Eurosatory Day 1: What Made It To The Headlines

Eurosatory Trade Show

It’s Raining Awards

While Proengin got the GICAT Export Trophy for its international strategy, Aleph-Networks was awarded with the Innovation Trophy for developing a breakthrough technology for information, cyber defense, and cybersecurity.

Technological Innovations On Display

Robotic Systems stole the show. While General Robotics showcased “Pitbull” in a new Counter-UAV configuration, STM, a Turkish player , displayed “Kargu”, an autonomous rotary quadrotor attack drone that is carried and controlled by a single operator. BlueBird’s ThunderB, with its new capability to carry and release external stores, also got quite the attention.

An Unprecedented Record

As many as 52 Israeli defense companies are participating in this year’s show. That’s a 40% increase, compared to the 2016 Edition. The companies are all set to display military developments and applications in the Israeli pavilion, and are looking forward to meeting the challenges that armies and security agencies encounter on the 21st century battlefield, against the backdrop of terrorist events, and safekeeping of borders & sensitive installations.

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The Wait Is Finally Over

Eurosatory 2018, the coveted, international land and airland Defence and Security trade show, begun on a high note, and the exhibitors are already presenting world-class solutions, right from basic parts to prime-contractors’ finished products and operational systems. While the Israeli company Plasan unveiled the latest addition to its range of “Sandcat” vehicles, Revision, on the other hand, is showcasing “ComCentr2”, a tactical headset system that offers active noise reduction and 360 degree situational awareness. The first day at the show also saw a series of new launches, including Lincad’s launch of its new six-channel battery conditioner, the “Armada”.

Keep watching this space for highlights. We’ll bring in new updates as the show unfolds!

Security Essen 2018: What Can The Exhibitors And Visitors Expect?

Security Essen is one of the world’s leading security trade shows. The show offers exhibitors and visitors opportunities for networking and knowledge exchange. Security Essen 2018 will be along similar lines. There will be up-to-date conferences and forums with focus on information and practice.

Security Essen 2018: A Programme Beneficial For Exhibitors & Visitors

Career Forum

Looking forward to making contacts, building networks or hiring people for open vacancies? The career forum is where you need to be. The forum will bring you and the job applicants to a common platform. This will open the channel for a targeted and professional communication. You can expect to meet retrainees, students, trainees and graduates at the forum. Did you know that this is the first time that there’ll be a career forum at Security Essen?

Cyber Security Conference

Security Essen always reacts to the latest developments in its own way. Right now, hacker attacks are present in all media. So, topics of cyber security and commercial trade protection will get greater focus. That’s because the show is dedicating an entire hall to these topics for the first time. Also, there’ll be a top class conference called the “Cyber Security Conference”. The conference will further emphasize the said topics. The conference’s agenda includes presenting relevant issues to you and other international participants. And you know who has a major role to play here? The Federal Office for Information Security and the Federal Association of Security Technology.

Public Security Forum

Looking for digital security solutions for public areas? Experience these solutions at the Public Security Forum. Exhibitors will present these solutions for decision makers in public institutions. So if your institution takes care of security in public life, you have to be here. You will experience how digitization is impacting the security industry.  Learn about new possibilities to make our society safer with digital solutions.

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Security Experts Forum

The Security Experts Forum will include a non-stop programme. The programme will start with an exciting keynote lecture every morning. A live demonstration will mark the end of the programme in the evening. The programme will have more than 90 presentations. These presentations will attract the visitors to the forum throughout the day. The programme will take place during the entire period of the show. The visitors can get information and solution ideas about all the subjects at the show.

  • Services
  • Access
  • Mechatronics and Mechanics
  • CCTV
  • Fire Prevention and Intrusion Protection
  • Perimeter Protection as well as Cyber Security, and Economic Security


You can also look forward to guided tours of the exhibition (e.g. for architects).  Other opportunities include Drone Course, and Presentation of the Security Innovation Award. The show will run from 25-28 September 2018. Save the dates. If you are an exhibitor, contact XS Worldwide today. As one of the leading trade show booth builders, we can help you make your mark at Security Essen 2018.

Vitafoods Europe 2018: The Perfect Show To Meet The Decision-Makers!

Exhibition Stand Builders Vitafoods Europe 2018

Exhibition Stand Builders Vitafoods Europe 2018

Vitafoods Europe, the highly popular show, aimed at shaping the food industry for optimal health through science and innovation, is back. The show, slated for a grand opening in a few days from now, would see the key players come together to share knowledge, overcome challenges and create business opportunities.

Accomplish Multiple Business Objectives At Vitafoods Europe 2018!

– Strengthen your ties with the existing customers by inviting them over for face-to-face meetings and engrossing discussions.

– Lay the groundwork for growth. With the right kind of trade show booth by your side, and sincere marketing efforts, the show could be your gateway to increasing profit and establishing a strong foothold in the market.

– Been meaning to launch new ingredients and products, but couldn’t get hold of your target audience? Well, that’s exactly when the show comes into the picture. Vitafoods Europe 2018 is where you could reach out to those who matter, and source new buyers and distributors.

– With a global audience from more than 100 countries, the nutraceutical show is where you get the chance to expand your horizons and engage with buyers across demographics.

– While the show would help you with lead generation, who’s to say you won’t be closing business deals right there on the spot? The show does provide an environment conducive enough for such deals to take place.

– Last but not least, you may already be a part of this strong and growing market, but Vitafoods Europe could help you grab a bigger share of the pie.

Vitafoods Europe 2018: The Numbers Speak For Themselves!

– Visitors throng Vitafoods Europe. With the show giving them the opportunity to meet & greet suppliers of ingredients, raw materials, dietary supplements and services, rub shoulders with the existing partners and gather ideas & inspiration about the industry, they have every reason to be there. And given the fact that 96% of them have decision-making powers, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be.

– With more than 1100 global suppliers exhibiting, the show is anything but ordinary. The upcoming edition could be your chance to get the most out of this extraordinary show. Find out for yourself what is it that attracts them to Vitafoods Europe, edition after edition.

– The visitors don’t just come here to take a look at what you offer. They are ready to do business with you. What about you? The show would see 21,000+ senior decision-makers from different sectors of the nutraceutical and dietary supplements industries in attendance. On that note, did you know that 91% of the companies which exhibited at the previous edition met visitors at Vitafoods Europe they wouldn’t have met elsewhere? Make your move!

– The visitor base at this show is quite comprehensive. From manufacturers and distributors to consultants and contract manufacturers, you could engage with pretty much everyone, with the right strategy.

– With Switzerland, Belgium and USA among the top visitor countries, the show is a truly global affair. So if you have been giving global exhibiting some serious thought, now’s the time to put your best foot forward.

– When they say visitors eagerly await the show, they mean business. Vitafoods Europe is among the few ones to be thought of as an important and market leading industry show by as many as 96% of the visitors.

May 15th – 17th 2018: save the dates, and be there to explore the latest innovations, and benefit from a host of concurrent activities & events, aimed at helping you address your business challenges.

Why You Should Give Serious Thought To Exhibiting At IFSEC 2018?

Trade Show Stand builders IFSEC 2018

How do you get your technologies the maximum exposure? By putting them at the heart of a critical security conversation. That’s what IFSEC 2018 will let you do. But why this show? The time is right for the security professionals to combine their knowledge & technologies. By doing so, they can protect people, property and profits. IFSEC gives them the platform to. Need more reasons to exhibit? You could influence the discussion on innovation, to begin with. Reasons are aplenty.  

IFSEC 2018 – The Trade Show To Expand Your Customer Network

– Grow your business by strengthening your relations with the existing partners. Also, forge productive relations with the new ones.  

– Meet & greet global security installers, integrators, consultants, distributors and end users.

– Showcase your products & services to those who matter.

– Have real-time meetings with potential customers. Engage them in conversations that are not possible online or on social media.

– The show will be attended by quality buyers from all over the world. So, you’d have the opportunity to expand your horizons and generate global business.

– The show will bring you face to face with a captive audience. So, if you want to launch the latest innovations, now is the time.

– IFSEC is the perfect platform for networking. Meet the key people from the industry and establish a connection with your peers.

IFSEC 2018: The Quickly Adapting Trade Show For The Security Industry

Threats are now becoming more diverse and complex. So, the tools and knowledge that can help in combating these attacks also need to become diverse. They already are. In response, IFSEC has to evolve. It can no longer hold on to its long standing heritage as one of the leading physical security trade shows. As a result, IFSEC 2018 will see a transformation. The trade show will bridge the gap between physical and cyber security. This year’s exhibition will see innovative new products and a new level of education & learning content. Also, you can share ideas and knowledge with 27,000+ peers from the industry.

IFSEC 2018: There Is More To This Trade Show Than Meets The Eye

– You can attend seminars. These seminars will help you learn about the future trends and best practices. Industry leaders will inspire you to drive change.

– You can also pre-book meetings so that everything is not left to the last minute. There is a meetings programme that you can take advantage of.

– Experience the latest security technology. Find out more about its installation, maintenance and benefits. Get hands on with the technology of tomorrow in the new ‘Show Me How’ area.

– Not sure about the robustness of the latest products? Watch as their robustness is tested right in front of you. There’ll be real-time physical attacks for accurate results.

600+ exhibitors will be presenting more than 10,000 products. So, you need to stand out from the crowd to get noticed. With a great trade show booth, you’ll get the attention you deserve. Contact XS Worldwide, one of the leading trade show exhibit companies, today.

Apex Drug House All Set To Make The Most Of iPHEX 2018!

iPHEX 2018, the latest edition of the coveted trade show that brings together the drugs, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, all under one roof, is slated for a grand opening on the coming Tuesday, 8th May 2018. The show, dubbed as the one of the largest showcases of Indian pharmaceutical products & technologies, caters to a global audience, and is a favorite among the exhibitors. With 400 overseas buyers from focus areas being invited to participate in this year’s show, iPHEX 2018, would of course be no exception.

The show is expected to be thronged by companies engaged in pharmaceutical formulations, pharmaceutical APIs, nutraceuticals, health services, biotechnology, biotechnology products, R&D services, pharmaceutical technologies & consultancy, diagnostics, surgical dressings, medical devices, pharmaceutical research, clinical trials and custom synthesis, all vying to get the most out of iPHEX. Apex Drug House, however, would easily reap the rewards of their trade show marketing efforts, all thanks to a state-of-the-art trade show booth, they’d be exhibiting out of.

An Easy-On-The-Eye Exhibition Booth For Apex Drug House

Designed and executed by XS Worldwide, one of the leading trade show booth design companies, the event stand for Apex Drug House is aimed at augmenting their brand image, and highlighting their contribution to the industry. The company, which has grown to become a renowned manufacturer and supplier of pharmaceutical formulations, will benefit from the trade show stand’s strategically underrated design, which would deliver the message loud and clear that the company means business, and doesn’t have to resort to one of those tacky designs for the lack of substance. The booth, with the right mix of functionality and aesthetics, will be a crowd magnet, to say the least.

About Apex Drug House

Established in 1975, Apex Drug House, is one of the leading manufacturers & suppliers of pharmaceutical formulations such as tablets, capsules, syrups, creams & ointments, injectable and ophthalmic solutions for multiple therapeutic areas. Over the years, the company has carved a niche for itself in specialty products like lozenges, dermaceuticals, aerosols, mosquito repellents, soft gelatin capsules, ORS, range of feminine hygiene products, condoms and herbal preparations. Apex, with the aim to make healthcare relatively affordable & accessible, currently supplies to a host of countries in Southeast Asia, Latin America, CIS and Africa. Offerings galore. Right from providing regulatory support and dossiers to making their facility available for contract manufacturing, the company has everything going for it.

About iPHEX 2018

Organized by PHARMEXCIL, the nodal agency representing the drugs, pharmaceutical & healthcare industry in the global arena, iPHEX is a truly international show, with overseas exhibitors coming over to showcase their products to and touch base with buyers, manufacturers, agents, distributors, dealers, government procurement agencies, hospitals, private sector hospitals, clinics, daycare center and institutes, financial institutions, banks, private equity and venture capital funds, institutional agencies, development aid agencies and others. The show, which includes several open house sessions, and provides the perfect platform for both business opportunities and knowledge exchange, has always experienced a huge turnout. iPHEX 2018 too is also expected to bustle with activity.