Is A Themed Booth A Good Idea For Your Next Trade Show?

Trade shows can turn up the heat on you, especially when the competitors’ booths are drawing more visitors than yours.  A word of advice – don’t give up, not just yet, leave no stone unturned and come back with a better booth, preferably a themed one. Here’s what it can do for you, something that you can never expect out of a generic trade show booth:

Benefits Of A Themed Trade Show Booth

  • It can communicate your brand’s story in quite an effective manner.
  • It could increase your chances of keeping the attendees engaged for long, and closing more deals.
  • It would give the attendees yet another reason to come and visit your booth; the better the implementation, the more are the chances of them making a detour and coming your way.
  • A themed exhibition stand is likely to offer a better experience, one that the attendees would love to take home and even share with their friends online, generating some instant buzz.
  • You can easily cut through the noise, especially if you are at a big show and there are way too many booths around, offering more or less the same kind of products.


Ways To Go About It – The Do’s and Don’ts


  • If the industry allows, do incorporate a little bit of fun.
  • Make sure that you integrate the theme into every aspect of your exhibit marketing program. RIght from your pre-, at- and post-show marketing collaterals to your giveaways,  everything should be in tandem with the theme you choose.
  • Do put some serious thought into executing a thematic campaign. Play safe, and err on the side of caution.



  • Don’t go overboard. You want your trade show booth to stand out, and not become the laughing stock.
  • Do not copy. That would defeat the very purpose of choosing a theme in the first place.
  • Don’t choose an ambiguous theme. The semblance of a clear, memorable theme or the lack thereof could be the difference between success and failure.


Themes You Can Choose From

Here are a couple of possible themes you could contemplate incorporating at your next show. These are just ideas – ideas you can toy with, depending on what your budget is and whether you’d prefer a complex rendition over a simple one.

  • Art-related themes


    • Give visual merchandising a whole new meaning. All exhibitors work on the display, but how many of them present their products as works of art? You could easily stand out from the crowd by doing something as simple as hanging your products on the exhibit walls.
    • Re-creating a gallery-like setting is also a good idea, but only if you are confident of pulling it off.
    • Make your attendees feel like they are about to unearth million-year-old fossils. Display your products in glass, and arrange for the look and feel of a museum.


  • Location-based themes:


    • Think of some famous attractions or places of interest. Right from Statue of Liberty to Eiffel Tower, anything is good enough if it goes down well with your brand.
    • Decorate your exhibit in accordance with what the place is known for. For instance, if you zero in on Las Vegas, playing cards and gambling-themed decorations are a must.


Themes galore. Set up a good sidewalk bistro, create a full-scale diner or replicate an outdoor camping environment – as long as your theme is a sight for sore eyes, you are good to go!

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