Getting A Small Exhibition Booth Design Right: The Do’s & The Don’ts

Booth design do & dont

The space at the trade show floor is always at a premium. So, you may end up with a smaller exhibition booth at times. If you do, make the most of the space at your disposal. Your trade show booth design could still stand out from the crowd.

Making It Big With Smaller Exhibition Stands

Do Think Of A Theme

A theme can develop an instant connection between the booth and your brand. Once you come up with a relevant theme, you won’t have to repeat your brand story. You won’t need to dedicate a large amount of space to making the visitors understand what you do. So, there’ll be more space available for you to focus on other things, say your products. The theme should be in tandem with the current developments in your company. For instance, if you are moving towards greener production, let the theme reflect that. Has there been a shift in your philosophy of late? Let the theme of your exhibition booth show it to the world.

Don’t Be A Stickler For Convention

Do not lay out everything on tables and podiums. Add elements that you could move up the walls. Think of things that you could drop down from the ceiling. The idea is to free up the floor space. Also, elements hung from the ceiling make for a striking visual. Whatever you do, leave enough room for the visitors to walk. Impossible shapes and a creative trade show booth design could do you some good.

Do Switch To A Virtual Space

Space or the lack thereof shouldn’t interfere with your goals of being at the exhibition. Start by offloading informative material to servers. Let the visitors browse at their leisure, or download or bookmark for later. Set up a couple of iPad Kiosks. The visitors can browse through your entire library of resources, using these kiosks. They can also email whatever interests them, to themselves. In the process, you will get their name and email IDs. You could also invest in a mobile app. Offer it as an “exclusive” giveaway, before it hits the app store. The end result – no physical space occupied.

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Do Not Mistake Crowd For Leads

Even if the visitors occupy your trade show booth to the hilt, doesn’t mean they will all turn into leads. If anything, they will be taking up the space that could otherwise be free. Use a lead retrieval device. Let your staffers scan the visitors’ badges, before they begin with the elevator pitch. Of course they should do it in a rather casual way, so that the visitors are not intimidated.

Do Keep The Clutter At Bay

A smaller booth is no excuse. Don’t give away those “cluttered” and “lived-in” vibes. Make your exhibition booth as inviting as possible. Harness whatever little space is available to you for storage. Your box of office supplies should be stored away in nooks, corners and crannies. The same goes for spare giveaways. Anything that the visitors don’t need to see should be out of sight. Clutter will only add to the chaos.

Optimize your floor space. Confer with your exhibition booth design company how you can free up more space. You should be able to do it without giving up on the product display. XS Worldwide can suggest some creative trade show booth ideas for smaller spaces. Put them to good use or better still, ask us how!

The 5 Secret Marketing Techniques For The First Time Exhibitors

If this is your first trade show appearance, you bet the feeling is kind of…overwhelming.

You consider a lot of things from financial to logistics besides the significant amount of works and attention that you devote to on making strategies for the upcoming trade show. You know the early preparation for the show is often a challenging task that consumes a major fraction of your time and attention.

Follow these secret marketing techniques to make your first trade show appearance counts and notable.

Secret marketing technique # 01 – Early registration

It will be helpful on two counts – save you on the cost, cut down on the stress.

Early registration for the trade show is great as you will avail the early bird discount. You know its helpfulness? Well, it will help you cut down on the show’s expenses. Now, be informed about all the deadlines related to the show, such as the time of the show, the venue and more. If there is a chance you (inadvertently) forget the deadlines, keep the calendar reminders. Consult your exhibition organizer and get an exhibitor checklist detailing the time of the tasks to be done at the show.

Secret marketing technique # 02 – Ideal customers

Trade show conglomerates a large number of visitors, including marketers, purchasing managers, journalists, freelancers, founders, vendors, executives and more. All of them are not your ideal customers, and therefore, you need to know or develop a target customer profile in advance of your trade show. It will help you figure out the target audience. Moreover, you will be able to find great leads facilitated through the interaction with your sales team.

Secret marketing technique # 03 – Be friendly with the attendees

To succeed at a trade show, you need to get familiar with your attendees rather than occupying yourself with gadgets like computer, cell phone, or getting engrossed in conversation with your teammates. If the attendees find you busy and you are not paying attention to them walking to your stand, they will assume you to be standoffish.
Don’t project your impression so negatively in the eyes of visitors. Rather, keep the visitors on top priority, make an eye contact with them and introduce yourself cordially to them.

For the first time exhibitors, it may sound like a task non-achievable because of fear of being disregarded by the visitors. However, when you approach a few people, you get to know they are very cordial and open to conversation with you. Don’t feel lost on words during first interaction with the new attendees. A monosyllabic opening gambit like “Hi, how are you?” is enough to spice up the conversation.

Keep these in mind:

• Don’t discriminate your prospects by age, gender, appearance or financial standing.
• Converse with people even if you don’t know who is the right one to talk to first.
• Be respectful of the time granted to you by your attendees, they will hear you out willingly.
• Treat everyone with respect, and listen to the attendees.

Secret marketing technique # 04 – Show them the uniqueness of your offer

Those attendees at the trade show, they want to see how special your offers are. That said, they want to see the sample of your service/product.

You know how it will benefit your trade shows?

Let’s see how product sampling matters for customers’ engagement at the trade show.

• Product sampling through video demo using a large flat TV screen is an effective direct marketing to allow customers to try your product before buying it. It is said most brands lead by SAMPLES.
• The demo of product samples creates excitement, thus allowing the attendees to believe your offer.
• Product samples make a direct impact on consumers, drive them to buy the products after the demo.
• Seeing is believing. For most attendees, the purpose of visiting your stand is to trust the messages you emailed them before launching your show. Product sampling through video is useful to let the attendees try your brand with trust.

Secret marketing technique # 05 – pre-show marketing

It may be surprising but there are lots of attendees who handpick exhibitors in their list of “Going to visit”. They decide which exhibitors to visit much before the launch of the show. It is why you need to set pre-show marketing objectives.

How to do pre-event marketing:

• Let people know through some announcements that you are exhibiting at a particular trade show. Prospective attendees will add your event to their “to be attending” agenda.
• Your pre-event marketing strategy should involve diverse-channel way. It will help you understand the preferences of different attendees and you will be able to make a plan for your next show, accordingly.
• Indulge into content distribution and email campaigns to let your target audiences know of your next trade show.

The marketing techniques mentioned above will hopefully serve your exhibiting objective well. Though it is not the ultimate guideline to succeed at the trade show, the inputs will surely help you get the better part of how to prepare for your next trade show. Meanwhile, the best exhibition booth design is considered to be crucial in relation to helping you represent your brand better in front of the attendees at the trade show.