Is Automated Event Registration Worth Its While, Or Good For Nothing?

Event management is no piece of cake; if anything, it’s quite the opposite – there’s a lot you must do, but chances are that you won’t have enough time to do it all. And that’s when automated event management comes into the picture – it takes the burden off your shoulders and gives you time, and time is money, right?

Word is that automation is on the rise; exhibitors from all over the world are using it to their advantage.
And not just shows, marketing automation has paved way for successful roadshows and award ceremonies as well.

But the question is: is it yet another flavor of the week, or is automation here to stay? More importantly, what good could come out of it, if you do plan to give it a shot for your next trade show? Let’s find out.

It’s Not New!

Automated event registration is not something you would have heard of for the first time – it’s been there for quite some time now. Seasoned event professionals across the globe swear by it, and maybe rightly so. After all, it does help you maximize engagement, and with correct implementation, could boost the event attendance by up to 20%. And don’t you agree that the task of registering guests and passing on the necessary information to them could take ages, and even worse, it’s a quite a mundane one, to begin with? Well, if that’s a yes, here’s some good news. Cloud-based registration tools could offer you a much better experience. So, it’s a win-win!

Or Is It Now?

You may have chosen the best available online registration software for your next show, but one thing’s for sure – it would warrant some management – quite less, agreed, but definitely not nil. Oddly enough, if you have your hands full, even that little work would add to your woes, thereby defeating the very purpose of embracing automation in the first place. Here’s what may be a deal-breaker:

– You’d still have to deal with enquiries; can’t let them go

– Not all your delegates may be as tech-savvy as you are. And if they are not, be ready to hand-hold and take them through the sign-up process

– And what about payments? Card or invoice, either way, you could land in the soup!

Is there a way out?

Thankfully, There Is!

Find an expert, one who could help you get the most out of automated event registration, but do make sure that the expert or partner you outsource to, does justice to the job. Here’s a checklist that could come in handy:

– Is the software easy to use? Or would the attendees have a hard time comprehending it?
– Is an instant confirmation on the plate?
– Are the fee payments being handled? Or you need to take care of them?
– Does it offer value for money? Is it only about registration or could the attendees also expect their travel and accommodation needs to be taken care of?
– What about social media? Is some kind of integration possible, or is it a big no-no?

The bottom line is that automated event registration could be a game changer, provided you know how to go about it and are able to avert the loopholes involved.

Here’s How Your Exhibit At Dubai Woodshow Could Yield Better Results

There are shows that only generate business, and then there are shows that go beyond the obvious – shows that let you achieve a lot more, and are not only about on-site sales and/or lead generation – The Dubai Woodshow is one such example.

In fact, it’s more of a platform, one where the Wood & Woodworking Machinery industry in the MENA region comes together, giving the exhibitors the perfect opportunity to showcase their products & services, and create brand awareness at both regional and international levels – a platform where the exhibitors get to connect with the key visitors; visitors who have the purchasing authority – a platform that facilitates interactions with the industry experts and makes it easier to keep tabs on the latest industry trends and technologies.

In short, it’s a platform that you, as an exhibitor, shouldn’t miss out on, and now that that’s been established, here’s how you could get the most out of your participation in the next edition, to be held at the Dubai World Trade Centre, from 12 to 14 March 2018:

Identify your goals: Your exhibit at the Dubai Woodshow would give you access to more than 10,000 elite trade professionals from the MENA region and beyond, making the otherwise difficult task of promoting and displaying your latest products and services a lot easier. Is that what you want? Or would you be more interested in meeting suppliers, manufacturers, trade associations and institutions, and establishing new contacts? How about both? Whatever it is, make sure that you and your team know what you are out there to achieve, and you would have a much better experience.

Start early on: Your exhibit is supposed to let you engage with the prospects, right? But you don’t really have to (and shouldn’t) wait for the show to begin to connect with them; try and do that beforehand; well in advance for that matter. Use the social media to your advantage. The 2017 Edition of the Dubai Woodshow saw 9455 unique visitors, and the number is expected to rise even further in 2018. So, you have a task at hand; do it diligently. Let LinkedIn and Twitter be your aids. Follow your prospects; let them know of your participation. Should they attend the show, they must be aware of your exhibit.

Put up a good show: Your success at any show is very much dependent on how your staff behaves, how good you are at grabbing the opportunities, and whether or not you keep abreast of the latest technology – the Dubai Woodshow is no exception. Train your staff; let them know the do’s and don’ts. Plan for product demos, and see if you could also be a part of any of the speaker sessions. The idea is to make the most of your time out there, on the show floor. And yes, do everything you can to draw the crowds. You may consider putting technology to good use. With interactive screens and VR, you could easily become the center of attraction.

Whether you are a manufacturer, trader, supplier, or distributor of MDF or veneer, or you offer your services as a carpenter or architect, there’s a lot you could achieve at the Dubai Woodshow. It’s just the how that you need to work on.

3 Things To Look Forward To At Intersec 2018

Did you know that the 19th edition of Intersec, one of the world’s leading trade fair for security, safety, and fire protection, held at Dubai in 2017, saw the participation of 1304 exhibitors from all over the world? Well, now you do. And what you should also know that the 20th Edition, to be held at Dubai again, from 21-23 January 2018, is not only expected to be a lot bigger but also quite comprehensive and much more futuristic. The key players from the industry, including INIM Electronics s.r.l, would be here, and so, if you have not booked your space already, do it right away. Here are some more reasons:

Hiring the right people – Yes, Intersec 2018 is not a job fair, agreed, but it does have a job pavilion, which would bring the potential employees directly to you. And the best part is that you could be just about anyone, right from the HR Head of a security company to a headhunter, but if you are looking forward to recruiting the brightest talent on-the-spot, or are perhaps not interested in immediate recruitment but would rather build a database of prospects you could follow up with in the future, this is the place to be at. You could also be representing a recruitment or training company. In any case, you’ll be meeting as many as 32,000 professionals, and they would all be of different seniority levels, giving you the perfect opportunity to recruit for various open positions.

Witnessing the UAVs in action – Do innovative products pique your interest? Well, if that’s a yes, this is one of the shows to look forward to. Once again, Intersec would have a live demonstration area, where you’ll be seeing drones in action. Interestingly, the demonstration area at Intersec Dubai 2018 is expected to be larger than the area allocated for 2017’s show, and as an exhibitor, for you, it translates into more space to demonstrate the full capacity of your drone(s). Whether you are someone who’s an ardent advocate of drones’ use for perimeter security and intruder alerts, or on the contrary, you see them as a threat for airports, power plants and other infrastructures of paramount importance, you have to be here.

Discovering the latest trends – If you like to keep tabs on the latest technologies, do visit the Smart Home Pavilion at Intersec 2018. After all, it is here that Intersec would once again present the concept of Smart & Safe Home Automation, giving you the opportunity to know more about technologies like KNX, X10, Zigbee, EnOcean, Bluetooth, and Z-Wave. Also, the spectrum of product and innovation display here, at this pavilion, would be quite vast and is expected to encompass home security, physical security systems, alarming systems, and lighting control systems, among others. So, if you are of the opinion that the future belongs to or rather warrants “Smart Homes” – homes that are of course safe and secure, but at the same time, smart enough in terms of energy, entertainment, and accessibility, you just cannot give this pavilion a miss, not even if you are not exhibiting and are only a visitor.

In addition, do not forget to check out the SDiB Pavilion once you are here, especially if your business is a part of the building materials industry. You would find all passive fire protection solutions here – now that’s something worth looking forward to. And yes, do book your space at the earliest!

5 Things To Look Forward To At Euroguss 2018

Euroguss may be one of the biggest and most important trade shows for the die casting industry in Europe, but it did have a humble beginning. Back in 1996, when the show was organized for the first time, there were only 93 exhibitors. Given the fact that the number rose to 578 in 2016, the show has come a long way for sure. And there have been quite a few changes over the years, with the show bringing in something new and worthwhile with every edition. The next edition is in 2018, and these are the 5 things that you should look forward to:

Showcasing your innovations: The show is expected to have quite a vast product spectrum at the display, including but not limited to:

a) aluminum die casting
b) magnesium die casting and zinc die casting
c) die casting machinery
d) rapid prototyping
e) CNC machines
f) metal alloys
g) die casting moulds
h) peripheral devices
i) process optimization or energy efficiency

So whether your business is a part of the die casting industry, or the industry happenings have a bearing on your business in any way, you have to be at this show.

Meeting the right people at the right time: The entire value chain would be here. How could you not be? Right from raw materials to technology and from processes to finished products, you would find everything in one place. It’s like a one-stop destination for those willing to get the word out and better their prospects within the die casting industry. And whether you are a die-casting foundry or a supplier, you are likely to find your target audience right here.

Sharing information with the decision makers: As many as 97% of the exhibitors from 2016’s show are of the opinion that they did succeed in reaching out to their target groups. Do the math. 2018’s show could be the platform that you have been looking for, to meet automotive manufacturers, automotive component suppliers, and machinery & plant manufacturers. In fact, you could also see it as an opportunity of sharing the information with those who are actually receptive to it – including the aforementioned and of course production specialists, developers and buyers.

Achieving the very objective of participation: Euroguss has had some impressive growth statistics to boast of. For that matter, 94% of the exhibitors who participated in the 2016 Edition were happy and content with the overall success garnered as a result of their participation. So if you plan well, there’s no stopping you.

Making contacts and keeping tabs – At Euroguss 2018, you’ll get to meet several members of the die casting community, including Eurocast Reyrieux, a key player. – and if you do realize the importance of networking and what connections could do for you, this would be your chance. Also, whether you are looking forward to exchanging views on current developments, new products, and innovative systems or simply observe, you could do either.

The bottom line is that there’s a lot to look forward to at the Euroguss 2018, and you should book your space right away. The show would be held from 16 –18 January 2018 in Nuremberg, and would be attended by the who’s who of the industry.

Exhibition Stands: Then And Now – The Evolution!

Exhibition stands have come a long way – they are nothing like they used to be. In fact, the exhibitors have been quite experimental with their shapes & styles, designs, materials, lighting and technology, and anything and everything.

Shapes & Styles

The days of trying too hard for the so-called cool exhibition stands are long gone; today, the exhibitors are smart enough to realise that if they come up with a stand that provides a comprehensive overview of the equipment, the solutions, and more importantly, their brand, the attendees will come and visit of their own accord. Booth designers too have started emphasizing the need to build stands that are highly functional and in sync with the what the customers demand or expect. Some other factors that have crept in over the years, for good, include but may not be limited to:

– The need to understand the theme or the very purpose of the exhibition. For instance, those in the  HVAC industry mostly go for insular and/or peninsular stands. They are unlikely to go for anything quirky, and would rather invest in a high-tech stand, one with a minimalistic and simple design.

– Bulky awkward constructions have also been let go. Instead, the focus now lies on providing a suitable environment for work and negotiations; anything that could act as an obstruction is a big no-no.

– The features of the product or the equipment on display seem to have taken over. The shapes of the stands nowadays give a clear picture of what’s in store for the visitors.

– The use of 2-level stands is also on the rise. They have always been there, but their use is more common now. Even today, the exhibitors believe that a second floor can give them more room for talks and in-booth meetings with the VIP visitors, but then, they don’t let their budgets take a hit; such floors are only constructed if the investment is worth its salt.

Materials and Decoration

Well, the materials in use are pretty much the same, but they are being taken advantage of in newer forms. Wood, for example, is widely used even today, but the emphasis is on putting its derivatives like fiberboard and chipboard to good use. Also, the modern equipment makes it possible for the designer(s) or the carpenters to get the wood cut and processed with higher accuracy. Again, not much has changed in this context; even good old sheet metal is still widely popular, and so is aluminum. Having said that, the all-glass stands are increasing in number, but then many also condemn them citing safety issues. Here are some more changes that have taken place in the recent times:

– The classical technique of painting the stand has been shown the door. No one wants to putty the surface and work on alignment and priming; the designers today have the resources to do a much better job. They are often seen resorting to decorative plastics, laminates, polystyrene and even composite materials that go down well with the intensive lighting.

– While printing has been in use since time immemorial, it has more or less evolved – exhibitors now prefer direct UV printing on PVC, metal, chipboard, and believe it or not, the carpeting.

– Live and artificial plants are being increasingly used for decoration as they make the booth more inviting.


This element has also undergone a drastic change from how it was perceived say a couple of years back. The focus these days is on reducing the eye strain and making the stand more comfortable for not only those who occupy it, i.e. the exhibitors and their staffers but also for the visitors. For this very purpose, the designers are increasingly using floodlighting, in addition to the fluorescent lamps that can be seen almost everywhere. The idea here is to smooth out the contrast between light and shadow, thereby making it easier for everyone to get a better view of the products. And of course, LED systems are the need of the hour – LED searchlights, LED spotlights, and LED backlight strips – they are all now an integral part of the stand design.

There have been quite a few other changes as well – in terms of multimedia, and even more surprisingly, the human factor. Virtual reality and robots are more common than ever, but yes, if they are attracting the visitors, who’re complaining?