Need Reasons To Be At The Food & Drink Expo 2018? Here Are Some!

With the Food & Drink Expo slated to take place at the NEC in Birmingham from 16-18 April 2018, exhibitors from all over the world, including small artisan producers and big brands, are gearing up to put their best foot forward and reach out to business owners, buyers and decision makers from the food & drink market. What about you? Well, if you aren’t already thinking of exhibiting at the show, here’s why you should:

Food & Drink Expo 2018: The Trade Show You Can’t Afford To Miss!

The Food & Drink Expo is an opportunity, one that’s up for grabs and could get you to foray into the UK food and drink market. How else would you explain why it has got the UK’s most progressive food and drink professionals all pepped up? They know what’s in it for them. Do you?

To begin with, the fact that Food & Drink Expo 2018 will run alongside four other shows, namely, Foodex, The Ingredients Show, National Convenience Show and Farm Shop & Deli Show, covering the entire supply chain, should be reason enough for you to exhibit, but if you are having second thoughts, this may help make up your mind:

– These five shows would bring together buyers and decision makers from the entire industry, who’ll be here to :

– discover the hottest trends,

– witness the latest product launches,

– and uncover the industry’s vision for the future.

– Food & Drink Expo, being the go-to show for farm shops, delicatessens, bakers, butchers, and other speciality food retailers, supermarkets & food halls, cafes and tea rooms, pubs & bars and pretty much everyone with a vested interest in the food and drink markets, is where the exhibitors come to network, conduct business and build strategic partnerships.

– Shouldn’t you also be vying for your share of the pie? Of course, you should! But how do you know if this is the right show for you? Well, if you manufacture or distribute biscuits, snacks, seafood, meat and poultry, fruits & vegetables, hot, soft or alcoholic beverages, olives, and sauces or condiments or identify with food safety, hygiene, equipment, packaging, fair trade, organic, logistics, supply chain, dairy or ingredients, the show is not just right, it could be the perfect platform for you to reach out to your audience in a rather targeted manner.

– 1500 exhibitors, 250 speakers and 100 live events – they all point in the same direction – the show will attract the biggest and most influential audience of industry buyers in the UK . But what would these buyers be looking for? Convenient solutions and authentic specialities! And if that’s exactly what you offer, this is the show for you – the show where you could meet the key decision makers and generate leads. Where else would you rather be?

From supermarkets, food halls, and Michelin-starred restaurants to big chains, everyone’s looking forward to being a part of the Food & Drink Expo 2018 and for all the right reasons. Make no mistake, it is no ordinary show, and with food & drinks having already hit the £96bn mark in the UK, there couldn’t be a better time for you to exhibit!

Here’s What You Should Know About ACHEMA 2018

ACHEMA, one of the leading trade shows for the process industries, will open its doors once again, from 11 to 15 June 2018, at Frankfurt am Main, Germany. As always, exhibitors from across the globe would showcase their products, solutions and services at this show, and reach out to a huge visitor base. Not sure if you should also exhibit here? Well, this may help make up your mind:

There’s More To ACHEMA Than Meets The Eye

ACHEMA, being the world forum for chemical engineering and the process industry, is where you could rub shoulders with peers from the industry, and apprise yourself of the emerging trends. With innovations and technologies at the very heart of this show, there’s no reason for you to not to be here. And did we tell you that ACHEMA not only gives you access to an international network of experts and executives, but it is here that some of the biggest investment decisions are known to take off? ACHEMA 2018 is the show you have been waiting for!

A Good News For Chemical And Pharma Logistics

While pharmaceuticals, packaging and storage techniques have been regulars at ACHEMA, the 2018 Edition would witness the expansion of the exhibition group, with the inclusion of new topics such as intralogistics, flow of material, tracking and tracing, temperature controlled transport, intermodal transport, and supply chain management. So if you are a logistics specialist who could benefit from gaining access to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, you just cannot give ACHEMA 2018 a miss!

Topics Galore At ACHEMA 2018

ACHEMA has always been a comprehensive show, one that puts the spotlight on pretty much everything that could exert influence on the process industries. 2018 would be no different. While topics like Biotech for Chemistry, Flexible Production and Chemical and Pharma Logistics would take the center stage, general topics like Chemical and Biochemical Reaction Technology, Chemical Engineering, Mixing and Separation Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology, Laboratory Technology, Materials and Material Processing, Energy and Alternative Feedstocks, and Labour and Process Safety won’t be far behind either, and are expected to be exhaustively covered.

Congress: The Meeting Of The Minds

From Panel Discussions to the ACHEMA Lecture Programme, the show would provide you with quite a few opportunities to learn and get acquainted with topics of interest. While the discussions would throw more light on sustainable chemical value chains, visible light photoredox catalysis in flow, the future handling of plastics and their use, especially in context of sustainability and industrial approaches and digitization, the lectures will offer insights into the current research activities and new scientific results.

Exhibition Groups You Could Be A Part Of

ACHEMA 2018 would host exhibitors from Engineering, Research and Innovation, Laboratory and Analytical Techniques, Literature, Information, Learning and Teaching Aids, Mechanical Processes, Instrumentation, Control and Automation Techniques, Pharmaceutical, Packaging and Storage Techniques, Pumps, Compressors, Valves and Fittings, Industrial and Labour Safety, Thermal Processes, and Materials Technology and Testing.

If you identify with any of these groups, it’s advisable for you to not to let go of this opportunity and rather contact a good booth builder, one that could help you make the most of your participation in ACHEMA 2018!

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc. To Stand Out at DefExpo 2018 With A World-Class Trade Show Stand!

DefExpo India 2018, slated for a grand opening on 11 April 2018, will see a large number of suppliers and OEMs, vying to be a part of the climbing economic trajectory India enjoys. However, with more than 600 of them getting drawn towards India’s sheer size, geo-political standing, enormous defense expenditure and growing military modernization, benefiting from the environment for partnership and growth, offered by the show, could be difficult. Not for General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc. (GA-ASI) though. Engaged in providing unmanned aerial vehicles and radar solutions for the U.S. military and commercial applications worldwide, GA-ASI is all set to cut through the noise with its trade show stand.

The Trade Show Stand For General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc.

GA-ASI is looking forward to meet & greet experts, rub shoulders with peers from the industry, and engage with the potential customers and suppliers, and a state-of-the-art trade show stand, designed by XS Worldwide, in strategic partnership with Kallman, will help them achieve their objectives with ease. The stand, meant to offer a preview of what GA-ASI does, and bring their capabilities to the fore, has everything going for it, right from a well-panned-out information display to a color scheme indicating that they mean business. With no over-the-top elements to deter, the stand is expected to experience a huge turnout.

About General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc

Headquartered in Poway, California, GA-ASI is an affiliate of General Atomics, and has two divisions, namely Aircraft Systems Group and Mission Systems Group. Engaged in developing transformational technologies, aimed at paradigm changing results, the company is known for its long-endurance, mission-capable aircraft with integrated sensor and data link systems needed for delivering persistent situational awareness and rapid strike capabilities.

About DefExpo India 2018

DefExpo India 2018, the biennial Land, Naval and Internal Homeland Security Systems trade show, scheduled to be held from 11-14 April 2018, at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, will provide  an environment for partnership and growth for U.S. suppliers and OEMs, looking forward to ride the growth wave that India is experiencing. India’s growing military alliance with the United States makes DefExpo the perfect platform for American companies interested in exporting aerospace, defense and security products.

What Lies In Store For You At Air-Tech 2018? Let’s Find Out!

Air-Tech, one of the leading trade shows in UK for compressed air systems and related equipment, will soon be back with another edition. Yes, the much-awaited show would be in full swing from 10-12 April 2018, at NEC, Birmingham, covering the very latest in compressed air, vacuum and generators from the UK’s largest congregation of top-notch companies. And did you know that Air-Tech 2018 would feature a special exhibition section dedicated to combined air compressor/generators? Here’s what else you might not know:

Air-Tech 2018: The Trade Show For Compressed Air & Generators

– First things first; while you have always seen compressors, dryers, vacuum pumps and allied equipment taking the center stage at Air-Tech, the 2018 edition would give also you access to a special exhibition section dedicated to combined air compressor / generators, an area that has been piquing interest within construction and agriculture markets of late.

– More importantly, with air power not only being the second most widely used source of motive energy in the world, but an expansive pan-European growth market as well, it was only a matter of time before the show put a spotlight on displaying equipment & services representing the full array of offerings in this crucial marketplace. That’s exactly what Air-Tech 2018 would be doing.

– Coming back to what the show is all about, you would get to see premier suppliers from across the globe presenting accumulators, actuators, air delivery systems and air motors, compressors, cooler tools and cylinders, pumps, regulators, sensors, software and valves, filters, fittings, heat exchangers and hoses, and a host of other products.

– Interestingly, what the free-to-enter trade show also entitles you to is a full programme of technical seminars, which again, you don’t have to pay for. These seminars, with excellent speakers, could be your gateway to expert insights and practical advice on issues that matter.

Air-Tech 2018: Visitors You Would Get To Engage With At The Show

Since Air-Tech 2018 would virtually touch upon all the aspects of manufacturing as well service industries, the show will not only attract world-class suppliers, but also highly qualified visitors.  On that note, powerful decision makers throng Air-Tech edition after edition, to network, conduct business and build strategic partnerships; the 2018 edition would of course be no different. Just so you know, the most recent editions have seen engineers, sales & marketing people, general / corporate management and consultants, among others, attending in huge numbers, with companies engaged in mechanical engineering, instrument engineering, automotive production, food, drink & tobacco and other activities taking avid interest in the show. But then only time would tell what kind of a visitor base you get to meet & greet at Air-Tech 2018. Wait & watch!

To cut the long story short, Air-Tech 2018 is a comprehensive trade show, one that would cover the entire compressed air supply chain, right from compressors to practical applications. And the fact that it will bring to the fore technologies like air treatment equipment and instrumentation, air dryers, condensing separators, heat exchangers, control systems and generators, should be reason enough for you to be there. Save the dates, would you?

Automechanika Birmingham 2018: Why It Is No Ordinary Show

It’s not everyday that you get to engage with 12,000 decision makers from motor factors, workshops, retailers, dealers, OEMs, and tier 1 and tier 2 manufacturers, right? Well, Automechanika 2018 is not your everyday trade show anyway; it’s a show with a difference!

Automechanika Birmingham 2018: The Extraordinary Trade Show

More Networking Opportunities

With the introduction of the facilitated meetings programme, you could expect to engage with a larger number of visitors. The programme, aimed at matching the needs of the trade visitors with your capabilities, would lay the groundwork for more quality meetings, giving you the opportunity to establish a connection and eventually build your network. You could also contemplate benefiting from what they are calling the “extended hours”, encouraging the visitors to stay longer, while you figure out how to best network with new and existing customers.

Workshops All Over The Place

With a lot to look forward to, Automechanika Birmingham 2018 , would be witnessing the participation of quite a few workshops. If you represent one, here’s what you should know:

– Garage Quarter: The 2018 Edition brings a new hall layout to the table, and if you are a supplier of tools or garage equipment, this is where you need to be. After all, the layout would include an area dedicated to you and other suppliers and to those interested in rubbing shoulders with workshops, MOT centres and autocentres.

– Learning from the best: Your participation in the show would open the door to an active session, where expert speakers, partners and suppliers could help you get better acquainted with the latest equipment, parts and components. Intriguing enough? Well, that’s exactly what you would witness at the Workshop Training Hub this year. And with live demonstrations, the experience would of course be much better than before.

– Informality is the key: While formal discussions and inspiring exchanges have their share of advantages, nothing comes close to those informal talks that you could have with like-minded peers from the industry. With “Garage Social” in the picture, it is now easier than ever for you to gather your thoughts and network with other workshops, throwing the otherwise obstructing formality out the window.

Specializations Under The Spotlight

– A sneak-peek into the latest products: Automechanika Birmingham 2018 is where the trade visitors could catch a preview of the latest products & techniques that exert influence on vehicle body repair & customization. What makes it suitable for the purpose is the newly launched & designed Specialist Demo Hub, which mobile repairers and body-shops could take advantage of, by carrying out practical demonstrations of their latest offerings.

– Addressing the need for vehicle accessories: The show would also feature a Retail Village, where those who supply vehicle accessories would meet & greet those who need them. Call it a dedicated area if you may, but it is here that the retailers could find the latest supplies, needed for their stores.

Vehicle Production Coming Into Prominence

What makes Automechanika Birmingham one of the leading trade shows for the vehicle production sector is that it hosts senior representatives from all the UK vehicle manufacturers and both UK and global tier-1 companies. With more than 150 companies for the dedicated vehicle production sector having exhibited at the 2017 Edition and the number expected to rise even further this year, it should come as no surprise if the sector takes the center stage at Automechanika Birmingham 2018.

There’s a lot more to look forward to at the UK’s leading trade show for automotive aftermarket and vehicle production sector. Be there to check it out for yourself. 5-7 June 2018: save the dates!