The US Pavilion At ILA Berlin 2018: A Gateway To Germany’s Aerospace Sector

ILA Berlin 2018, the much-awaited aerospace trade show is just around the corner, is all set to begin on a high note on 25 April 2018 and put the spotlight on aerospace innovations in aviation, space, defense & security, supplier and special features. With Germany investing billions in state & private funds for new aerospace technologies and R&D annually, ILA Berlin would be thronged by exhibitors, who are well aware that it is here that the German and global buyers look for new suppliers. American exhibitors, however, will have the upper hand, all thanks to the US Pavilion, where those looking for American quality, innovation and partnership are expected to turn up in huge numbers.

Channelizing America’s Traction & Equity In The German Market

Designed and executed by XS Worldwide, in strategic partnership with Kallman Worldwide, the US Pavilion would enable the American exhibitors to meet with peers, potential suppliers and customers. With Germany, France and the UK, the three largest aerospace countries in Europe, in attendance at ILA, the pavilion could lay the groundwork for future partnerships. Moreover, with a design that brings the co-exhibitors’ capabilities to the fore, the pavilion is expected to get them the attention they deserve.

About The US Pavilion

Given the fact that Germany’s aerospace sector is a driver of technological innovation and economic growth, ILA Berlin 2018 is an opportunity waiting to happen. The U.S. Pavilion, which will host key players from the industry, including AeroVironment, Inc., Breezer Holdings LLC, Kallman Worldwide, Orbital ATK, Raytheon Company, U.S. Commercial Service, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. and Defense Security Cooperation Agency, would help the co-exhibitors make the most of this opportunity. With the show bringing together industry experts, researchers and policymakers to discuss the next steps to making aerospace dreams a reality and demonstrating what is already possible, the pavilion would ensure that American exhibitors do not get lost in the shuffle. The pavilion, nestled in Hall 3, will feature the industry’s most innovative partners, equipment, products and services, painting a rather clear picture of how American suppliers, from OEMs to SMEs, can help gain a competitive advantage in any market sector, anywhere in the world.

About ILA Berlin 2018

ILA Berlin, the most innovative trade show in aerospace, reflecting the industry’s dynamism and providing the perfect platform to debate & discuss how to boost the efficiency and sustainability of aerospace products and processes, is back with its latest edition. The high-tech aerospace trade show is where players from the industry come together to talk shop with colleagues, discuss the future, explore new business opportunities and find the employees of tomorrow, with an added advantage of being covered by the international media. Slated for a five-day run, from 25-29 April 2018, the show is expected to have an unprecedented turnout.

Turbomecanica S.A. To Showcase Latest Innovations AT ILA Berlin 2018

ILA Berlin 2018, the latest edition of the leading aerospace trade show, is all set to welcome the entire industry to Berlin, Germany, and offer opportunities for future-centric discussions, business meetings, career & employment, and knowledge exchange. The show, slated to run from 25 to 29 April, 2018, is expected to host more than 1000 exhibitors, vying for the attention of over 150,000 visitors. With a trade show booth that’s designed to augment their brand image, Turbomecanica S.A., however, can expect instant buzz, recognition and loyalty, resulting in the visitors lining up in huge numbers to check out their latest innovations.

The Trade Show Booth For Turbomecanica S.A.

Designed and executed by XS Worldwide, a leading trade show booth building company that has had a successful tryst with ILA Berlin and other aerospace & defense shows, the booth would help Turbomecanica establish new business relations with major international aeronautical corporations and strengthen the existing ones. Nestled in Hall 6/385, the booth is designed to put the spotlight on the company’s latest offerings, and has a succinct but strategic display of information, enticing enough to generate curiosity among the visitors. With focus on branding, the exhibition booth is expected to increase the company’s visibility and prevent it from getting lost in the shuffle at the show floor.  

About Turbomecanica S.A.

Turbomecanica, the only Romanian manufacturer of turbo-jet and turbo-shaft engines, and an internationally recognized supplier of high-complexity engine & helicopter components for programs such as Trent 700, Trent 900, CFM engines, and AW 109/119, has grown to become one of the key players within the aero turbine engine and aircraft components markets. With capabilities including manufacturing, repair & overhaul, special processes and conformity control, the company has come a long way from 1975, when it was established to produce engines, mechanical assemblies and aircraft equipment.

About ILA Berlin 2018

ILA Berlin, often dubbed the most innovative trade show in aerospace, is where the industry comes together, to showcase and checkout aerospace innovations in five categories: Aviation, Space, Defense & Security, Supplier and Special Features. The 2018 Edition will feature several conferences and concurrent events, aimed at reflecting the industry’s dynamism. While the conferences would provide the leading industry experts and key decision makers with the perfect platform to debate & discuss how to boost the efficiency and sustainability of aerospace products and processes, the other events would facilitate the examination of technologies like additive manufacturing and look at the latest developments in alternative fuels. Topics like cybersecurity and recent progress made in the drone segment will also be on the agenda. Given the fact that the show would also feature the highly coveted ILA Delegate Program and the International Suppliers Center (ISC), it is expected to bustle with activity, and rightly so.

India Tourism Pavilion To Stand Out At ATM Dubai 2018!

The Arabian Travel Market Dubai 2018, slated for a grand opening  on 22 April 2018, will be welcoming more than 39,000 travel professionals, government ministers and international press members, who would be here to network, negotiate and discover the latest industry opinion and trends. The B2B trade show, in its 25th year now, brings the travel industry together annually in Dubai, enabling the exhibitors to find the regional & international business that they are looking for. By providing international exhibitors with the opportunity to foray into the Middle East travel industry and Middle Eastern exhibitors with the right platform to engage with regional as well as international buyers, the show attracts exhibitors from all over the world, who try hard to make their presence felt. With a state-of-the-art pavilion by its side, India Tourism, however, will have it easy, and is expected to draw visitors from all walks of life, to say the least.

The India Tourism Pavilion

The India Tourism Pavilion, nestled in AS3125, and executed & designed by XS Worldwide, will depict India as a year-round, multi-faceted tourist destination for all ages, all seasons and all reasons, luxury, wildlife, yoga & wellness and medical tourism. Specifically designed to offer a suitable platform to the Indian tour operators, travel agents, hoteliers, airlines and state governments, the pavilion is where several co-exhibitors would showcase their tourism products & services, and reach out to the target audience under one roof. The pavilion reflects an Indian decor and ambiance, and has a professional, business-type layout, ideal for buyer-seller meetings. With an effective and eye-catching “Incredible India” branding, the pavilion is sure to make waves at the Arabian Travel Market Dubai 2018!

About India Tourism

India Tourism, Dubai, the National Tourism Promotional Office of Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, covers West Asia & Africa region, establishes a connection between the Indian & Overseas travel industry, and conducts tourism promotional activities for members of the industry & consumers for generating awareness about India as a tourist destination.

About ATM Dubai 2018

Arabian Travel Market (ATM) Dubai 2018, the 25th Edition of the leading global trade show for the Middle East inbound & outbound travel industry, is scheduled to run from Sunday, 22 April 2018 to Wednesday, 25 April 2018. With more than 2,800 products and destinations from around the world being showcased to over 28,000 buyers and travel trade visitors across four days at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DICEC), the show is expected to bustle with activity and generate travel industry deals worth billions.

What Makes ATM Dubai 2018 The Exhibitors’ Trade Show Of Choice!

ATM Dubai The Exhibitors’ Trade Show

A trade show that generates more than $2.5 billion of travel industry deals is anything but ordinary. But that’s just one of the many things that make the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) Dubai extraordinary. Being a leading global trade show for the Middle East inbound and outbound industry also sets it apart, and so does the fact that it’s been leading the way for 25 years now. And with the 25th Edition about to kick off on 22 April 2018, it’s time to look at the reasons why ATM is thronged by exhibitors from all over the world, edition after edition:

ATM Dubai: The Middle Eastern Trade Show With Substance!

– The exhibitors come here to augment their brand image and make a lasting impression on prospective customers, and the show never lets them down. ATM Dubai 2018 would be no exception, especially for those who have a state-of-the-art trade show booth by their side.

– The exhibitors jump at the opportunity to make the right connections through networking sessions and seminars, and look forward to generating highly targeted business leads.

– Every industry has its own emerging trends, and trade shows are no different. ATM gives the exhibitors the opportunity to learn about these very trends and brings them face to face with experts who throw more light on the industry’s direction and future.There are plenty of opportunities within the industry, and the show ensures that the exhibitors do not miss out on any.

– With the entire travel industry in attendance, the show makes it easier for exhibitors to explore the possibility of entering new exports and markets. The best part is that they get to touch base with a relatively large proportion of the marketplace in a short span of time.

– ATM is not your everyday show or just another meet & greet exhibition – it’s where 30,000 trade visitors, key industry buyers and the international media come together on a single platform to find new business and report on the industry.

– Options galore. For instance, spa and wellness suppliers could take advantage of the the ATM Wellness & Spa Lounge, to showcase their travel products in one-on-one meetings with the Middle Eastern wellness buyers. Right from tourism destinations from around the world to accommodation options, breathtaking tourism attractions, travel technology and key airline routes, everything is up for grabs, giving the visitors yet another reason to drop by.

If over 2,800 exhibitors from around the world, including key players like the Indian Ministry of  Tourism, choose ATM to showcase their destinations, products and services, the show has business written all over it. As an international exhibitor, ATM could very well be your gateway to entering the Middle East travel industry, and if you are one of the Middle East exhibitors, it could help you reach out to regional and international buyers. Either way, it’s a winner.

22-25 April: mark the dates and see for yourself how the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DICEC) bustles with activity, with exhibitors and visitors all over the place, looking forward to networking, negotiating and discovering the latest industry opinion and trends.

ILA Berlin 2018: Reasons For Exhibiting At This High-Tech Trade Show

ILA Berlin 2018 Trade Show

ILA Berlin, where suppliers from across the globe come together to exhibit, is a testament to Germany’s aerospace sector being a driver of technological innovation and economic growth. The show, which has innovation written all over it and is a hub for networking, to say the least, is thronged by visitors and exhibitors alike.

Did you know that the previous edition of the show played host to over 1000 exhibitors and more than 150,000 visitors? ILA Berlin 2018 would of course be no exception. If anything, it is expected to see an unprecedented rise in numbers. That being said, while visitors have their own reasons to be at the global aerospace show, here is why you, as an exhibitor, shouldn’t miss it for the world:

ILA Berlin 2018: Not Your Everyday Trade Show

While ILA Berlin does offer you the perfect platform to showcase your innovations, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

– Keep Up With The Times: When at the show, you’d rub shoulders with the right people – people who have the right know-how – people who know their way around 3D-printing, sustainable aviation, industry 4.0 and other new technologies, and can help you step up your game. If your peers from the industry would be here to discuss the issues of importance, shouldn’t you be too?

– Look Into The Future: With the key policymakers, industry experts and researchers in attendance, it won’t be long before the show paves the way for a rather engrossing discussion. Jump in. Find out the answers to questions that matter – questions that could shape the future of the industry. So while you do get a preview of the current advancements, the show also offers a sneak peak into what lies in the future. Stay tuned!

– The Show Means Business: Quite literally. With more than 1,000 exhibitors, right from major corporations to highly specialized suppliers, here to present their innovations, opportunities galore. Grab them with both hands. The visitors would. There’s no reason for you to not to. Make new contacts for tomorrow’s business; you can always follow up later. The best part is that there are events within the show that you could be a part of, to get the most out of the show.

– Get The Next-Gen Employees On Board: The need for qualified employees must be addressed, and what better way to do it than to get hold of them while you are at the show. The CareerCenter at ILA Berlin 2018 is your gateway to enticing the next generation of employees. Of course, it’s up to you how you get them all excited to work for your company, but getting access to them is like the half the battle won.

ILA Berlin 2018: The Backdrop Of The Trade Show

– The fact that Germany invests billions in state & private funds for new aerospace technologies and R&D on annual basis should be reason enough for you to be at ILA Berlin 2018. If this is where German buyers would come to find new suppliers, where else would you rather be?

– With the three largest aerospace countries in Europe, Germany, France and the UK, having extraordinary representation at the show, ILA Berlin 2018 is an opportunity waiting to happen. Don’t let it go!

25-29 April 2018: don’t just save the dates, make your move, before it’s too late!