Data that your CRM provides you with
  • Data you get to extract from the existing customer base


Here’s what it cannot lack:

  • Demographics – right from age and gender to the level of education and the region they inhabit, anything that makes them relevant
  • Objectives and pain points – the ideal customer is at your show, looking for a possible solution. It is only when you know what the problem is that you can offer one. And yes, they are vulnerable. Reach out!
  • Clear-cut distinctions – What does your ideal customer refer to, when on the lookout for information? The internet? Or are they more of a reader, with an avid interest in scouring the industry publications? How about brochures? You sure these won’t end up in the trash can? Get your facts straight!
  • Mode of communication: Are they open to attending a trade show in the first place, or would they rather talk to you over the phone?


Here’s what it does:

  • For starters, a customer persona gives you the lowdown on their purchasing behavior
  • Next, it helps you develop a deeper understanding, saving you from beating around the bush
  • And then, it pretty much makes it clear, how to market and more importantly, how not to

Send Clear Signals

For you to identify the ideal customer, they must come your way, to begin with. Don’t make do with subtle hints. They won’t cut through the noise. Only something loud and clear would.

  • Make sure that all your visual elements are spot on. You and we both know that you are out there to address their pain points, but what about your customers? It’s time you got the word out.
  • When you take to social media, try and hit the bull’s eye for once. If they find you relevant online, chances are that the two of you would hit it off instantly at the show.
  • Speak the same language. Right from your marketing collaterals to the graphics being used at the booth, every conceivable content should be full of jargon they comprehend or better still, relate to. So if it’s a millennial who is your ideal customer, you know what to do.

While it’s important to identify the ideal customer, the trick lies in identifying the one who isn’t, so you can save big on time, money and effort and channelize your energies in the right direction.

4 things you just can’t miss out on at FITUR 2018

FITUR is no ordinary trade show. Rather, it’s a meeting point, and that too a global one, which tourism professionals from all over the world look forward to, and well, they have their reasons. And then, of course, the fact that it’s the leading trade fair for inbound and outbound Ibero-American markets does add to its importance and makes it even more popular.

How else would you explain why FITUR 2017 saw the participation of 9,893 exhibiting companies from 165 countries/regions? And now that the show is all set to celebrate its 38th staging from January 17 to January 21, 2018, you must contemplate exhibiting, or at least go there as a visitor. Once on the show floor, here’s what you should check out or be a part of:

FITUR Festivals – FITUR 2018 will see the first staging of FITUR Festivals, organized by FITUR and Spain Live Music, driven by the aim of facilitating and favoring contact among those who are an integral part of the segment. This is something you should definitely look forward to if you are a festival organizer/promoter or represent a specialized travel agency, and could benefit from promoting the festivals and destinations that host them.

FITUR Health – The onset of FITUR 2018 will also mark the launch of the fourth edition of FITUR Health, an event within the event, which will be held at Hall 8, next to the international tourism business sector, with the aim of promoting health tourism. Whether you represent a hospital or clinics or a thermal resort for that matter, you could attend a series of beneficial workshops, presentations, and roundtables.

FITUR Know How & Export – Spain, being the world leader in tourism, of course, has the valuable know-how. And if you too are from a Spanish tourism company, it’s high time that you share your knowledge with the international markets and buyers. That’s exactly what you can do by opting for the FITUR Know How & Export stand. You would have a full program of activities at your disposal for better business prospects in other parts of the world. If you are apprehensive about going global, no worries, you’ll be offered custom advice and support for internationalization. The best part is that they would even help you in looking for potential clients.

Meeting your objectives – Any of the trade shows you go to, well, you are there for a purpose, and FITUR 2018 is no exception. When here, you could watch and learn by merely observing Rajasthan Tourism and other key players from the industry – see what they do differently; keep tabs. On a broader level, you could also:
a) crack on-spot deals or build a database of leads / potential clients for later use,
b) meet & mingle with the current clients and regain the business of those who may have left you for some reason
c) carry out market studies, and test out new marketing campaigns, if any,
d) position your brand,
e) not only identify new distributors, but also build a good reputation so as to secure agreements in the future, and
f) encourage the media to publicize your new products & services.

Reasons galore. Just make sure you book your space before time runs out and if you have already done that, congratulations. There’s a lot for you to look forward to, at FITUR 2018.

3 Things To Look Forward To At Intersec 2018

Did you know that the 19th edition of Intersec, one of the world’s leading trade fair for security, safety, and fire protection, held at Dubai in 2017, saw the participation of 1304 exhibitors from all over the world? Well, now you do. And what you should also know that the 20th Edition, to be held at Dubai again, from 21-23 January 2018, is not only expected to be a lot bigger but also quite comprehensive and much more futuristic. The key players from the industry, including INIM Electronics s.r.l, would be here, and so, if you have not booked your space already, do it right away. Here are some more reasons:

Hiring the right people – Yes, Intersec 2018 is not a job fair, agreed, but it does have a job pavilion, which would bring the potential employees directly to you. And the best part is that you could be just about anyone, right from the HR Head of a security company to a headhunter, but if you are looking forward to recruiting the brightest talent on-the-spot, or are perhaps not interested in immediate recruitment but would rather build a database of prospects you could follow up with in the future, this is the place to be at. You could also be representing a recruitment or training company. In any case, you’ll be meeting as many as 32,000 professionals, and they would all be of different seniority levels, giving you the perfect opportunity to recruit for various open positions.

Witnessing the UAVs in action – Do innovative products pique your interest? Well, if that’s a yes, this is one of the shows to look forward to. Once again, Intersec would have a live demonstration area, where you’ll be seeing drones in action. Interestingly, the demonstration area at Intersec Dubai 2018 is expected to be larger than the area allocated for 2017’s show, and as an exhibitor, for you, it translates into more space to demonstrate the full capacity of your drone(s). Whether you are someone who’s an ardent advocate of drones’ use for perimeter security and intruder alerts, or on the contrary, you see them as a threat for airports, power plants and other infrastructures of paramount importance, you have to be here.

Discovering the latest trends – If you like to keep tabs on the latest technologies, do visit the Smart Home Pavilion at Intersec 2018. After all, it is here that Intersec would once again present the concept of Smart & Safe Home Automation, giving you the opportunity to know more about technologies like KNX, X10, Zigbee, EnOcean, Bluetooth, and Z-Wave. Also, the spectrum of product and innovation display here, at this pavilion, would be quite vast and is expected to encompass home security, physical security systems, alarming systems, and lighting control systems, among others. So, if you are of the opinion that the future belongs to or rather warrants “Smart Homes” – homes that are of course safe and secure, but at the same time, smart enough in terms of energy, entertainment, and accessibility, you just cannot give this pavilion a miss, not even if you are not exhibiting and are only a visitor.

In addition, do not forget to check out the SDiB Pavilion once you are here, especially if your business is a part of the building materials industry. You would find all passive fire protection solutions here – now that’s something worth looking forward to. And yes, do book your space at the earliest!