Custom Modular Stands Are The Need Of The Hour. Jump On The Bandwagon For Your Next Show

Let’s start with why you would exhibit at a trade show in the first place?

  • To showcase your products and innovations?
  • Or perhaps to increase your brand awareness?


Well, most of the exhibitors do it for one simple reason – the invaluable face-to-face time they get to spend with their potential customers and business partners. Is your objective more or less along similar lines? If that’s a yes, it’s important for you to ensure that you actually get that “time,” but how do you do that? By getting an attractive booth designed, one that’s a great crowd-puller at the show, and conveys your brand values.

Easier said than done; any such design would cost you a fortune. Not to worry, there’s always a fix, and in this case, a pretty good one: “Custom Modular Stands.” Here’s why they fit the bill:

Your Budget Won’t Take a Hit

Modular Exhibition stands are highly cost-effective. To be honest, they are not dirt cheap, and may even cost you a little more than those pop-up or banner stands that everyone keeps using but to no avail; rest assured they are worth their salt, and would not let you down.

The Obvious Choice for Frequent Exhibitors

If you have plans to exhibit at multiple shows, one after the other, look no further. Modular stands can be reused with ease, thereby forfeiting the need to pay for newfangled stands every time you have a show lined up. In fact, you can simply pack down the stands into compact storage cases and get them transported to the venue of your next show, as and when required. The cases, of course, will not only help you with the transportation but would also protect the stands, when not in use.

You Won’t Have to Settle for Less

One thing’s for sure: every show is different from the other, and while you can use the same kind of display everywhere, a little bit of creativity never hurt anyone. With custom modular stands, you get to be creative, at least your booth designer does – he/she, as per your instructions, can turn what might be a simple counter, into a comprehensive double-decker display. For that matter, often built for self-installation, these stands do not always warrant the involvement of the designer, once you are actually at the venue. And that’s a possibility because these stands are quite flexible and are built in sections, which can be added and remove without any difficulty. The idea here is to reduce your dependency on just one format or visual display, and take the growth and/or objective(s) of your business into consideration.

Going Green Could Not Be Easier

Willing to do your bit for the environment? Now’s your chance. As most of the materials used for constructing custom modular stands can be reused, you get that added advantage of reducing the overall carbon footprint. Better still, you could specifically ask for the use of aluminum and other eco-friendly materials. Doing so would also affect the audience’s perception of you, but in a good way – they’ll see you as a company that cares. There, you just made your point!

Now, there was a time when the exhibitors did not think highly of these stands – some found them boxy and undesirable, while others were not so impressed with the use of metal frame(s), but with tension fabric displays and LED lightboxes taking over, the tables have finally turned, and for good. Make the most of these affordable, flexible, adaptable and convenient stands to stand out at your next show; pun intended.

GO GREEN: Creating an exhibition that the nature would also love

GO GREEN Creating an event that the nature would also love

First things first; exhibition generate a ton of waste of every year, and this needs to be dealt with. You can’t really eliminate the trash, but reducing it is very much a possibility. Do your bit, and go green at the next event that you are organizing. Here’s how you can go about it:

Go digital!

Tell them that their pamphlets and brochures will most likely turn up in the trash anyway; the consumers can’t be expected to take home hoards of paper, right? They’ll prefer something digital – the exhibitors can post digital versions of their catalogs on your website rather than getting these printed. The attendees can be directed to the site, where they can flip through these catalogs of their own accord. And if the exhibitors have to use paper, suggest that they rather go with a recycled one, or better still, they can seed-embedded paper. The mere idea of going home and planting pamphlets and postcards made of these paper in small pots will give the visitors another reason to line up at the exhibition booth that’s giving them away.

Seed-embedded papers and LED lights? Small steps make a difference

In this day and age, knowledge is readily available, and when at the disposal of the visitors, it can make or break the exhibitors’ impression. For instance, if the attendees see the use of fluorescent or incandescent lighting, they’ll fret, thinking of all the energy cost (up to 95%) that could have been saved with LED lighting. Similarly, while giving away water bottles is a good idea, especially if the exhibitors are counting on them for lead generation after the event, ask them to refrain from using plastic. Stainless steel bottles are a much better option – they are less likely to be thrown away and the visitors won’t be worried about the harmful health effects of BPA and everything bad that the mainstream media associates with plastic bottles.

Show green to go green

With the visitors sparing just 8-10 seconds of their time before they walk past a booth, the exhibitors have to send across a (loud and) clear message. Their booths should “look” green. Making it a mandate may drive away some of the exhibitors, but as an organizer, you can always reward the ones using a plant-fibre canvas instead of the conventional wall coverings. They may also be encouraged to put up labeled bins, either right in front or at least in close proximity to their booth so that the visitors don’t unknowingly turn the exhibition venue into a landfill on their way out.

Giveaways that the nature would love

The exhibitors can replace the commonly used plastic ink pens with the compostable ones. Now these are not recyclable per se but are much better than the plastic pens that are often made using nylon, polypropylene and other such materials. Giving away non-woven tote bags is also worth a shot; the exhibitors can still display their logo or use them for advertising, but in a rather environment-friendly way.

The exhibitors need not make big changes; a couple of small steps should suffice. If they are socially responsible, the visitors will take notice.


If you eat, sleep and breathe technology, these 2018 events are for you

2018 technology events list

Any kind of event or conference is best attended for three reasons – to hone and grow your skill sets, make new contacts within the desired community, and to explore fresh business opportunities. Technology is no exception. These tech conferences let you learn new technologies, meet new people who may be dealing with similar challenges as you, find the technological solutions to these challenges, and more importantly, build networks.

Here are the coolest events that you should look out for in 2018:

Microsoft Ignite

When: September 24 – 28, 2018

Where: Orlando, FL

What to expect:

It’s one of those “get-the-gist” kind of conferences, especially if time constraints or prior commitments force you to give other Microsoft events like TechEd, Exchange Conference and Lync Conference a miss. The unified tech conference is supposed to cover the content that would have already been introduced in the aforesaid events, and would give you a chance to catch up. Topics like virtualization, data centers, Internet of Things, and Microsoft Azure would be covered at this conference.

Webit.Festival Europe 2018

When: June 26-27, 2018

Where: Sofia, Bulgaria

What to expect:

An event, which will be attended by the EU policy makers, business leaders from all over the world including the Fortune 500 top executives, entrepreneurs who have what it takes to rise to the top and  the academia, should be on your must-attend list, if you are a true technology buff. In 2017, more than 130 exhibitors and 5000 attendees grabbed the opportunity of learning how to integrate the latest technology into their business. 2018 could be your chance!

Space Tech Expo 2018

When: May 22-24, 2018

Where: Pasadena, CA

What to expect:

If your work is even remotely connected to space tech – be it lasers, magnetics, or even environmental testing, this is the event for you. It will give you exposure to commercial, civil and military space technologies, and would see participation by the likes of NASA, Boeing, and Hitachi. The best part? You can enter for free.

Web Summit 2018

When: November 5-8, 2018

Where: Lisbon, Portugal

What to expect:

Touted as the “largest technology conference in the world”, the event welcomed more than 1200 speakers in 2017, and the number is expected to rise further in 2018. What started as a simple idea back in 2010, is now a global platform where the organizers attempt to bring together the tech community and the industries, for the benefit of 60,000+ attendees from over 170 countries across the globe.

Droidcon NYC

When: September 2018 (tentative)

Where: New York City, NY

What to expect:

This year too, it will be all about Android, like it always has been – mobile developers and business executives from all over the world would gather to talk about security, code quality, APIs IoT, material design, connected cars, wearables, and anything and everything about Android. Phew! Just so you know, tech influencers from some of the biggest companies and startups are expected to be here.

Regardless of the event or conference you attend, you are sure to learn something new – something that’ll help your business, if not immediately, then in the near future for sure.

Bespoke Stand for Apex Drug House at CPhi Worldwide 2016, Spain

With more than twenty years of accomplishment of delivering successful exhibition stands, XS Worldwide has reached the peak in Pharmaceutical sector. The company once again attained the heights of success after a triumphant participation in CPhi Worldwide 2016, Spain with Apex Drug House.

About the Company

Name of the Company: Apex Drug House

Founded: 1975

Operational Area: Pharmaceuticals

Design Summary for Apex Drug House

The 30 Sq. M trade show stand for Apex was crafted with a colour theme of subtle beige and rich white. The atmosphere inside the exhibition stand at the trade show appeared subtle and peaceful to the trade show attendees. The various aspects inside the booth are detailed down below.

– One side open trade show booth with a hard-shaped curve at the top.

– An information counter at the front on the right-hand side.

– Two sitting areas in the open with a facility of eight seats.

– A lounge at the back of the trade show stand.

– One separate space for storage.

The facilities opted by the exhibitor were equipped inside the trade show booth for Apex with 100 percent success.

About the Show

CPhi Worldwide is one of the leading trade shows of the Pharma sector. Taking place at multiple locations, the show is a global platform facilitating a massive gathering of the major buyers and sellers of the industry.

XS Worldwide has reached the heights of success since its inception. The exhibit house has come into existence for more than 20 years and established itself as an important icon in the field of exhibitions, providing the best trade show booth solutions globally.

Go through our portfolio to learn more about our trade show booth solutions. Or speak to our experts about a future requirement.

Trade Exhibition as an Experiential Marketing Model

The trade show is a cost-efficient marketing channel that offers your prospects a very personalized experience with products and services. In brief, it is experiential marketing, as people get to know your offers personally and perceive impression of your services accordingly.

In contrast to the online marketplace, trade show, as an offline marketing model, gives your customers a real-time experience.

Trade show offers your business the competitive advantage over those competitors who otherwise prefer e-marketing channel for branding their products/services. At trade fairs, you get to interact with prospects face-to-face.

The fact is, this face-to-face marketing approach is not like the online marketplace where getting to know the credibility of whom you interact with ‘s hard.

The trade show, as an experiential or face-to-face marketing channel, offers productive opportunities for your business. It is a reliable way to connect your brands with a significant number of prospects or potential leads. The fact that this marketing channel exists since time immemorial is proof that corporate companies worldwide favor and use it to promote their services to numerous business prospects.


Face-to-face marketing is perceived to be the proponent of what you offer as a brand to people or target leads. They get the drift of your brand’s message through this experiential marketing tactic. Therefore, it helps you directly connect with the prospects in a way that the image or perception of your brand that people make of gets delivered positively.

Since trade show is a direct marketing approach, people passing by at your exhibition stand feel connected to your brand. More so, you get your message across easily. If you do it right, there is the sound likelihood of your brand getting noticed at trade shows.

An instant notability is not usually experienced on the Internet marketplace, but with trade exhibition, your brand steals the show. Your brand’s message gets noticed, your goal is understood. If you do it tactfully, there is a fair chance you’d leapfrog competitors in the trade show.

Experiential marketing helps you leave a long lasting impression of your brand, considering people get attracted to your brand personally, and to some extent, emotionally, depending on how you do it. You leave personalized experience that eventually becomes the genesis of a long-term relationship with your prospects, let alone you skillfully manage to improve your brand loyalty. A direct marketing approach of such nature bears positive experience. As a result, your brand emanates ‘relatable’ sense for the audiences.

The experiential marketing manifests the elusive ‘WOW’ factor you wish to convey at the trade exhibition. You build your brand awareness, get leads and build a long-term relationship with customers.