MSPO 2018: The One-Of-A-Kind Expo Is Back For The 26th Time! All Set?

MSPO 2018

MSPO sees the coming together of the who’s who of the defence sector. The most important companies and personalities are here at Kielce, every year. From 4 to 7 September 2018, Targi Kielce will be in the spotlight again. It will become a focal point of sorts, for global defence. Because, that’s when the consecutive edition of MSPO will take place.

Guess what, the preparations are in full swing. In fact, several companies and institutions have already confirmed that they’ll be here. But, it should come as no surprise. After all, the previous edition was a huge success and made it to the headlines. It’s not every day that a trade show hosts almost 40,000 visitors, right?  Also, the 2017 edition saw 618 exhibitors from 28 countries. And did you know that the first expo in 1993 attracted only 85 companies from 5 countries? The show has been growing and how. No wonder that the expectations are even higher this year!

MSPO 2018: What Lies In Store This Year

  • A comprehensive product and service range will be on display.
    • Armored equipment
    • Aviation and air defence armament and equipment
    • Special equipment for Border Guards
    • Uniform articles
    • Groceries and equipment for preparing meals, storage, and transportation
    • Sub-assemblies, equipment, and systems of people and property protection, etc.
  • On September 8-9, the expo will feature open days. These are for the general public. During the open days, the exhibition grounds will serve as a showcase for the Polish army. From tanks and howitzers to combat vehicles, everything will be on display.
  • Poland, the host nation, has allocated billions when it comes to military spending. Who’s to say you can’t be one of the companies supplying the equipment they are looking for?
  • MSPO will see the high-ranking commercial, military, and government delegations. The expo could be your chance to establish connections.
  • The expo will focus on three core areas:
    • Land defense
    • Military aviation
    • Defense systems


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So, if you are into any of these, it’s the perfect platform for you to showcase.

MSPO has always been one of Europe’s most significant defence industry exhibitions. MSPO 2018 won’t be any different. The show does feature the latest advancements in military equipment and armaments. But, technologies & systems applied in logistics, security and rescue, also get enough exposure. There will also be a demonstration of the soldiers’ practical operations. In short, the visitors have a lot to look forward to. So, what can you do to grab their attention? How about getting a custom trade show booth design implemented? We could help. That’s what we have been doing for more than two decades now. Contact us right away!

DVD2018: Enabling Focused Engagement Between Defence Industry & Others


DVD2018 is all set to return to Millbrook this September. The 2-day event will take place on the 19th and 20th, and will attract the who’s who of the industry. Those involved in offering equipment and support for the UK’s Land Forces will be here in large numbers. And why not? It’s an opportunity to showcase equipment and technology for the British Army. But, why does the army need these in the first place? The army has to meet future challenges and accept the need for continuous adaptation. The said equipment and technology will make it fit for the same.

DVD2018: Here’s What You Should Know About The Event

DVD2018 will bring together the industry and defence in the land equipment sector. They will be here to discuss ideas. The event will also help them better understand technologies, capabilities, and requirements. This event is a joint effort, so to say. The Army and DE&S Land Equipment are sponsoring it. And guess what, DVD acknowledges the capability role taken on by the Army.

DVD 2018: Here’s What Is In The Offing At The Event

Military, industry and the acquisition community will come together, on a common platform. They’ll be here for two days, full of informal discussions and a lot more. Briefings, seminars, demonstrations and live displays will also await them at the show. Attendees can expect to see a wide array of equipment and services. Defence industry exhibitors will showcase their latest equipment. Even specialist vehicles will be on display. So will be the equipment necessary for supporting land-based military operations.

DVD2018: Here’s What Will Be In The Spotlight

It will be all about innovation. Kind of explains why they have chosen, “Innovation today and tomorrow” as the theme for this year’s show. The show will attempt to find out how to exploit the current capabilities in a rather creative way. There’ll be a focus on identifying novel solutions to enable Conceptual Force Land 2035.

In other words, DVD2018 is an opportunity waiting to happen. It will showcase what capability innovation and industry collaboration could do. And how the two could make the Army ready for the future challenges, in an affordable & sustainable way. That said, the topics of interest to get covered at the show include:

  • The Army Strike concept
  • Specialized Infantry Group
  • Reducing Logistic Need (RLN)
  • DEEP operations
  • Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence (C4I) systems
  • Year of Engineering and STEM development


More than 250 companies are exhibiting at the event. They’ll bring their best equipment, innovative technology, and support solutions to the table. And of course, they’ll be vying for the attention of the visitors. Key capability development, procurement and support staff will be here. To make them come your way, you ought to cut through the noise. With 20+ years of experience and successful stints at global events, we could help you stand out. Ask us how!

Image source: Sgt. Melanie A Wolf

ADAS 2018: Philippines Is Calling. To Go Or Not To Go? Let’s Find Out!

The 3rd Asian Defence, Security & Crisis Management Exhibition & Conference is around the corner. ADAS 2018 is all set to take place in September at the World Trade Center, Metro Manila, Philippines. More than 200 leading domestic and international companies will exhibit. So should you. If you represent the defense, homeland security, and disaster relief industries. And did you know that ADAS is the only exhibition to address the specific requirements of:

  • The Philippine Armed Forces
  • National Police
  • Security Agencies


The tri-service defense & security exhibition has had successful stints in 2014 and 2016. And now it’s back! Time for you to make the most of it.

ADAS 2018: Reasons Galore To Exhibit. Choose Yours!

ADAS could be the perfect platform for you if you are:

  • a manufacturer, distributor or agent in the defense, security or disaster management industries
  • looking forward to showcasing your capabilities or solutions
  • capable of meeting the requirements of:
    • The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)
    • The Philippine National Police
    • Security Agencies
    • Disaster Rescue Services
  • engaged in the development or distribution of the latest equipment and technologies, including:
    • amphibious systems, non-lethal weapons, SAR heavy equipment & transportation systems, etc.


Also, you’ll get to meet and greet the decision makers from AFP’s army, navy, and air force. The Department of National Defense will invite them to the show. The best part is that their regional counterparts from around the Asia Pacific will be here too!

ADAS 2018: Here’s Why You Should Give It Some Serious Thought!

Let’s start with the backdrop. The AFP is trying to make up for whatever they may have missed out on. For a decade, their defense and security policy was focusing on combating the insurgency. They had to let go of modernization and procurement opportunities. But, it’s all good now. In fact, the country’s commitment to national defense is stronger than ever.  

  • A defense budget of PHP 149 billion (USD 2.9 billion) has been set for 2018
  • The government has allocated another USD 500 million to get new equipment for the AFP


Now, if that doesn’t take you to the Philippines, this will:

ADAS 2018 Exhibition Philippines

Coming back to the exhibition, ADAS 2018 will attract:

  • Southeast Asia’s top Government officials, including:
    • Chiefs of Defense and Armed Services
    • National Police Chiefs
    • Coast Guard Commanders
    • Commandants of Civil Defense Forces
    • Heads of Logistics Commands
    • System Evaluators and Procurers
    • Officials & Key Decision Makers from the wider region and beyond


  • An impressive visitor base, comprising:
    • Department / Ministry of Defense & related Defense Agencies
    • Civil Defense / HADR Agencies
    • Consultants, Researchers, Simulation & Training Professionals, etc.


To cut a long story short, ADAS 2018 is an opportunity waiting to happen. It’s the biggest defense, security, and disaster management event in the Philippines. With 143 exhibitors and 7,516 quality visitors, the 2016 edition definitely was. This one won’t be any different. If anything, the trade show will experience an unprecedented growth. There’ll be leading exhibitors from across the globe, all over the place. Guess what, with a custom trade show booth design, you could cut through the noise with ease. Ask us how!

FIA 2018 Could Be The First Step To A Career In Aerospace & Defence

Farnborough Airshow 2018 Futures Day

As the much-awaited Farnborough Air Show 2018 kicked off yesterday, all eyes are on the business it would generate. That said, there’s a lot more than lies in store. Yes, the trade show does provide a platform to exhibitors and visitors. But, it also encourages youngsters to take up an exciting career in aerospace & defence (A&D). Yet another reason to be at the Farnborough International Airshow 2018. The dynamic sectors of A&D have a lot to offer. Who’s to say, your young ones won’t like to find out what’s in it for them? They would if they get to experience aerospace technology up close and personal!

Futures Day – Why Your Young Ones Must Visit Farnborough Airshow 2018

The Futures Day will encourage young people, aged 11-21, to take up a career in aerospace & defence. The day will feature an interactive, informative and engaging programme. The programme is for groups from schools, universities and youth associations. It would motivate them to take up STEM subjects. Students are also encouraged to go and visit the Innovation Zone. It is here that they can experience aerospace technology of the future. They would also get to meet with academic institutions.

Did you know that in 2016, the Futures Day attracted 5,000 young people? It was a huge success. It was also the first time that Major Tim Peake made a public appearance.

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Futures Day – What You Should Know About This FIA 2018 Feature

Groups from schools, universities and youth associations will be participating in Futures Day.  But, only those registered by a teacher or group leader can be a part of it. The icing on the cake is that youngsters, aged 11-21, can also attend the airshow for free. Futures Day is all set to take place on 20 July 2018.

European Space Agency Astronaut, Tim Peake, will open the Futures Day 2018.  After the official opening, the groups will set off to take part in a trail around the airshow site. A variety of talks, hands-on experiments, group work, and competitions are also in the offing. Tim Peake will talk to the groups about working in the space sector. He will also share his personal experience. How he became an astronaut for the European Space Agency. He will also talk about his long-term mission to the International Space Station.

The groups can also meet the “Red Arrow” pilots and “Blue” Engineers. They can take a look at the next generation aerospace technology at the Innovation Zone. The afternoon will include 3.5 hours of exhilarating aerobatic flying displays. These displays will include Wingwalkers and The Blades. A dramatic low-level Red Bull Air Race also awaits the groups.

Do your young ones have an avid interest in STEM subjects? Would they want to discover the career opportunities available in aerospace & defence? If that’s a yes, do encourage them to visit. As we said, there’s more to this exhibition than meets the eye.

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A Flying Car To Debut At Farnborough Airshow, The Show Of Many Firsts

Flying Car To Debut At Farnborough Airshow

Think you know all about the Farnborough International Airshow 2018? Did you know the aerospace and defense trade show will also host the PAL-V Liberty and its aviation debut?  PAL-V Liberty is the “world’s first flying car production model”. Call it the offspring of a car and a helicopter, if you may. But, the Dutch makers of this futuristic plane would rather describe it as a “gyroplane”.

The PAL-V: Here’s Why It’s One Of The Top Attractions At FIA 2018

  • Unlike a helicopter rotor, the flying car’s blades are not powered by an engine. So that pretty much rules out the possibility of the plane being a helicopter.
  • It is the wind that powers the blades of the PAL-V.
  • As long there is airflow, these blades rotate and act like an open parachute.

The icing on the cake is that the flying car is getting close to completion. PAL-V is currently undergoing the last step of the certification process: compliance demonstration.  

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The Flying Car: The Official Word On It

It takes a lot of testing to prove that the PAL-V Liberty complies with the regulations,” says Mike Stekelenburg, PAL-V’s Chief Engineer. He explains using a proven technology, and not one requiring new regulations.  It “enables a realistic and imminent first product delivery date.

 In the words of CEO Robert Dingemanse, “The production model is the moment of truth. The moment where the wall between fiction and facts is torn down.” He also notes “Once full certification is granted in 2020, we will hand over the keys of the PAL-V Liberty to our first customers.

The PAL-V: Here’s What Else You Should Know

  • Pioneer clients are already gaining experience at flying schools. The word is that they are preparing for the deliveries, slated to begin in 2020.
  • The Farnborough Air Show 2018 marks the first time that the PAL-V Liberty is present at an airshow and in the UK.

 The PAL-V: Here’s A Sneak Peek Into What Lies In Store

The PAL-V Journey

About The Farnborough International Airshow 2018

The biennial trade show for aerospace & defense industries is all set for a grand run from 16th to 22nd July 2018. The show is being awaited for its unmatched business & networking opportunities and attractions. Also, it is the year’s biggest opportunity to showcase new planes. No wonder then why the previous edition saw the debuts of 9 planes! 

Image source: @PAL-V