Getting A Small Exhibition Booth Design Right: The Do’s & The Don’ts

Booth design do & dont

The space at the trade show floor is always at a premium. So, you may end up with a smaller exhibition booth at times. If you do, make the most of the space at your disposal. Your trade show booth design could still stand out from the crowd.

Making It Big With Smaller Exhibition Stands

Do Think Of A Theme

A theme can develop an instant connection between the booth and your brand. Once you come up with a relevant theme, you won’t have to repeat your brand story. You won’t need to dedicate a large amount of space to making the visitors understand what you do. So, there’ll be more space available for you to focus on other things, say your products. The theme should be in tandem with the current developments in your company. For instance, if you are moving towards greener production, let the theme reflect that. Has there been a shift in your philosophy of late? Let the theme of your exhibition booth show it to the world.

Don’t Be A Stickler For Convention

Do not lay out everything on tables and podiums. Add elements that you could move up the walls. Think of things that you could drop down from the ceiling. The idea is to free up the floor space. Also, elements hung from the ceiling make for a striking visual. Whatever you do, leave enough room for the visitors to walk. Impossible shapes and a creative trade show booth design could do you some good.

Do Switch To A Virtual Space

Space or the lack thereof shouldn’t interfere with your goals of being at the exhibition. Start by offloading informative material to servers. Let the visitors browse at their leisure, or download or bookmark for later. Set up a couple of iPad Kiosks. The visitors can browse through your entire library of resources, using these kiosks. They can also email whatever interests them, to themselves. In the process, you will get their name and email IDs. You could also invest in a mobile app. Offer it as an “exclusive” giveaway, before it hits the app store. The end result – no physical space occupied.

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Do Not Mistake Crowd For Leads

Even if the visitors occupy your trade show booth to the hilt, doesn’t mean they will all turn into leads. If anything, they will be taking up the space that could otherwise be free. Use a lead retrieval device. Let your staffers scan the visitors’ badges, before they begin with the elevator pitch. Of course they should do it in a rather casual way, so that the visitors are not intimidated.

Do Keep The Clutter At Bay

A smaller booth is no excuse. Don’t give away those “cluttered” and “lived-in” vibes. Make your exhibition booth as inviting as possible. Harness whatever little space is available to you for storage. Your box of office supplies should be stored away in nooks, corners and crannies. The same goes for spare giveaways. Anything that the visitors don’t need to see should be out of sight. Clutter will only add to the chaos.

Optimize your floor space. Confer with your exhibition booth design company how you can free up more space. You should be able to do it without giving up on the product display. XS Worldwide can suggest some creative trade show booth ideas for smaller spaces. Put them to good use or better still, ask us how!

The Trade Days At FIA 2018: Boeing Takes The Cake!

FIA 2018 highlights

FIA 2018 highlights

The trade days at FIA 2018 have come to an end, making way for the public show. Let’s take a look at what made it to the headlines when “business” was at the helm of affairs.

The Farnborough International Airshow: Not Your Everyday Trade Show

Passenger Planes and Beyond!

Yes, the show does provide the biggest marketplace for passenger planes. But, it is also the perfect platform for the technologies of tomorrow. Companies look forward to billions of dollars in deals. So, they highlight the best of their technologies. FIA 2018 saw some unbelievable technologies where humans were not a part of the equation. From Insect Engineers to Black Swan, there were quite a few innovations that made heads turn.

Farnborough Air Show a testbed for aviation industry’s wilder imaginings

The Farnborough air show, best known as the year’s biggest marketplace for passenger planes, also acts as a testbed for the aviation industry’s wilder imaginings. Vying for attention with billions of dollars in jetliner deals at this year’s expo is a smorgasbord of new technologies, many seemingly intent on eliminating the human from the equation.

Boeing All The Way

Boeing claims to have outperformed Airbus at the Farnborough Airshow 2018. And well, the numbers do support their claim. The world’s largest plane maker bagged 100 more airplane orders than Airbus. But, they have to take this victory with a pinch of salt. They did not announce any orders from China. Airbus has managed to book more than 70 Chinese orders this year.

As the Farnborough Air Show ends, Boeing emerges clearly ahead

Boeing extended its already large sales lead for the year, although it has announced zero orders from China due to trade tensions while Airbus this year has booked more than 70 orders from China. Share story FARNBOROUGH, England – The business side of the Farnborough Air Show ended Thursday with Boeing winning just over 100 more airplane orders and commitments than Airbus.

Duopoly Made It Big, Yet Again

Boeing did emerge as the clear winner. But, it was the world’s commercial plane duopoly that stole the show, if we look at the bigger picture. Airbus and Boeing announced firm net orders and commitments for more than 960 planes. That’s close to $160 billion at list prices.

Airbus, Boeing gain more than 960 aircraft orders at Farnborough

Among the commitments this year are 60 additional firm orders for the A220, formerly the Bombardier CSeries, from the new US airline set up by David Neeleman. The world’s commercial aircraft duopoly once again scored big at an otherwise lackluster Farnborough Air Show with Airbus and Boeing announcing firm net orders and commitments for more than 960 aircraft, valued at $160 billion at list prices.

Of Contracts & Partnerships

FIA 2018 saw the announcement of several contracts. Many new partnerships came into the picture. A contract that became the talking point in no time was the one signed between JJ Churchill and Starrag. JJ Churchill has signed the contract for one more Starrag machining centre. The contract follows the announcement of a £70 million long-term contract with Rolls-Royce. So, it’s believed that the contract will further enhance the company’s abilities.

JJ Churchill signs Starrag contract at Farnborough Airshow – Aerospace Manufacturing Magazine

Matthew Heath, JJ Churchill’s sales manager signed the contract with Lee Scott of Starrag at the Farnborough Airshow. Following this week’s announcement of a £70 million long-term contract with Rolls-Royce, this purchase enhances the company’s ability to deliver turbine and compressor blades for civil engines in the UK and globally.

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Aircraft That Grabbed The Eyeballs

The FIA 2018 saw a spectacular display of planes, as the companies left no stone unturned. They did everything they could to impress the buyers. From Embraer to Airbus and Boeing, everyone put their best foot forward. The show did live up to its reputation of showcasing the latest. From military hardware, commercial planes and flying cars to space technology.

Farnborough Airshow: Six aircraft that are grabbing attention

Bloomberg | Bloomberg | Getty Images The 2018 Farnborough International Airshow has exhibited the latest in military hardware, commercial aircraft, flying cars and space technology. It’s also a big battle ground for aerospace giants Boeing and Airbus as they aim to win new customers.

Business:1; Political Chaos: 0

Political worries did not cast a shadow on the show. Business went on as usual. The show saw orders and commitments worth billions. This is a relief amid the political upheaval in the UK. With Brexit looming over, things could have gone south. But, they didn’t. The geopolitical chaos also did not deter the US government officials in any way.  They did their best to attract the top players in the commercial tech industry.

Deals Proliferate at Farnborough Airshow Despite Political Worries

FARNBOROUGH, England — It was business as usual — with billions in U.S. orders and commitments — at the Farnborough Airshow despite concerns that politics would cast a shadow. The show came amid political upheaval in the United Kingdom, with multiple leaders in government resigning over disagreements regarding the nation’s Brexit departure from the European Union, set to take place next year.

The Farnborough International Airshow never ceases to amaze us. FIA 2018 was no different. We saw deals worth billions of dollars. We also came face to face with the technologies of the future. And of course, the flying displays swept us off our feet. Looking forward to the next edition already. How about you?

Day 2 At FIA 2018: Of Sharks And Critters!

day 2 fia 2018 highlights

The Farnborough International Airshow is in full swing. Day 2, like the first one, was full of surprises. Guess there are many more to come, as the trade show unfolds.


Sharks – The Fish That Rule The Roost

Day 2 saw the big shots in action. Boeing and Airbus had their plates full. Orders poured in from all corners.

Critters – The Not-So-Big Fish In The Sea

While Boeing and Airbus made it big, smaller jet makers weren’t far behind either. Nor were the regional propeller plane manufacturers. Embraer, especially, had a fruitful day. The company announced a host of orders.

Farnborough Airshow Day 2: Small Jet Maker Shows Teeth

The aerospace industry tends to be a relatively closed one, making it relatively difficult to analyze and understand. That comes on top of the complexity of the industry. For investors without in-depth knowledge, this makes the industry somewhat difficult to invest in, but there certainly are moments where the jet makers such as Boeing (NYSE: BA) and Airbus ( OTCPK:EADSF) become somewhat more transparent.

It’s Raining Orders And How

The second day at the Farnborough Airshow was even better for business. Deals worth $51.4bn were on the table. Over 530 planes made it to the order books. Guess what, the total value of planes ordered so far has already hit a whopping $95.5bn.

Farnborough Airshow on Twitter

Day two of #FIA18 has seen $51.4bn in deals. More than 530 aircraft have been ordered, bringing the total value of aircraft ordered at the Airshow so far to $95.5bn.

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The Dragon And Its Unveiling

Mitsubishi MRJ90, nicknamed the Dragon, made its Farnborough Airshow debut. The regional jet is performing an air-show routine that showcases its design. Did you know that this jet has a sword-inspired design? The jet’s name is a homage to a professional baseball team. The team,  Nagoya Chunichi Dragons, is from Mitsubishi’s hometown. The jet at the show is MRJ production no. 10003, also known as FTA3.

Mitsubishi MRJ90 Makes Its Farnborough Airshow Debut

Mitsubishi Aircraft MRJ90 in the livery of ANA/All Nippon Airways graces the skies of Farnborough 2018. Making its Farnborough debut, Mitsubishi Aircraft’s MRJ90 regional jet is performing a striking air-show routine designed to showcase the all-new aircraft’s sword-inspired design and quiet engine noise. But with the “scope clause” in pilot contracts looming over the all-important U.S.

A Flying Taxi On The Cards?

Rolls-Royce, the British Engine Maker, shared plans of developing an hybrid electric vehicle. They are calling it the “Flying Taxi.” The company hopes to come up with a prototype version within the next 18 months. It was also said that the company could take the taxi to the skies in the early 2020s.

Rolls-Royce unveils hybrid ‘flying taxi’ at Farnborough

Farnborough (UK): British engine maker Rolls-Royce revealed plans this week to develop a hybrid electric vehicle, dubbed the “flying taxi”, which takes off and lands vertically and could be airborne within five years. The London-listed aerospace giant, which is based in Derby in central England, showed off the plans at the Farnborough Airshow for the first time, as other players also rush into the market segment.

An Unfortunate Turn Of Events

Firefighters had to rescue a man from from the roof of a burning house. This incident happened in Farnborough. The site of the incident wasn’t far from the Farnborough Airport. That’s where the aerospace and defence airshow is currently taking place.

BREAKING: House up in flames in Farnborough

2:42pm 17th July 2018 (Updated 4:57pm 17th July 2018) He’s been taken to Frimley Park Hospital following the fire at the house on Alexandra Road this afternoon (July 17). More than 50 firefighters attended the scene, along with three ambulances and two ambulance cars.

It’s been two days into the show, and we are already hooked. How about you? Stick around for more highlights.

Day 1 At FIA 2018: From Billion-Dollar Deals To Product Unveilings

Farnborough Airshow 2018 - Day 1 Highlights

The Farnborough International Airshow is always full of surprises. FIA 2018 is no exception. At least that’s what Day 1 tells us.

Unprecedented Service In The Offing

Qatar Executive unveiled its brand new executive jet on the opening day of the trade show. The jet, named Gulfstream G500, will be one be of the fastest and advanced in the Qatar Executive fleet. It will enter the service later this year. This will mark the beginning of an iconic agreement. The initiation of the said agreement between Qatar Airways and Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. began in October 2014.  Did you know that next-generation Pratt & Whitney Canada PW800 engines power the G500? Also, with its advanced features, the G500 will introduce the clients to a new level of service.

Curtain Raiser Of A Fighter Jet

The Farnborough International Airshow 2018 is the show of many firsts. Day 1 saw the unveiling of a concept of next-generation fighter jet. This concept is being developed as a part of the Future Combat Air Concept programme. The unveiling saw a mock-up of the new fighter jet. The jet, nicknamed the Tempest, is a joint venture. BAE Systems Plc, Rolls Royce Holdings Plc, MBDA UK Ltd and Leonardo SpA have joined hands. Government funding was also announced for the jet. The UK Secretary of State for Defence, Gavin Williamson announced a whopping $2.65bn. This funding will help oversee the design and build of the jet through 2025. The year will see a final decision about the program’s future.

Boeing and Airbus Stole The Show

The Aviation giants bagged deals worth approximately $17.4bn. Embraer, the third-largest manufacturer of the civilian plane, also had a great start. They clinched a $1.1bn deal with United Airlines. This was for 25 E175 jets in a 70-seat configuration. DHL, in an attempt to modernize its long-haul fleet, ordered 14 Boeing 777 freighters. The order’s value is $4.7bn. The express courier company also purchased rights for seven more planes.

The Day Ended On A High Note

The first day at the Farnborough Airshow saw announcements of deals worth $46.4bn. This far exceeded the figure achieved on the first day of the previous edition of the trade show. Back then, the first day orders stood at $23bn. The orders placed on the first day of FIA 2018 include the orders for 311 civil planes, worth $43.6bn. Over $2.8bn in engine orders were also announced on the first day itself.

With this year’s edition being the most globally-attended one, expectations are high. Guess what, almost 100 countries have representation at the exhibition. Also, an unprecedented number of military and civil commercial delegations are here. Let’s see what’s in store in the days to come.

The Farnborough Airshow 2018: Here’s What The Visitors Should Know

Farnborough Airshow 2018 Visitors Guide

With the Farnborough International Airshow just around the corner, we thought it’s time we come up with a go-to guide for the visitors. Don’t know the Farnborough Air Show Timetable yet? Have no clue where you could stay during the show? Worry not. You’ll find the answers to all (well, most) of your questions here.

The Farnborough Airshow: A Handy Guide For The Visitors


Trade Days

Trade visitors can avail print-at-home Trade Passes. These are priced at £32.00 plus £6.40 VAT, and are recommended for those looking for a rather quick entry to the show. You could also purchase the passes at the gate, but, this could delay your entry.

  • ADS members can purchase Advance Trade Passes at a 25% discount.  
  • Trade Passes cannot be transferred, and are valid for the registered visitors only.
  • These passes are valid only for the trade days, i.e. from 16 to 20 July 2018. If you want to visit the Farnborough International Airshow on the Public Days, you’d have to purchase Public Day tickets separately.


Public Days

Visit the Farnborough Airshow’s official website to book your tickets for Public Days.

Getting There 

With Farnborough being conveniently located just outside of London, it won’t take much of your time or effort to reach. Here’s how you could travel by different modes of transportation.

By Car:

  • The Farnborough International Airshow is located on the A325, which is accessible from M3 and A31.
  • Follow the routes posted in the vicinity of Farnborough and reach the general car park. Parking is free.
  • Free shuttle buses are available to and from the Airshow from all the off-site car parks.
  • Keep the timings in mind. Shuttle buses to and from the car parks run from 06:00 hrs to 19:00 hrs.
  • Have you purchased reserved parking? If yes, please follow the AA road signs to the car park specified on your parking label. You may also refer to the online, on-site driving guide.
  • GU14 6AZ is the postcode that you need to use for SatNav directions. Go to the Queen’s Roundabout and then follow signs to the general car park.
  • If you are driving all the way from London, allow yourself at least two hours of journey time.


By Rail:

The Farnborough International Airshow is in close proximity to four stations- Farnborough Main, Farnborough North, North Camp and Aldershot. Free shuttle buses run to and from Farnborough Main, North Camp and Aldershot stations, between 07:00 hrs and 19:00 hrs.

  • Farnborough Main: served by South West Trains
  • Farnborough North: served by First Great Western
  • North Camp: served by First Great Western
  • Aldershot: served by South West Trains


Pro-Tip: You could also travel to the Farnborough International Airshow from Gatwick Airport by rail. Take the First Great Western service to North Camp Station, and you’d be at the show venue in approximately 50 minutes.

By Coach:

If you’d like to travel by coach, take advantage of the low-level bus service, which is accessible from specific coach parks, and available at regular intervals all through the day, during the run of the show. You could also purchase your tickets online.

By Bike:

Check outside the visitor entrance at Gate B. That’s exactly where the bike racks will be located.

By Air:

Thinking of flying to the UK for the Farnborough International Airshow? Both Heathrow and Gatwick airports are within 1hr 30 minutes driving distance of the show venue. However, if you plan to fly by helicopter, do refer to the Helicopters Operators Guide beforehand.

FIA 2018 Schedule

Farnborough Airshow 2018 Schedule

FIA 2018 Floor Plans

Not sure where you could find the exhibitors you are looking for? Check out the floor plans here to know their exact on-site locations.


Car Parking

You could access the disabled car park within the show park, via Gate F. This will give you direct access to the show.

Show Mobility

Show Mobility services are also offered at the show.

  • Pre-book electric scooters and manual wheelchairs
  • Do keep in mind that these are limited in number. So, the sooner you book, the better it is.



Disabled toilets and change facilities are also there. To help you locate them with ease, they’ll be clearly marked on all the show plans.

  • Medical or special assistance can also be arranged through Show Mobility services.


Exhibition Halls

The exhibition halls are accessible with a wheelchair without any difficulty.

  • Stair lifts have also been installed throughout
  • You could also contact the organizing team for assistance
  • Two storey Hall 1 has lifts that you could use to access the facilities on the first floor


To ensure that you have a rather streamlined experience, and that there are no hassles whatsoever, a number of facilities are on offer at the show:

  • Banking Facilities: During the show week, you’d have access to banking and foreign exchange facilities, right at the show venue. Automatic cash dispensers will also be there.
  • Car Parking: Both onsite and offsite car parking options are available at the show
  • Connectivity: Apart from the Wifi available all over the place, you could also use any of the mobile phone charging stations, to stay connected to the outside world.
  • Courtesy Car Service: A chauffeur driven car service is also available for you at the show. This service is complimentary.
  • Food & Drink: With several onsite catering facilities, options galore.
  • FIA 2020 Sales Suite: Already thinking of participating in FIA 2020? Discuss it with the team at the FIA 2020 Sales Suite.
  • Media Centre: Situated in Hall 1, this is where you’ll find our friends from the media.
  • Shuttle Bus Service: Buses will run all through the day from various on and offsite locations. These again will be complimentary.

Food and Drinks

Expect a fantastic selection of F&B options available all over the place.

  • Do check out the Skyview Restaurant, especially if you are looking for a more formal setting. The restaurant is accessible to exhibitors, visitors and their guests. It is advisable to pre-book for a better experience. You could make bookings for the trade days (Tuesday-Friday) and invite your guests over to brasserie-style lunches.
  • Each hall will also have an indoor cafe. Here, you could savor hot and cold food & drinks.
  • Other options include an outdoor food court.


Quite a few accommodation options are available in the near. Check them out here. Many of the preferred hotels are already fully booked. So, you may want to do this ASAP. Acting swiftly could also help you take advantage of the Special Event Rates.


While we have tried to cover most of the information that you may be looking for, do refer to the show’s FAQ section for answers to the questions that might still be unresolved.

Trade Days

Public Days

You may also choose to contact us via the comment section, and we’ll get back to you with more information at the earliest. Alternatively, you could direct your queries to

You might be coming to the Farnborough International Airshow 2018, but who’s to say, you won’t be exhibiting at the next edition or another leading defence & aerospace trade show. If so, do get in touch with us. XS Worldwide will be at FIA 2018. Drop by for a quick discussion, and we’ll take it from there.

With more than two decades of experience by our side and the kind of global exposure that not many other trade show companies can boast of, we can meet your individual requirements with ease, no matter which part of the world you choose to exhibit in.