DX Korea 2018: A Rising Platform For Land Forces Equipment Display

Defense Expo Korea 2018

DX Korea 2018, Asia-Pacific’s largest ground forces specialized defence exhibition, is almost here. The exhibition will take place at the Korea International Exhibition & Convention Center (KINTEX). Wondering, what’s in the offing at the Defense Expo? Well, it will provide a platform for international defense & technology cooperation and trade. The show will also help domestic defense companies foray into the international market. And guess what, Defense Expo Korea will raise public awareness as well. It will showcase the latest developments in national security and the defense industry.

DX Korea 2018: Here’s Why You Should Consider Exhibiting

  • With global leaders and policy & key decision makers here, you could build relationships. Many organizations of international repute will also be in attendance, including:
    • Republic of Korea Army Headquarters
    • DAPA (Defense Acquisition and Program Agency)
    • KDIA (Korea Defense Industry Association)


  • The top industry professionals from across the globe will also attend the show. They will help you assess the emerging & changing land platforms, and military requirements.


  • DX Korea 2018 is an opportunity waiting to happen. You get to establish a connection with new buyers and business partners. In fact, you’ll have B2B meetings arranged for you. It’s not every day that you rub shoulders with VIP delegations from around the world, right?


  • The show provides the perfect platform for showcasing the latest technologies and innovations. Also, there’s a broad array of information and solutions on offer. This will attract the visitors in large numbers, and give you the opportunity to engage.

DX Korea 2018: Here’s What Else You Should Know

  • It’s a show where you can display and market defense products to international buyers. The best part is that you also reach out to VIPs and purchasing decision makers.  


  • The exhibition will have two different parts. Business days will be from September 12 to September 14. And, public days will be on September 15 and 16. Visitors under 19 years of age cannot enter the exhibition hall during the business days.


  • The show will have a series of events and programs:
    • Live fire & maneuver demonstration. A showcase of product quality and capability for visitors, exhibitors, and international delegations.
    • International conference and seminars. A networking opportunity for academia, industry, government, and military.
    • R.O.K Army Promotional Events
    • R.O.K. Army “Homecoming Day” Veteran’s Reunion


  • AROKA (Association of the Republic of Korea Army) is hosting the exhibition. KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) is co-organizing it.


  • The previous edition was a huge success.


DX Korea 2018

  • This edition will be no exception. If anything, it will be bigger. With 250 exhibitors from 30 countries, that’s a given.


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Exhibitors at the Defense Expo or DX Korea 2018 will bring a lot to the table. Weapon systems and military equipment will be on display. So will be the equipment for counter-terrorism, security and law enforcement. Unmanned systems and security & IT sector will have their share of exhibition space. In short, the visitors have a lot to look forward to. And to make sure they come your way, you must stand out. Ask us how!

The UAV Technology Conference: Of Insights, Briefings, And More!

the UAV technology conference

The Annual UAV Technology Conference is all set to return with its 3rd edition. The two-day event will take place in Prague, Czech Republic, on 26th and 27th September 2018. UAVs now play a crucial role as a tactical and operational tool for the armed forces. As a result, the event has grown to become more important than ever. Also, there has been a dramatic increase in threats and the proliferation of technologies. This has led to an increasing need for developing cost-effective, cutting-edge capabilities. Do your capabilities support operations through augmented ISR, lethality, and mobility? Because if they do, this is the event for you!

The UAV Technology Conference: Here’s What Lies In Store

What would the conference bring to the table? Solutions to unmanned aerial platforms. And not only that, it will also shed light on how to better use these solutions during missions. The event will also address the growing need for counter-UAV capabilities. These capabilities are now accessible to state as well as non-state organizations. So, it’s high time someone addresses them. That’s exactly what this international symposium will do.


  • Civilians now have access to Commercial off-the-shelf solutions (COTS) to unmanned aerial systems. But, this ready availability has its share of implications for the military. The UAV Technology Conference will attempt to address the said implications.
  • A community of experts, friends, and allies will be attending the event. They’ll all be here for information exchange and to strengthen relationships. The event reflects the need for nations, armed forces and industries to come together. There will be several briefings on the growing need for countering UAVs. And of course, the technologies available for doing so will also be a part of the discussions.
  • The UAV Technology conference will help you develop a clear understanding of UAVs. But guess what, you will also get the chance to be a part of a community of leaders and experts. Not to mention, this community impacts the growth of these technological assets.

The UAV Technology Conference: Reasons Galore

  • Are you looking forward to get your hands on UAV and counter-UAS capabilities? Look no further. That’s what this networking event focuses on.
  • How about getting useful insights? Wondering who would offer these insights in the first place? Experts from the leading countries in the domains of automatic & unmanned technologies. The US, the UK, Poland, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Finland, etc.
  • The event will witness engrossing discussions. Wouldn’t you want to discuss existing and emerging applications of unmanned aerial platforms?
  • Last but not least, you could meet & greet key technology providers. They spearhead unmanned aerial capability development and have a lot to offer.


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SMi’s UAV Technology conference has had successful trysts so far. The 3rd annual edition won’t be any different. If anything, it will far exceed the expectations, because of the rising importance of UAVs. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Rather grab it with both hands. Ask us how!

MSPO 2018: The One-Of-A-Kind Expo Is Back For The 26th Time! All Set?

MSPO 2018

MSPO sees the coming together of the who’s who of the defence sector. The most important companies and personalities are here at Kielce, every year. From 4 to 7 September 2018, Targi Kielce will be in the spotlight again. It will become a focal point of sorts, for global defence. Because, that’s when the consecutive edition of MSPO will take place.

Guess what, the preparations are in full swing. In fact, several companies and institutions have already confirmed that they’ll be here. But, it should come as no surprise. After all, the previous edition was a huge success and made it to the headlines. It’s not every day that a trade show hosts almost 40,000 visitors, right?  Also, the 2017 edition saw 618 exhibitors from 28 countries. And did you know that the first expo in 1993 attracted only 85 companies from 5 countries? The show has been growing and how. No wonder that the expectations are even higher this year!

MSPO 2018: What Lies In Store This Year

  • A comprehensive product and service range will be on display.
    • Armored equipment
    • Aviation and air defence armament and equipment
    • Special equipment for Border Guards
    • Uniform articles
    • Groceries and equipment for preparing meals, storage, and transportation
    • Sub-assemblies, equipment, and systems of people and property protection, etc.
  • On September 8-9, the expo will feature open days. These are for the general public. During the open days, the exhibition grounds will serve as a showcase for the Polish army. From tanks and howitzers to combat vehicles, everything will be on display.
  • Poland, the host nation, has allocated billions when it comes to military spending. Who’s to say you can’t be one of the companies supplying the equipment they are looking for?
  • MSPO will see the high-ranking commercial, military, and government delegations. The expo could be your chance to establish connections.
  • The expo will focus on three core areas:
    • Land defense
    • Military aviation
    • Defense systems


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So, if you are into any of these, it’s the perfect platform for you to showcase.

MSPO has always been one of Europe’s most significant defence industry exhibitions. MSPO 2018 won’t be any different. The show does feature the latest advancements in military equipment and armaments. But, technologies & systems applied in logistics, security and rescue, also get enough exposure. There will also be a demonstration of the soldiers’ practical operations. In short, the visitors have a lot to look forward to. So, what can you do to grab their attention? How about getting a custom trade show booth design implemented? We could help. That’s what we have been doing for more than two decades now. Contact us right away!

AFA Events: Opportunities For Professional Development & Networking

AFA Event 2018

Two of the major AFA events are making a comeback this September. The Annual Air, Space & Cyber (ASC) conference will see experts from across the globe. Air Force leaders and members of the academia will be here too. They will explore the challenges facing America, the aerospace community and Air Force. The other event, i.e. the National Convention will rather focus on shaping the association. It will attract AFA members from all over the world.

ASC 2018: Air Power, Space, Cyber Developments & More!

Looking to gain new insights and skills that could help advance your career? Look no further. AFA’s Air, Space & Cyber Conference (ASC) is where you can do all this and more. You will see the latest innovations in air power, space, and cyber capabilities. And guess what, you’ll also get enough time to bond with fellow airmen. Here’s what else lies in store:

  • Inspiring addresses from recognized leaders in the Air Force. Who’s to say a little inspiration won’t go a long way in helping you take your career to the next level?
  • ASC, the premier event for defense and aerospace professionals, will see the who’s who. Senior leaders from Air Force and experts from government, industry, and academia. They’ll all be here!
  • ASC and the technology exposition will see over 130 companies showcasing their capabilities. They will have access to more than 100,000 square feet of space. And during the three-day run, they will get over 21 hours of exhibit time. The best part is that 44% of these are are non-compete hours.
  • Two popular and well-attended receptions are also in the offing. These will help the exhibitors and Air Force leaders network and exchange ideas.


From engaging speakers to panel discussions, there’s a lot to look forward to. Including of course, the coveted technology exposition. It will feature the latest solutions for tomorrow’s problems. And yes, this year’s theme is “Multi-Domain Operations: Leveraging the Full Spectrum.” Intriguing, right? ASC will take place from September 17-19.  


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Quick Fact:

Did you know that ASC 2017 saw more than 9,000 attendees? For three days, they had access to informative speaker sessions. And there were 138 exhibitor booths that they could go to.

AFA’s National Convention 2018: Shaping The Future

The AFA’s National Convention precedes the ASC. It is an opportunity waiting to happen. The AFA members get to shape the future of the Air Force Association or AFA, as a delegate. The convention will take place on September 15-16. Here’s what will be in the spotlight at the convention:

  • Opportunities to meet & greet the other field leaders from across the country. You could always share the best practices with them, or the other way around.
  • AFA Field Awards Dinner. It will be here that exceptional volunteers and chapters will get recognition.
  • A Memorial Service and Wreath Laying for honoring the AFA and Air Force leaders
  • Training for current and potential AFA Field Leaders
  • A “Meet and Greet” for spouses and guests
  • There are many other activities on the table. They are all aimed at helping AFA delegates and guests make the most their visit. After all, they’ll be coming all the way to National Harbor and the Washington D.C. area.


Being at these events could be an opportunity to touch base. Or a once-in-a-lifetime chance to bring your capabilities to the fore. Either way, you must put your best foot forward.  Ask us how!

DVD2018: Enabling Focused Engagement Between Defence Industry & Others


DVD2018 is all set to return to Millbrook this September. The 2-day event will take place on the 19th and 20th, and will attract the who’s who of the industry. Those involved in offering equipment and support for the UK’s Land Forces will be here in large numbers. And why not? It’s an opportunity to showcase equipment and technology for the British Army. But, why does the army need these in the first place? The army has to meet future challenges and accept the need for continuous adaptation. The said equipment and technology will make it fit for the same.

DVD2018: Here’s What You Should Know About The Event

DVD2018 will bring together the industry and defence in the land equipment sector. They will be here to discuss ideas. The event will also help them better understand technologies, capabilities, and requirements. This event is a joint effort, so to say. The Army and DE&S Land Equipment are sponsoring it. And guess what, DVD acknowledges the capability role taken on by the Army.

DVD 2018: Here’s What Is In The Offing At The Event

Military, industry and the acquisition community will come together, on a common platform. They’ll be here for two days, full of informal discussions and a lot more. Briefings, seminars, demonstrations and live displays will also await them at the show. Attendees can expect to see a wide array of equipment and services. Defence industry exhibitors will showcase their latest equipment. Even specialist vehicles will be on display. So will be the equipment necessary for supporting land-based military operations.

DVD2018: Here’s What Will Be In The Spotlight

It will be all about innovation. Kind of explains why they have chosen, “Innovation today and tomorrow” as the theme for this year’s show. The show will attempt to find out how to exploit the current capabilities in a rather creative way. There’ll be a focus on identifying novel solutions to enable Conceptual Force Land 2035.

In other words, DVD2018 is an opportunity waiting to happen. It will showcase what capability innovation and industry collaboration could do. And how the two could make the Army ready for the future challenges, in an affordable & sustainable way. That said, the topics of interest to get covered at the show include:

  • The Army Strike concept
  • Specialized Infantry Group
  • Reducing Logistic Need (RLN)
  • DEEP operations
  • Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence (C4I) systems
  • Year of Engineering and STEM development


More than 250 companies are exhibiting at the event. They’ll bring their best equipment, innovative technology, and support solutions to the table. And of course, they’ll be vying for the attention of the visitors. Key capability development, procurement and support staff will be here. To make them come your way, you ought to cut through the noise. With 20+ years of experience and successful stints at global events, we could help you stand out. Ask us how!

Image source: Sgt. Melanie A Wolf