Wire & Tube 2018: Here’s Why The Trade Show Is Eagerly Awaited!

Wire and Tube 2018 Trade Show

In a few days from now, Wire & Tube 2018, will bring together the entire industry, and give them the opportunity to conduct business, make & nurture contacts and showcase global innovations. The 2018 edition, slated for a grand opening on 16 April 2018, at Düsseldorf, Germany, is expected to bustle with activity throughout its run.

Reasons Galore To Be At Wire 2018 – The Global Trade Show

– Exhibitors throng Wire, edition after edition, because it is here that they get to show who they are and make a statement without trying too hard. 2018 would be no different. Exhibitors from all over the world will come together to present their innovations in automotive industry, telecommunications, construction industry and chemical, gas and oil industry, reaching out to highly qualified visitors, who are expected to come by in huge numbers to experience the latest technologies and state-of-the-art machinery live in action.

– With a broad product spectrum comprising wire manufacturing and finishing machinery, process technology tools and auxiliary process technology materials, among others, up for display, the exhibitors could expect to reach out to a wider visitor base under one roof.

– What do you think makes the Wire the go-to show for world market leaders and first movers of the wire & cable industry? While the fact that they get to engage with the decision makers of the industry does count, so does the opportunity to take full advantage of the global network of Messe Düsseldorf. Of course, they jump at it. Wouldn’t you?

– Also, while the visitors do come here to make valuable contacts, they are often on the lookout for new business partners, giving the exhibitors yet another reason to not to give the Wire a miss. Did you know that more than ⅔ of all trade visitors found new business partners at the last edition itself? Who’s to say Wire 2018 won’t lay the groundwork for many more partnerships?

– If the exhibitors have their own reasons, so do the visitors. A show that lets them meet & greet everyone from the industry, right from market leaders and challengers to newcomers and traditional companies, is on their go-to list for obvious reasons. With the exhibitors showcasing their latest technologies and production components, state-of-the-art machinery for the production of fibre optic cables and ultrafine wires, high-end wire sheathings and winding and rewinding, where else would they rather be?

– Not to mention, the show allows everyone involved to scratch beneath the surface and find out which new materials, machines and processes are driving the industry. From mega trends to nano innovations, everything’s up for display (or discussion) at the show.

Reasons Why You Can’t Miss Tube 2018 – The Go-To Trade Show

– With a plethora of product groups, comprising plant & machinery, pipe & tube processing machinery, bending & forming technology, tube manufacturing & trading, tube accessories, profiles and plastic tubes, Tube 2018 is rightly dubbed the  world’s most important trade fair for the tube and tube processing industry.

– Looking forward to meet the best in the industry? Tube 2018 will give you the chance to do just that – while the world market leaders and first movers of the tube and tube processing industry present their innovations, anyone who invests in progress won’t miss it for the world. How about you? The show could be your gateway to finding out how automotive, construction, gas & oil and chemical industries could benefit from the innovations at display.

– Tube is where the decision makers are. Once you are here, you get to touch base with technical buyers, financially strong investors and good customers, who are drawn to Düsseldorf from all over the world. Did you know that more than 2/3 of all trade visitors found new business partners, at the previous edition?  Anyone and everyone who wants to do business and stay in business comes to Tube. Makes sense, right?

Wire & Tube 2018, which would conclude on 20 April 2018, will offer a sneak peak into what the future holds for the industry, leaving both the exhibitors and visitors asking for more. And with top-notch industry players like Multimetals Limited, Laxcon Steels Limited, and Suraj Limited all set to make waves at the show, the future looks quite promising, to say the least.

Key Indian Exhibitors To Leave A Mark At Wire & Tube 2018!

Wire & Tube 2018, the latest edition of the show that attracts those who are of importance, and those who would like to be, is all set to begin on a high note on Monday, 16 April 2018, at Düsseldorf, Germany. The show will offer a preview of the global innovations that everyone would be talking about tomorrow, and is expected to experience a huge turnout, as always. With the opportunity to conduct business and make & cultivate valuable contacts up for grabs, the show would see exhibitors trying their best to stand out from the crowd. However, Multimetals Limited, Laxcon Steels Limited, and Suraj Limited, three of the well-known, global Indian players, won’t have to try as hard. With state-of-the-art booths by their side, they’ll cut through the noise with ease.

Trade Show Booths That Highlight The Global Capabilities

Designed and executed by XS Worldwide, one of the leading trade show booth builders, the booths will put India on the global map. They have been designed to augment the exhibitors’ brand image and underline their ability to address industry-specific challenges on the global front. The booths, with the right amount of information up for display, will not only show what the exhibitors have done over the years, but also convey a message loud and clear about what they can do in the future, generating curiosity among the visitors and giving them yet another reason to drop by. With attention-grabbing illumination, an easy-on-the-eye color scheme, and a contemporary design, the booths have everything going for them, and are expected to bustle with activity, throughout the show’s run.

About The Exhibitors

Multimetals Limited, nestled in Hall 3 / G27 at the show, is a company based out of Kota, Rajasthan, India, and caters to various sectors including air-conditioning, refrigeration, heat exchangers, nuclear and thermal power plants, shipbuilding and repairs, petroleum refineries, sugar plants, and defense establishments, with a wide range of copper tubes, copper nickel tubes, and aluminium bronze tubes, among other products. Laxcon Steels Limited, exhibiting out of  Hall 14 / C46, is a company from the Indian city of Ahmedabad, and brings world-class stainless steel long products, such as stainless steel round bars, forged bars, hex bars, square bars, hrap flat bars & angles, to the table. Last but not least, Suraj Limited, a leading manufacturer & exporter of stainless steel seamless pipes, tubes, ‘u’ tubes & flanges, will also be at show. Exhibiting out of Hall 3 / G20, the company from Ahmedabad, is all set to enthrall the visitors with its high quality stainless steel seamless pipes, stainless steel seamless heat exchanger tubes, and stainless steel instrumentation tubes.

About Wire & Tube 2018

Wire & Tube 2018, a truly global trade show, is where “everyone who wants to do business and stay in business” goes to. It’s the show where the industry heavyweights meet their challengers, and newcomers rub shoulders with traditional corporations. Serving as communication and business platforms for their respective industries, Wire and Tube together, help exhibitors take advantage of the global network of Messe Düsseldorf, and give them the opportunity to engage with the decision makers. Wire & Tube 2018, slated to run from 16th to 20th April 2018, is expected to draw technical buyers, financially strong investors and good customers from all over the world to Düsseldorf, standing true to its tagline – “join the best”

The French Pavilion Is All Set To Make Waves At DefExpo India 2018!

The tenth edition of the biennial land, naval & internal homeland security systems exhibition, DefExpo 2018, expected to open amid much fanfare, will see more than 600 exhibitors trying their best to make the visitors sit up and take notice. The French Pavilion, however, could be an exception, and is likely to become the crowd magnet without trying too hard.

The French Pavilion: An Example Of How To Stand Out!

Designed and executed by XS Worldwide, in strategic partnership with IBOO Studio, the French Pavilion strikes a balance between functionality and aesthetics, and far exceeds the expectations of a typical trade show pavilion. Meant to lay equal emphasis on the exhibitors and co-exhibitors, the pavilion ensures that they all get their fair share of the space and none gets lost in the shuffle. A sight for sore eyes, the pavilion is expected to experience a huge turnout, with visitors from all walks of life coming in to appreciate the design and take a closer look at what lies in store. With just the right mix of technology, lighting, information, and whatever goes into making a pavilion, this one’s sure to make a lasting impression.

About The French Pavilion

France’s involvement in the DefExpo is a reflection of the long-term partnership between the two countries, in the area of defense. The French Pavilion at DefExpo India 2018, federated by GICAN, will host some of the key players from the industry, including Roxel, Lacroix, Sofradir, HGH, and ECA Group. They’ll present their expertise and technological innovations, and the well-panned-out pavilion would help them grab the opportunity to furthering the Franco-Indian cooperation in industry and defence to promote peace and security.

About DefExpo India 2018

DefExpo India 2018, the tenth in the series of biennial Land, Naval and Internal Homeland Security Systems exhibition, scheduled to be held from 11-14 April 2018, at Thiruvidanthai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, is steering the path of growth and has been getting unprecedented international response, edition after edition. With 232 foreign companies from 32 countries having participated in the 2016 Edition along with 15 country pavilions, DefExpo has grown to become a major event for professionals in the defense world.

The U.S. Pavilion Is All Set To Cut Through The Noise At DefExpo 2018!

The tenth in the series of the biennial land, naval and internal homeland security systems show, DefExpo India 2018, is of pivotal importance to U.S. suppliers and OEMs, looking forward to ride the coattails of the growing Indian economy. The show has come just in time as the South Asian country is  facing the need to balance its rapidly growing economy with defense preparedness. Eager to address this need, India has grown to become a prime market for American companies, interested in exporting aerospace, defense and security products.

It’s for this reason that several exhibitors and co-exhibitors are going to be a part of the US Pavilion at DefExpo 2018, hoping to benefit from the environment of partnership & growth, the show is known to offer. The pavilion, surrounded by some of the largest and most influential Indian aerospace and defense companies, is sure to experience a high visitor turnout and grab the attention of the local leaders, more so because of the way it’s been designed.

Strengthening USA’s Competitive Position In A Fast-growing Market

Designed and executed by XS Worldwide, in strategic partnership with Kallman Worldwide, the U.S. Pavilion, capitalizes on the momentum to present a world-class showcase for the Indian aerospace, defense and security industries.The pavilion, with its easy-on-the-eye design and an engaging display of information, would stand out, helping the American exhibitors and co-exhibitors to make the most of their participation. And with the pavilion specifically designed to bring their capabilities to the fore, they get to focus on what they are at the show for, i.e. meet with industry experts, peers, potential customers and suppliers.

About The US Pavilion

In light of the United States being one of India’s top suppliers, notably in aerospace and defense, the U.S. Pavilion could be seen as a reflection of the growing military alliance between the two countries. The pavilion would host key players from the industry, including Caterpillar Defense, Colt’s Manufacturing Co., Curtiss-Wright, eMagin, General Atomics, Harris Corporation, Laser Shot, Lockheed Martin, Shephard Media, Textron, TE Connectivity, Kallman Worldwide, Inc., and Wesco. They’ll present their innovations to high ranking commercial, military and government delegations from the US, India and around the world, who are sure to sit up and take notice, thanks to the state-of-the-art pavilion XS and Kallman have come up with.

About DefExpo India 2018

DefExpo India 2018, the biennial land, naval and internal homeland security systems show, organized by the Indian Ministry of Defense and fully supported by the Government of India, is scheduled to be held from 11-14 April 2018, at Thiruvidanthai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The show, an opportunity to capitalize on stronger alliances, market trends and the concentration of buyers, has caught the fancy of some of the key US exhibitors, looking to grow their business in this part of the world. With India’s increasing focus on opening new channels for global supply-chain partnerships and inviting overseas interests to invest in local operations, the show has become the platform of choice for exhibitors who can contribute to military aviation, homeland security and defense systems.

Natural & Organic Products Europe 2018: What’s In It For You?

Natural & Organic Products Europe, a show, which for more than two decades, has been helping 1000’s of brands from across the globe set up distribution networks and retail deals in the UK, Europe and beyond, is no joke. If anything, the show means business. How else would you explain why serious buyers prefer to come here and meet with the leading suppliers? They know what’s in it for them, but do you?

Why Should You Look Forward To This Trade Show?

Let’s start with the visitors. They come here looking for natural healthcare products, natural and organic foods, natural personal care and eco-household products. With over 10,500 visitors expected to attend this year’s show, one thing’s for sure that they come here in huge numbers, but what’s even more assuring is that they have the spending power, and could be the buyers you have been looking for. So if you offer natural & organic products, where else would you rather be?

The fact that more than 700 exhibitors would be here should be reason enough for you to give the show serious thought, but let’s take a look at some of the other reasons anyway:

– If you are looking forward to maximize growth or make a mark in both the UK and throughout Europe, the show could open the doors to the market, giving you the opportunity to do just that.

– Options galore. No matter what you are – a startup or an established brand, and whether you offer tasty and nutritious food and drink products, the very best natural, organic, cruelty-free, vegan, fair trade and ethical beauty products, natural nutritional supplements, herbal remedies, natural healthcare and active health products, or eco-living products for cleaning or personal care, this is the show where you could engage with the top buyers, wholesalers, importers and exporters from 92 countries who will be here to source new products.

– There’s more to Natural & Organic Products Europe than meets the eye – while it could help increase  your UK and European sales, it is also the ideal platform for you to rub shoulders with peers from the industry and more importantly, set up UK and European distribution networks. And did we tell you that you could easily create brand awareness in this dynamic marketplace, gaining the upper hand?

– What’s more, while here, you could gather crucial market intelligence, required for successfully foraying into this market.

– Last but not least, while the show would of course focus on the promotion of an exciting range of natural, organic, fair trade, free-from, vegan, and vegetarian brands, the central exhibition will be complemented with a packed programme of expert seminars and live cooking demonstrations – pretty much everything that the visitors could ask for, right?

22-23 April 2018 – these two days would have the right mix of business, networking, education and fun! Save the dates, if you haven’t already!!