Exhibiting soon? Here is why signboards are important for your booth

Importance of signboards for exhibition booth

The supremely busy trade shows often leave the visitors overwhelmed–they have to process truckloads of information in very little time. On an average, they merely take 8-10 seconds to walk past a booth. They will give a second look only if intrigued. So how do signboards help in intriguing them?

Signboards urge you to react

Psychology is proof that signboards trigger the mind and urges it to respond.
A thoughtfully designed signboard serves many purposes—it grabs attention, it gives information and most importantly, provokes a response.

A dose of curiosity

The information that will be of the most interest must go on the signboard – a new product, an ongoing promotion, a discount?
Instigate curiosity and let them have something to look forward to. But don’t give it all away on the board itself. Let them come to you and ask for more.

A visual treat in the midst of chaos

Signboards add value to your booth – they help in streamlining the offerings in the visitor’s head. Moreover, signboards also provide the added advantage of beautifying your booth.

However, one must keep several factors in mind in the designing process otherwise the purpose will not be fulfilled. A good signboard is characterised by its colour theory, fonts and density. Easy-to-read fonts and single colour palettes are highly recommended by experts.

When it comes to the material, most exhibitors resort to the typical vinyl and flex boards. You may consider using PVC banners, given the fact they have a shinier surface finish and leave room for more colour choices.

If you are looking for something more creative, get some posters and flags made instead, and be playful with the shapes. Flags, for instance, need not always be square or rectangular; they can be in the shape of a teardrop or even a triangle.

The right signboard in the wrong place is useless

Signboards will drive the visitors to your booth only if they are placed with that the right intention there.

The PVC banners, if not hung from the front edge of the display table or attached to the backdrops in prominent spots, will lose out on visibility, serving no purpose at all.

Similarly, posters should rather be behind the display tables, that’s where they work best. Again, you have some leverage with the flags; these can be hung practically anywhere and even displayed outside the convention hall if the organizers so permit.

Investing in good signboards is highly recommended, especially if you want the prospective customers to have a good impression of your business and more importantly, come right into your exhibition booth.

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