The Top 3 Next Big Things in Trade Show Technology

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” –  Arthur C. Clarke

Isn’t that what we need, to stand out from the crowd and cut through the noise, at any trade show? Magic! Well, technology is magic, and quite an indispensable one, more so because it can: a) improve the overall experience and b) give you an edge over the competition.

Trade Show Technology Trends to Look Out For


1. Facial Recognition: It’s becoming popular and how. Techies are already coming up with algorithms that calculate facial features, hairstyles, and even body shapes. Won’t be long before it takes over.


  • Facebook already uses facial recognition to suggest who you could possibly tag


  • You can use it to reach out to a much wider audience than now. If the attendees tag their friends and family, your posts would go viral, and before you know, they’ll be all over the place. Win-win!


  • Use the technology to your advantage by:


-Giving your staff and the attendees enough reasons to post to Facebook

-Adding some official photos, and encouraging the attendees to tag themselves.


2. Artificial Intelligence: In this era of experience economy, what the attendees look for is a highly personalized experience, and like it or not but unless you provide them with one irrespective of the number of attendees you are to cater to, they’d be happy to make a detour and head to another booth or show in no time.

  • An “Artificial Conversational Entity” or a Chatbot could come in handy. It can answer the questions that the attendees tend to ask, while your staff takes on other responsibilities. Consider it an extension of your customer service arm if you may, but your staff could really use a helping hand at the trade show booth.


  • AI could also be used to interpret data from the social media profiles of the attendees. The interpretation can then pave way for well-informed recommendations. What all conferences should they attend, which all products are worth checking out, and the like.


3. Live Streaming: Not really new, but its here to stay. It could help you augment your brand image and reach out to those who decide to give your show a miss for whatsoever reason.

It’s all about expanding your horizons. Just because someone didn’t turn up, doesn’t mean they can’t be a part of the show. Help them be. Give them a reason to. Encourage your attendees to share your live stream with those who may not be physically present at the show but are pretty much interested in knowing what’s going on.

Come up with a show hashtag. If and when the attendees decide to broadcast their personal experiences online and engage in what is being called “crowd streaming”, see if they are willing to use the hashtag, because if they agree, you’ll find it rather easy to measure the results.


Right from RFID that may soon be used to make sponsorship experiences much better to trade show apps, social media walls, automation systems, and what not; there are quite a few technologies that are worth giving a shot. Take your pick!

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